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Modern Black & Orange Quilt – Blogger’s Quilt Festival Entry


Thanks so much for stopping by!  I always look forward to the Blogger’s Quilt Festival presented by Amy’s Creative Side.  I love seeing all the fabulous quilts out there!  I am entering my Modern Black & Orange Quilt in the “Modern Quilt” category.   I made this quilt last month and it is one of my all-time favorites.  I love the traditional Halloween colors of Black & Orange.halloween_quilt_disappearing_nine_patch

This quilt was fun to put together – it’s a Disappearing 9-Patch.  I love the many variations on this quilt pattern and I love how the colors play together in this design.

The quilt measures 49″ x 62″

It’s machine quilted by me with an all over meander pattern.

The binding is hand-sewn.




This is how the block looks once the 9-Patch is cut up.  I love how making the center of the 9-Patch black, it makes the small black squares that pop in the quilt.  If you would like the exact pattern, click HERE.

Thanks so much for stopping by!!!  Hugs 🙂



Fall Friends Applique Quilt – Blogger’s Quilt Festival Entry

Fall Friends Applique Quilt_3

It’s that time of year again, the Blogger’s Quilt Festival from Amy’s Creative Side!  I am entering my “Fall Friends” quilt in the “appliqué quilt” category.  I am so in love with this quilt that I just finished sewing today!  The woodland animal appliqué patterns are from Jennifer Heynen’s book “A Walk in the Woods“.  I came up with the design of the quilt – it’s a disappearing 9-Patch with sashing.  The fabric’s are also from Jennifer’s “A Walk in the Woods” fabric line.  I don’t know about you but I am in love with hedgehogs, squirrels, and foxes!!!


Fall Friends Applique Quilt


The quilt measures 56″ x 72″.  The appliqué is fused with Heat n Bond Lite and then straight stitched around the edges.  The quilting is long-arm machine quilted and the binding is hand-sewn.

Fall Friends Applique Quilt_1

Fall Friends Applique Quilt_2
Fall Friends Applique Quilt_4

Thanks so much for stopping by!  and Happy Fall!!!

Fall Friends Applique Quilt_5

Taylor Swift 1989 Launch Party

taylor swift 1989 party ideas

October 27th 2014 could not come fast enough in our house!  We are big time Taylor Swift Fans!!!  To celebrate the much anticipated day, we threw a 1989 Launch Party with all our friends.  It was fun to come together and celebrate our favorite artist Taylor Swift!

We had everyone come dressed in 1989 inspired outfits.  When the girls arrived, we put fluffy bows in their hair.  We watched a special message from Taylor Swift then put on the Shake It Off video and danced around.

1989 taylor swift_6
1989 taylor swift_2 1989 taylor swift_3 1989 taylor swift_4


Then we went outside where and had a scavenger hunt.  I had printed off a paper that listed each track on the 1989 album and we had previously hid an items representing the track.  The girls had to figure out which item went with which track.  Here is the list:

Track #1  Welcome to New York – I Heart NY T-Shirt

Track #2  Blank Space – White piece of paper

Track #3  Style – Make Up

Track #4  Out of the Woods – Large Stuffed Deer

Track #5  All You Had To Do Was Stay – Stuffed “sitting” dog

Track #6  Shake It Off – Salt & Pepper Shakers

Track #7  I Wish You Would – Birthday Candles

Track #8  Bad Blood – Syringe from toy doctor set

Track #9  Wildest Dreams – Tiger in a baby bed

Track #10  How You Get the Girl – a small doll in a net

Track #11  This Love – Heart Doily

Track #12  I Know Places – Road Map

Track #13  Clean – glass cleaner

We put all the papers in a basket and drew a winner and she got a prize.

After the scavenger hunt, we had Welcome To New York refreshments, Out of the Woods cookie decorating, and Shake it Off shirt painting.

1989 taylor swift_24

1989 taylor swift_7



NY Pizza Dip, recipe HERE – my husband declared this his new favorite food, served with bagel ships and baguettes

NY Cheesecake

Jewish Rye Deli Sandshiches

York Peppermint Patties

Yankee Stadium Popcorn Balls

Black and White Cookies, recipe HERE

The Big Apple apple dip, recipe HERE


1989 taylor swift_8

1989 taylor swift_9
1989 taylor swift_11

1989 taylor swift_12

1989 taylor swift_13




1989 taylor swift_25

We made sugar cookies inspired by the woods: acorns and leaves.  The girls decorated them.1989 taylor swift_19

1989 taylor swift_14


I cut stencils on the Cricut that said “Shake It Off” and the girls painted shirts.  They turned out super cute.  We just used acrylic paint and a stencil brush.

