Tie-Dye Insanity

Tie-Dye Round 3!
The tie-dye addiction continues.  This round started because we needed a few gifts & thought it would be fun to give a tie-dye shirt….and you can’t just die 2 shirts – you have to die a whole bunch so you don’t waste the die.  Here’s how they turned out.
Oh – we tried something different – this time we did not soak the shirts in Soda Ash.  We did learn that you CAN’T tie-dye a dry shirt like it says on the package.  We spritzed the shirts with water so they were damp.  I am thinking the Soda Ash step might be vital after all…hmmmmm.
 Three swirls down the side
 Colorful stripes
 Center circle – I love this one
 Center swirl
 Off-center swirl – boys
 Off-center swirl – girls
 More swirls
 Boy’s Bulls Eye
 Top and bottom swirl
 Top swirl& scrunch bottom
 Little Girl Stripe
 Triple swirl & scrunch – love it!
 Top & bottom swirl – love this too
 Ella’s heart – looks like an alien – don’t know why she gave it eyes!
 Swirl for Hannah

Overall I say they turned out good.  Right now they are drying – then I will rinse them in cold water – hopefully all the colors stay!


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