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Deco Foil Hanging Heart {DIY project}


deco foil hanging heart valentineI didn’t quite know what to hang on my front doors this Valentine’s Day season.  Do any of you have the problem of having 2 front doors?  It’s always a delllama, do I hang just one item on the door we use, leaving the other one bare?  Do I hang two of the same thing?  Two different things?  If I hang 2 wreaths, does it look like my doors have eyes?  I came across these sparkly scalloped wood heart hangers at the craft store and I thought they might solve my front door problem.  They were just screaming for some embellishment, don’t you think?  I ran around the house, gathering items that might be cute all while eating cinnamon gummy hearts (highly addictive).  If you don’t have wood heart hangers like these, you can add this heart to a pillow, a frame, or pretty much anything!  Here goes!!foil valentine craft


fabric scraps for the hearts, I used Riley Blake Designs small dots, pink & white

a few yards of small lace and larger lace to hang

Heat n Bond Lite EZ Print sheets

Heat n Bond Lite

Deco Foil silver


Don’t you just love all the colors this Deco Foil comes in?  This was my first time using it, I was a little intimidated; now it’s my new favorite product!

Begin by drawing your desired heart shape onto the paper side of the Heat n Bond Lite.  Roughly cut around the heart and iron it to the wrong side of the fabric.  I choose to use Heat n Bond Lite rather than fusible stabilizer because I like the texture it creates when applied.  Leave the backing paper on.foil valentine craft 2

Print out the words in reverse onto the EZ print sheets.  You can download the words like I used or make up your own.

foil valentine craft 1


Press the words to the wrong side of the Deco Foil.  Then cut out with scissors.  The XOXO were easy to cut, the Love was a little intense, I might not choose such an intricate word to cut with scissors next time 🙂  But I like how it looks.
foil valentine craft 7

Once the letters are cut out, peel off the backing paper and place the words as desired.  I covered my letters with tissue paper because I was afraid to put the iron directly on the foil.  Press into place.

foil valentine craft 9

I LOVE the foil!  I can’t wait to try it on more projects!  To finish the heart, peel off the backing paper of the heart.  Center it on the wood heart.  Using hot glue, glue the lace all the way around the heart.  You will burn your fingers many times while doing so 🙁  If you have another favorite glue, you might try that.  I was in a hurry 🙂  You could also use any kind of trim: ric rac, small tinsel, pom poms, ruffles, etc.  I wasn’t in love with the cheap ribbon hanger the hearts came with, so I snipped them off and added some wire.

valentine foli craft

I added a lace bow and also hung it with lace.  I don’t have a wreath hanger, so I tack the lace with a tiny nail to the top of my door.  Maybe that’s not a good idea?

foil valentine craft 4

foil valentine craft 5

foil valentine craft 3

A little peak at my front porch….

valentine front porch 2

chalkboard frame front porchMy teenage daughter is in charge of all the chalkboard writing in our home.  It’s too nerve racking for me!

I found this desk literally on the side of the road.  I spray painted it grey and made it look rustic and it lives on my front porch.  In the spring I have flowers growing out of the drawers!!  I also found the chair on the side of the road.  People probably think my porch looks junky – I like it!!

repurposed desk diy

valentine front porch

Little Girl’s Western Outfit

My sister and her friend asked me to sew western outfits for their 4 year old girls.  I just finished them – I think they turned out pretty cute!  The hardest part was finding plain tops – all our stores are in-between seasons and there is not much to pick from.  I was lucky to find 1 white and 1 black shirt!  The cow print is my favorite 🙂


I used Heat n Bond lite for a quick appliqué on the shirts.  Then I added a denim & lace rosette accent.IMG_3094



Birdies for Baby: Cottage Garden Baby Quilt Pattern

birdies for baby

I love this baby quilt pattern.  I recently helped with a baby shower for a sweet friend who is expecting her first baby.  I made her this quilt.  This is the best baby quilt pattern because  you can sew it start to finish in a day (as I did), you can use precuts for the bulk of the quilt, it shows off larger prints or theme prints nicely which I always like to use in baby quilts, you don’t need to piece the back (yippee!),  and it’s a little more interesting then just squares.   The fabrics in this quilt really make the quilt – The Cottage Garden from Riley Blake Designs.  Click here for my other Cottage Garden Baby Quilt pattern:

the cottage garden quilt

Instead of writing up the tutorial, I thought this chart might be easier – I love “at a glance” pattern outlines like this.

birdies for baby quilt pattern

It’s important to let the kitten inspect all sewing!!

cottage garden baby quilt

Sew the quilt together in rows.  I used Spray n Bond to baste the quilt together.  This cuts my pinning and quilting time in half at least.  No more stopping and starting to remove pins.  It is a HUGE time saver!!!  The back of the quilt is flannel, I forgot to photograph it as I was on my way to the baby shower while taking the photos!!cottage garden baby quilt 2

