New Paint for my Front Door

Nothing makes me feel better than a new coat of paint!  (well maybe new fabric!!)   Two years ago I painted my front doors this apple green – which I liked.  Last Christmas, I thought it would be fun to put some vinyl lettering on my door.  It was cute until after Christmas I pealed it off and it pulled the paint and some of the wood off.  Get out the sander and a new color paint!!
Enter in Sherwin-Williams “Splashy”.  Only my new favorite paint color!!!

 I love how it turned out!  I definitely have the brightest doors on my street.  I love driving by my house and seeing my front doors.  Makes me feel happy!!



  1. Love the color (& your front porch décor). I’d love to see a wider shot as my house is also painted in neutral colors & I’ve been wanting to add pizzazz through a new front door color!

  2. I love that color too! Looks so cheerful and summery!

  3. Beautiful!!! It makes me smile!

  4. I love them! I have a double front door too but mine is natural wood; I have wondered if it would look right if I painted them because there’s just so much DOOR there with double doors. But yours look great, I may have to give this some more thought.

  5. What a great color! I bet your neighbors start breaking out paint now too!

  6. I like your choice of colors, Amanda. That apple green paint is very pleasing to the eye, which made your house stand out from your neighborhood. Remember that front doors are the first thing visitors notice, so it’s always good to keep them in their best condition. Nice job!
    Up and Above Contractors, LLC

  7. Somehow, I am more accustomed to seeing such colors inside the house, particularly in walls. But it does look good on your front door. Maybe it’s because of the sidings kinda contrasting with the color, but it has that modern look a lot of homeowners are looking for.

    Terry Arnold @ Integrity Alaska

  8. Who wouldn’t fall in love with your front door? The color is indeed bright and catchy, which makes it look inviting! A front door is usually a preview of what to expect inside the house. That’s why investing in a good one will give a good preview of your interior decor.

    Roofing and More Inc.

  9. Love this color for front doors!! Awesome!

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