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Riley Blake Flannel Blog Hop

The Riley Blake Flannel Blog Hop is well under way!  Today’s tutorial is this darling flannel seat cushion from Heidi of Fabric Mutt.  You can go to her blog and get the full tutorial.Sidewalks Seat Cushion
Here is the schedule for the upcoming tutorials and hop locations!!
9/5 Riley Blake Designs – Flannel Play Dress
9/9 Quiltscapes – Pajama Pants & Pillow
9/12 Fishsticks Designs – Reversible Button Bibs
9/19 The Stitching Scientist – Toddler Nightgown
9/23 Sassy Quilter – Patchwork Dog Bed
9/26 Simple Simon & Co. – Flannel Pajamas
9/30 Fabric Mutt – Seat Cushion
10/3 Just Let Me Quilt
10/7 Jedi Craft Girl
10/10 Rose and Odin
10/14 Sew We Quilt
10/17 Haberdashery Fun
10/21 Leigh Laurel Studios
10/24 The Cottage Mama
10/28 Flannel Queen
10/31 Lucy Blaire
11/4 Riley Blake Designs Final Post + Giveaway
Hope to see you there!!

Heat & Bond One Direction Concert T-Shirts

one direction concert t-shirt_7

In celebration of One Direction’s  release of their new song, Steal My Girl, I thought I would share how to make your own 1D concert T-shirt.  I love going to concerts and we always make some kind of fun T-Shirt to celebrate the occasion.  (click HERE and HERE for Taylor Swift Concert T-shirt ideas) A few weeks ago One Direction was playing at the Rose Bowl so my husband and I took our 6 year old daughter.  To quote her, “This is my dream come true!”

Then the following night I took some cute girls (so their moms wouldn’t have to go) and we rocked out!  Yes – I am officially a One Direction Groupie!

DIY one direction concert t-shirt 2

Here is how you can make your own shirt!!


Small piece of red fabric

Small piece of white fabric

Heat n Bond Lite EZ print sheets

Black T-Shirt

Begin by printing a heart and 1D logo in reverse onto the EZ Print Lite sheets.  These sheets are great because you can run them through your printer and not have to draw the pattern.  I created the heart in MS Word and googled the 1D logo – easy peasy!  Once you print the images, roughly cut out the heart about 1/4″ away from the heart.  Press the heart to the wrong side of the red fabric.  Do the same with the 1D.  Cut out the heart and 1D on the pattern lines.


Next peel off the backing on the 1D and press onto the heart.  Leave the backing on the heart for now.
one direction concert t-shirt

I thought it would be easier to sew the 1D and then iron the heart onto the T-shirt – it’s hard to maneuver a T-shirt in a sewing machine – especially a small, child’s t-shirt.  Sew around the 1D in black thread.

one direction concert t-shirt_3

This is how the back should look:
one direction concert t-shirt._2

Now, peel off the backing paper on the heart.  It may take a little time to peel off all the paper in-between the letters.  Now, press the 1D heart onto the black T-shirt.  Sew around the heart twice in black direction concert t-shirt._3


I love to personalize my concert T-shirts with the date of the concert.  I cut out the words on my cricut in vinyl.  Then I removed the letters to leave a “stencil”.  I put the vinyl stencil on the T-shirt and using a stencil brush and craft paint I stenciled the letters.  Let the paint dry completely then remove the vinyl.  It looks pretty good!!
one direction concert t-shirt diy

one direction concert t-shirt_5

DIY one direction concert t-shirt
one direction concert t-shirt_8
We had too much fun!  Here is a little video clip!!

1D Concert Clip

Garage Sale Halloween Wreath {DIY}

garage sale halloween wreath


I have two front doors and I never know what to hang on them.  Do I just hang one wreath?  Do I leave them plain?  Oh, and it can’t be anything heavy that will scratch the paint when the wind blows or the door opens.  And one more thing, I don’t want to spend a lot of money, because I like to spend all my money on fabric 🙂  That being said, I found these red berry wreaths at a garage sale for $1 each.  I actually think these might have really been my wreaths from 20 years ago 🙂  I knew they had some Halloween potential.Halloween Wreath 2

Black spray paint is your best Halloween decorating friend.  One coat of shiny black spray paint, some chevron ribbon left over from last year and a black crow…..It’s the perfect CHEAP Halloween wreath for my door.