I quilted loop de loos and swirly flowers in an all over pattern using light grey thread.

cottage garden baby quilt. 6

cottage garden baby quilt. 9

I love this quilt!!  This is my new “go-to” baby quilt pattern, especially when I need it done in a day!  Kitten likes it too 🙂

cottage garden baby quilt. 10

cottage garden baby quilt. 8

Vintage Kitty Valentine

valentine kitty

I’m excited to be sharing my tutorial for these darling Vintage Valentines over on the Therm O Web Blog today!  They are super fun to make and sew up quick!  In fact, my 6 year old daughter even made one all by herself!  All the wonderful fabrics are from Blend’s fabric lines: Equniox, Modern Lace, and Turkish Delight.

I choose some vintage cat images off the internet and printed them onto the EZ Print Transfer Sheets.  You could print any image you want.  The image is then ironed on to white fabric.vintage valentine cat 5

Of course I had to include my kitty in this kitty project!  Mufasa had fun playing in the lace, then he had a nap in the lace!
vintage valentine cat 12
vintage valentine cat 22

Sally loves to sew!!

vintage valentine cat 20

I made this one for Ella to match her room with blues and greens.

vintage valentine cat 19

This one is Sally’s – she choose the fabrics and the buttons and sewed the buttons on herself.

vintage valentine cat 39

I like this one too – it has diagonal rows of lace for the background.  They are so much fun to make and they make great gifts because you can really personalize them!  Now, get sewing 🙂

vintage valentine cat 36

valentine kitty

Jumbo Half Square Triangle Quilt

half square triangle quilt 3

I finally finished this quilt!  I attended Sewing Summit in September 2013 where I took a class from Diary of a Quilter’s Amy Smart.  I loved meeting her – she is the sweetest person ever!  IMG_5268-600x800

While at Sewing Summit I was able to put the quilt top together.  This is such a fast, fun quilt.  I also love half square triangle quilts because there are so many design options.


I took the quilt top home and it sat in a drawer for quite sometime.  I wanted minky on the back of the quilt so it would be a cuddly throw quilt for the family.  Since I don’t quilt large quilts with minky on the back, I had my quilter quilt it this last summer.  Then finally this weekend I sewed the binding on!  I love it!  It’s fun sewing something for me!  I seem to give all my quilts away which I love.  half square triangle quilt 2

half square triangle quilt 4


This is the perfect quilt top to sew up in a day.  Most of the fabrics are Riley Blake with light grey Kona solids.  Now, I just need a good movie and a bowl of popcorn 🙂half square triangle quilt 5

half square triangle quilt

YW Camp Treasure The Truth Re Cap

It’s time to start preparing for this year’s Young Women’s Camp.  I thought I would write about our 2014 camp for any of those Camp Directors out there looking for ideas.  Our camp was AWESOME!  We had fabulous leaders, a great camp, and super fun activities.  Our theme was “Treasure the Truth”.  It was fun to use the idea of “treasure” for inspiration.  As you scroll through this post you can click on each section for more ideas – I didn’t want this to turn into the world’s longest blog post.  I hope you enjoy learning about our camp.

Our camp is a traditional camp in the mountains with a lodge and cabins.  We had access to a small lake and canoes, rock wall, archery, BB guns, volleyball, swimming, hiking, and crafts.  Below are ideas we added to enhance camp.

This is our camp logo.  Click HERE to download a high resolution version, you are welcome to adapt it to your needs.treasure the truth logoCamp Check in


Each level was a Gemstone based on a Young Women Value.  Click HERE to download all the gemstone printables.

Individual Worth

Good Works

choice accountability


divine nature




1st Years: Diamonds, 2nd Years: Sapphires, 3rd Years: Gold, 4th Years: Amethyst, YCLS: Emerald, Leaders: Fire Opal, Nurse: Ruby

Every level received a lanyard based on the color of their level with a gemstone name tag.  Click HERE for more pictures of the lanyards, tutorial, and printable name badges.

YW camp lanyard 3


Attached to the lanyards was a camp itinerary and a camp song book.

camp itinerary

I love reading other camp’s itineraries – here is ours.  Click here for the PDF.Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 6.10.54 PM

When we got to camp we had a treasure hunt where the girls received their bandanas, itineraries, songbooks, and other camp goodies like CANDY!  I went into LA and bought colored lace the colors of the values.  I cut them into triangles.  They were super cute.

