Zipper Pouches

 I LOVE zippers!  Do you?  I spent so much of mu life avoiding zippers, I feel I am making up for it now.  (Like the time in my life I didn’t eat cheese….such a shame!)  I love going to the fabric district in LA and buying my zippers for 25 cents each – any length!!

I just finished these cute pouches.  My girls wanted to give them to their friends & teachers on the last day of school.  We really want to keep them all…..but happy to be giving them away 🙂  I am working on a tutorial so you can make some too!!!



  1. what fabulously fun pouches — 25 cent zippers that’s awsome.

  2. beautiful pouches made of lovely fabric

  3. Zippers I avoid as well…share your knowledge!! 🙂

  4. I love them…I for sure need one!

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