halloween wreath diy craft

Halloween Wreath 1
And there are two of them!  Cheap, won’t scratch, and spooky!Halloween wreath 3 Halloween wreath 4


Monogram Peasant Top, a modified tutorial


I am still loving Geofabulous from Blend fabrics!  Here is outfit #3 for Sally!  I followed the peasant shirt pattern in this McCall’s pattern:Geofabulous_Peasant_Top_monogram_9

The front and back pieces are cut out of solid pink cotton and the sleeves are the Stained Glass Navy print.Geofabulous_Peasant_Top_monogram_4

I printed the letter “S” on my computer and traced it to Heat n Bond Lite in reverse.  Iron it to the wrong side of the monogram fabric.  Cut out the letter, peel the back off and press to the front of the peasant top piece.  Top stitch in matching thread.


Follow the instructions in the pattern to complete the top.  I added a ruffle to the bottom.  To do this, cut (2) 5″ x WOF pieces of coordinating fabric, I used Symmetry Pink.


Sew the (2) strips end to end, forming a big loop.  Sew a rolled hem by folding the bottom edge up 1/4″ and then another 1/4″ and stitch close to the fold.  Gather the top of the ruffle pieces by lengthening the stitch length to the maximum.  Pull up threads and gather by hand.  Match the seams on the ruffle with the side seams on the peasant top.  Pin into place, distributing the ruffles.  Sew along gathering stitching.  Press the seam and top stitch if desired.



Geofabulous Girls Peasant Top


I am the world’s most impatient sewer.  It’s a problem of mine I’ve been working on for some time – there are just too many things I want to sew!  I love being able to sew for my daughter and what I love even more is being able to sew her a peasant top in about 30 minutes!!  The fabrics for this top are from Blend’s Geofabulous line – and the fabrics just happen to have every one of Sally’s favorite colors!!  I wish I had a brand new peasant top pattern you can just download for free – but 99 cent patterns at JoAnn Fabrics are the next best thing!  I picked this pattern up not loving it but thinking for 99 cents I can do something with it.  You wouldn’t know it from the picture but there is a pattern for a peasant top and peasant dress (the white clothing worn underneath the jumpers)!!  I followed the pattern, using different fabrics on the sleeves then on the main body, I added lace trim to the bottom and a fabric bow for some detail.  Super quick and easy!!!!!geofabulous_peasant_top_2

…and we do need a nice cool, breezy shirt as it is 110 degrees today!!!  I think I might sew one more of these while I have all the fabric and pattern pieces all over, I mean neatly folded on my cutting table 🙂


Blend Geofabulous Skirt & Shirt

No matter how much fall baking or decorating I do it doesn’t change the fact that it’s still over 100 degrees here!  Everything in the stores is long pants, long sleeves and sweaters. I decided to make this fun girl’s outfit – perfect for a HOT September day.  The fabrics are from Blend’s Geofabulous fabric line.  The colors are amazing!


The tiered skirt pattern is from the Sassy Skirts book, my go-to skirt book for girls.  Super quick & easy!
sassy skirts

The matching shirt needed a little embellishing.  I decided to try something beyond my standard quick appliqué shirt.  To make a ruffle for a shirt, cut a 3.5″ strip by 2 times the length of the neck from shoulder seam to shoulder seam.  Sew a rolled hem on both lengths of the ruffle.  Then hem the 2 ends.  Sew a gathering stitch down the center and gather.  Fit the ruffle around the neck, pinning as you go.  Then sew along the gathering stitch.  I had plans to add a flower, but I ran out of time.



Super quick an easy – and better than getting in a hot car and driving to the store to look for a new skirt.  It’s 108 today!
For some other fun projects using the Gefabulous line, check out these links!

Rail Fence Quilt by Sew Can She


Gathered Pouch Pocket by Tie Die Diva

Halloween Disappearing 9-Patch Quilt



Have you ever made a “Disappearing Nine-Patch Quilt”?  This is such a fun pattern and great for beginner quilters.  You can change the pattern of the quilt by changing the colors of the patches and the layout.  It is made by sewing a simple 9-Patch block and then cutting it in quarters and repositioning the new blocks.  I love the simple Halloween colors of Black, White and Orange.  I found this black, orange and white wavy boarder from Riley Blake Designs.  I think it totally makes the quilt!  Here’s how you can make one:

Finished quilt: 49″ x 62″


assorted orange and black fabric

1 yard solid white

3/4 yard solid black for inner boarder and binding

3/4 yard orange and black wavy stripe

Begin by cutting 5″ squares of orange, white and black.  For this quilt I pieced (12) nine-patch blocks.  Each block had the same color values: orange corners, white side centers and black center.  I used a variety of oranges and blacks.

cut (12) black 5″ squares

cut (48) orange 5″ squares

cut (48) white 5″ squares.disappearing_nine_patch_quilt_halloween_8

Using 1/4″ seams throughout, sew squares together in rows and then rows together to form the block.  Press toward the dark.  The block will look like this:


Cut in quarters.  Since the block at this point measures 14″ square, cut it at the 7″ point on both sides:


Next comes the fun part of playing with the layout.  I choose to lay mine out like this so the small black squares made a pattern.


Sew the blocks together in rows and the rows together and press.

For the boarder:

The black inner boarder is cut 1.5″ wide.  I didn’t measure the length, I sewed it to the sides of the quilt and trimmed the excess.

The wavy outer boarder is 5″ wide.  I matched the stripes when piecing the boarder together.  I added 5″ squares to the corners of the boarder.


I LOVE how it turned out!  I have it on my couch and it makes me happy to look at it.  Now, to just keep the cat off it 🙂


“Spooky” Quilt for Riley Blake Designs


I am so excited to share this quilt!  Did you know I love Halloween and I love black cats?  The fabric in this quilt is Riley Blake Design’s “Witch Hazel.”  I love the vintage feel of the prints and the colors.  I enlarged the cat from the theme print to create this cat silhouette.  The pattern is being featured over at the Riley Blake Design Blog  “Cutting Corners” if you want to make one 🙂Halloween_quilt_tutorial_1


It’s 100 degrees here but all this Halloween sewing is helping me get in the mood for Fall. This quilt is hanging in my family room and it makes me smile every time I look at it….and it makes me want to adopt another black cat!!

There are many different parts to the quilt: a patchy center, appliqué, lace and pom pom trim and an appliqué scallop top and bottom border!Halloween_quilt_tutorial_4


Riley Blake Designs Flannel Showcase Blog Tour


Today begins the Riley Blake Designs Flannel Showcase Blog Tour!  Each Tuesday and Friday a new blog will be featured with a fun project using Riley Blake Flannel!  I am excited to participate in this fun event.  Click Here to check out the first project!!

Modern 31 Halloween Pillow


modern_halloween_pillow_tutorialIt’s September which means my house is decorated for Halloween and I’m gearing up for a super crazy fall family schedule!!  Don’t you feel like time just flies between now and Christmas?  We better get the Halloween sewing done!!


halloween house

I decorate my dining and living room for Halloween in Black and White and silver.  I like how this pillow is slightly understated for Halloween.  Here’s how you can make one…



16″ pillow form

1/2 yard black and white ticking

scraps of black fabric for numbers

Heat n Bond EZ print sheets or Heat n Bond Lite

Black metal zipper

31 pattern HERE


Begin by cutting (2) 17″ squares from the black and white ticking, set one aside for the pillow back.31_halloween_pillow_3


Cut a 3″ strip off the top:31_halloween_pillow_4


Lay out the pieces like this with the chunky zipper between:31_halloween_pillow_5


Place the small strip right sides together with the zipper and using a zipper foot sew along the length:31_halloween_pillow_6


Repeat with the other side:31_halloween_pillow_9


Once the zipper is sewn in, press the seams.  Prepare the appliqué by printing 31 on Heat n Bond EZ sheets or tracing on to Heat n Bond Lite.  Iron the numbers to the wrong side of the black fabric.  Cut out and press onto the pillow front.  Top stitch around the numbers in black thread.


Using scissors you are not fond of, cut off the excess zipper on both ends.



Add a hand stitched detail by sewing a running stitch along both sides of the zipper with black embroidery floss.31_halloween_pillow_13


Place the pillow back and pillow front right sides together and pin around the entire pillow.  Make sure the zipper is open.  31_halloween_pillow_14


I cut 2 small strips of fabric and added them to both sides of the zipper where the seam would be to give it strength.  Otherwise the only thing holding the zipper is a seam of thread.  I also like to back stitch a few times over the zipper.  With the metal zipper it is best to slow down the sewing speed and even manually move the needle so it can find its way around the zipper teeth.  Sew around the entire pillow using 1/4″ seams31_halloween_pillow_15

Turn right side out and add the pillow, it’s done!



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