Shake it Off


1989 taylor swift_16



We had to get Taylor’s kitties involved in the party, so each girl was given a sharpie and a paper plate.  They were to draw a picture of Taylor’s cats by holding the plate on their head and not looking at it.  3 of the moms were the judges and the winner got a prize.
1989 taylor swift_17


Throughout the night we stopped the music and had 3 girls come up for a Lyric Challenge.  I read a line from one of Taylor’s newest 3 singles and they had to correctly say the line that followed.  This was super fun and the girls totally know all the words to the songs!

For the prizes I got the latest InStyle magazine with Taylor on the cover, some cute infinity scarves, knee socks, and a few other items.

1989 taylor swift_21


No party is complete with out a photo booth.  We used Taylor’s Subway app to “Take a Selfie with Taylor”:1989 taylor swift_22


We also used the #1989 Photo Booth to create these fun photos inspired by the 1989 Album Artwork.

1989 taylor swift

1989 taylor swift_5

Taylor, we LOVE you and your 1989 Album is so AMAZING!  THANK YOU!!!!!


spooky halloween pillow

Can you believe how fast October is flying by?????  It’s crazy!  Here is a quick Halloween project – with a black cat of course – that you can sew in about 30 minutes.   By using their Heat n Bond EZ print sheets, you can print the pattern pieces onto the appliqué paper in your own printer!



20″ x WOF duck cloth or neutral light weight canvas
fat quarter or similar black fabric
Heat n Bond® Lite EZ print sheets
22″ or longer zipper
20″ pillow form


Begin by cutting (2) 20″ squares from the neutral fabric

Print the cat pattern (here) and SPOOKY pattern (here) then iron them to the wrong side of the black fabric.  Cut out on the pattern line and peel off backing.

spooky Halloween pillow

Position the pattern pieces as desired or as pictured below on the 20″ square and press into place.  Using black thread, stitch around each appliqué piece.
spooky Halloween pillow_2

To finish the pillow take the second 20″ square (pillow back) and cut 3″ off:
spooky Halloween pillow_4


Insert the zipper and press.  Trim off excess zipper.spooky Halloween pillow_5

With zipper pull positioned in the center of the pillow, pin the pillow front and the pillow back right sides together.  Sew all the way around the pillow using a 1/2″ seam.spooky Halloween pillow_6

Turn right side out and insert pillow.

spooky Halloween pillow_7

In my dining/living room I like to decorate only with black, white, neutrals, and metallics.  I love how the pillow looks on the neutral chair – a perfect compliment to the “31” pillow!!

spooky Halloween pillow_8

It also looks cute in the family room with some pops of orange!!spooky Halloween pillow_9


Halloween Pillow Tutorial


I can’t believe how fast October is flying by!!  I made this festive pillow for a friend for her October pillow.  Here’s how you can make one:



20″ x WOF background pillow fabric

1/4 yard orange fabric

1/4 yard black fabric

scrap of white fabric

Therm O Web Heat n Bond Lite

20″ pillow form

22″ or longer zipper

Pattern, Click HERE

Begin by cutting (2) 20″ squares of the background pillow fabric



Trace the chevron print on the Heat n Bond Lite.  You will need (2) 20″ sections of chevron


Roughly cut the chevron strips out and press them to the wrong side of the orange and the black fabric.  Then cut along the chevron pattern lines.Halloween_Pillow_3


Trace the BOO onto the Heat n Bond Lite or print on the Heat n Bond EZ Sheets.  Iron it to the back of the black fabric.  Do the same with the ghost pattern and iron it on the back of the white fabric.  Peel the paper back off the Heat n Bond and position as pictured below.  Press into place.  Outline stitch with black fabric.  Cut 3 small circles/ovals for the ghost eyes and nose out of the scraps of the black fabric with heat n bond on the back.  Add to the ghost.
halloween applique

For the pillow back, cut a 3″ strip off of the 20″ pillow back.  This is where the zipper will go.

