Laundry Room Update

 My laundry room is finally coming along.  David finished the tile work and built the shelf this past weekend.  I decorated the buckets and tubs with fabric tape from my friend Judy at Sprizzie.  I love it – she also has lots of fun washi tape!  I don’t keep all my laundry in here – there just isn’t room.  This is where the stragglers life.  The rest is in hampers in everyone’s room.

 I bought these vintage frames at a garage sale.  The art work was a little faded.  I printed out photos of my girls wearing clothes I wore when I was little and I mounted them right on top of the vintage prints.

The frames are really hanging on the wall – the fabric bows are made to look like the picture is hanging from them – the bows are actually hot glued on!

 Oh yes, the lost and found board is in full use!  It’s kind of embarrassing how many missing socks I am responsible for!!

 Finally I cut this little phrase out and put it on the door.  I found it on the internet somewhere & loved how it turned laundry into something to be thankful for!  A nice reminder for sure.

I have a few more things to finish – I am making a little quilt to hang above the backsplash.  Hopefully it will get done soon!



  1. LOVE the lost and found sock thing!

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