Sew the zipper joining the 2 pieces of the pillow back.  Press.Halloween_Pillow_6

Trim the excess zipper off and position the zipper pull in the center of the pillow.  Place the pillow front and the pillow back right sides together, aligning the edges.  Pin.  Sew, using a 1/2″ seam all the way around the pillow.  Then turn right side out.  Insert pillow form.Halloween_Pillow_7



It’s so cute – I may need to keep it 🙂Halloween_Pillow_9


It looks so perfect with my Halloween Disappearing 9-Patch quilt!!Halloween_Pillow_10

Riley Blake Flannel Baby Quilt and Burpers Tutorial

flannel baby quiltI am so excited to be participating in the Riley Blake Flannel Blog Hop!  Thanks for stopping by!  Let me introduce myself….I’m Amanda, a Southern California mom of 3 children who LOVES fabric, sewing and quilting!  I love sharing my projects and patterns on my blog and connecting with people who share my same interests.

First let me just say how much I love Riley Blake flannels.  I have been sewing with flannel for years and the quality and durability of Riley Blake flannel is amazing – plus it comes in so many cute prints!  My tutorial today is for two projects.  #1 Easy Quilted Flannel Baby Blanket and #2 “Old School” Baby Burpers



…..yes I know super “Old School” but this burper pattern has been in the family for 40 years – since I was a baby!!  Each generation of babies and mommies has loved using these.

Let’s get started….

Quilted Flannel Baby Blanker


1.5 yards top fabric, I used Riley Blake Country Girls Patchwork in Pink….I love this because it already looks like a darling quilt

1.5 yards back fabric, I used Riley Blake Country Girls Country Floral Navy plus extra for the appliqué letter

1/2 yard flnnel for binding and accent square

cotton batting

Heat n Bond Lite

Basting spray

I love sewing with flannel, especially quilting because it is soft and it doesn’t move around when you sew!  I always prewash my flannel.  


The first part of the project is pretty much just quilting the two 1.5 yards of fabric together.  Pin baste the back, batting, and top fabrics of your quilt just like you would any quilt.  If the edges don’t line up perfectly, don’t worry.  After you quilt it you will square it up.  Quilt as desired.  I quilted free motion meanders.  Square up.riley_blake_flannel_baby_quilt_2

Attach the monogram:

Cut a 9″ square of accent flannel.


Print your desired letter in reverse.  I choose a “J” because I am giving this to my friend who is having a girl and naming her Juliette.  Trace the letter onto the Heat n Bond Lite and iron it to the wrong side of the flannel.


Cut out the letter, peel off the backing paper and press it to the center of the 9″ accent square.  Using basting spray or pins, position the accent square as desired on the quilt.


Using a 1″ seam, sew around the square.  Then sew around the letter sewing close to the edge.  Cut little slits into the edge of the square like this:


I choose to add the letter after the quilting so the letter would have a quilted look as well.  After a few washings, the fringed edge of the square should look more ruffley similar to a rag quilt.

Cut (6) 2.5″ strips of flannel for the binding.  I choose to machine sew my binding on so it would hold up nicely after many washings.

riley_blake_flannel_baby_quilt_23 I think it turned out so cute!  and it’s sooooo soft and snuggly!



Old School Baby Burpers


Just a word about these baby burpers…..  My mom sewed this same style burper when I was a little baby.  As a toddler I would carry one around like it was a little blankie.  I called them “Night Nights”.  I’ve continued the tradition with my children.  Below are ones I sewed 16 years ago for my first baby.  The flannel selections were so sad back then – but I made do!  I made stacks and stacks of these and boy did we go through them!  Since my children are older, I found a new use for them – dusters!  They are perfect for dusting the piano, the china hutch and for other finishes you don’t want scratched!!



1/2 yards of assorted flannels

ric rac

Pattern, click HERE

Begin by printing the pattern and tracing it onto tissue paper.  Note, the pattern is only for half the burper, trace both sides onto the tissue paper and cut it out.  Pin it to the flannel, I like to cut 4 out at a time.  Cut around the pattern line.


Cut the desired amount and choose matching ric rac.


Beginning and ending on the side of the burper, take one of the pieces you’ve cut and sew the ric rac on; line up the edge of the ric rac with the edge of the burper.  Sew the seam in the center of the ric rac.  Start and stop on the side, overlapping the ric rac and having the edges outside of the seam like this:


Pin the second piece right sides together with the first piece.  Sew along the seam created by sewing the ric rac.  Start and stop on the side leaving a little opening to turn.


Turn right side out, press seams so they lay flat and edges curve nicely.  Top stitch.  This will close the opening that was left open for turning.



Now do this over and over until you have a nice stack!  These are great to make and keep on hand for baby gifts.

I love that they are coordinating!  What a perfect gift!

Thanks for stopping by!!!