The Young Women Camp Manual has been around for a while and I know some years girls don’t even bring them to camp.  I wanted to breath new life into the camp manual so we turned them into scrapbooks or smash books.  The treasure hunt ended in the lodge where we had tables set up and tons of scrapbooking & paper crafting supplies.  The girls got to decorate their camp manuals!  I had also printed out photos from the past few years.  The girls were encouraged to carry their manual with them at all times at camp.  Throughout the week we had handouts and quotes they could glue in their manuals.  This is mine:

YW Camp manual 2

I put tabs on the sides so I can easily find each level and other requirements.  Mine is loaded with pictures.  I love looking at it!!!

YW camp manual
YW camp manuals 8

I think the girls had fun with this project!!YW camp manuals 7

YW camp manuals 6
I love the lanyard idea because throughout the week the girls received pins for different devotionals or activities.  It was so fun to see everyone’s lanyard at the end of camp!!

YW camp pins

Name Badges – I made these by gathering streamers – click HERE for the tutorial and printable.YW camp name tag 7

When we kicked off our theme on the first day, we introduced our “Treasure Board”.  The leaders had made this before camp.  It’s a HUGE frame with a collage of material treasures.  The goal during the week was to cover the material treasures with spiritual treasures.  By the end of the week the board was covered with religious pictures, quotes, and uplifting pictures.  I love the idea of visualizing what our heart treasures.
YW camp treasure board


T-Shirts – We tried to save on cost by not having official camp shirts.  We gave each level a white V-neck shirt and they were to create their shirt based on their value gemstone.  I love this idea!  It was so fun to all the creativity!

Of course I tie-dyed the leader’s shirts
YW camp leader t-shirts 3


The YCLs did a kind of reverse spray paint technique
YW camp YCLS


The 4th Years did an ombre inspired technique with words on the backYW camp 4th years

The 3rd years had gold 3s on the back and their name in cursive gold sequinsYW camp 3rd years

The second years did a tape/paint techniqueYW camp 2nd years

The first years had a diamond ring printed on the shirtsYW camp 1st years 2

Crafts: Our crafts were the best so far.  Again, money was tight.  We asked for donations and then created crafts out of what we received.  The girls had a BLAST!  Click HERE to see all the crafts we made.

YW camp crafts 2

Meet Gemma Diamond our Camp mascot.  Every evening at dinner the stake leaders did a silly skit/dance with Gemma.  Gemma got to go home with a different level each night.  She brought with her a letter, something for each girl to wear, and an owl pin to add to their lanyards.  The first night she brought tiaras, the second night large YW paper medallions, the third night capes, and the fourth night missionary badges.

YW camp owl 2

Here you can see Gemma at the end of camp – she really learned a lot!
YW camp owl 8

Here is a sample letter from Gemma.  If you are interested in all the letters, click HERE

gemma diamond

We had “Treasured Value” rotations where the girls rotated listening to an uplifting message based on a value.  At each rotation they received a handout to put in their camp manual and a gemstone bead to put in their bottle necklace.  The necklaces were really cute, but many of the girls played with them and they broke.  I would hand these out at the end.  But I love having a bottle necklace with the value gems in it!

value necklace

YW value necklace

In the lodge we had an area designated for “Treasured Sisters”.  This was to replace our traditional “Secret Sisters”.  Instead of shopping and bringing gifts to camp, we drew names at camp and encouraged the young women to make something for their sister at camp.  The sisters were not secret and the girls introduced themselves at the beginning.  For the most part it worked, some of the girls were shy and didn’t approach their sister for a few days.  We were inspired by the Frozen movie’s Elsa and Anna 🙂  Click HERE fore the treasured sisters form.  Every day we had paper and pens where they could write notes and we had a little item they could give their sister, like candy or a pin.
treasured sister image
YW camp treasured sisters

YW camp treasured sister pins

I typed my own certification table so we all could keep better track.  If you would like a copy click HERE


One night we had a Faith Walk.  I have seen many versions of this but ours was AMAZING!  We had 5 vignettes around the camp. A Nephite woman who was there when Jesus came, Mary the mother of Jesus, the blind man who Jesus healed, the young Joseph Smith, and the woman who touched Jesus robe.  Many of our actors also sang a song that went with their character.  The young women were asked not to talk while they walked on the journey.  It was very powerful.  We lit the whole camp with paper bag lanterns, 500 to be exact.  And then at night we turned them all off, and we liked them so much we turned them on each night!

Faith Walk YW campCamp was amazing and I did not want to come home.  The young women in our stake are so AWESOME!  The Sunday after camp we have an awards night and slideshow.  All the families are invited, we watch a slide show of all the pictures.  Then each girl who completed her certification received an award.  We give them a level charm that they can add to a bracelet or necklace, a certificate, and a camp photo to add to their manual.  Click HERE  to download a generic certificate.  I like that the certificates are smaller so they can be glued into the camp manual.certificate YW camp award 2

If a girl has completed 6years of camp she gets a gold or silver pinecone to wear alongside her Young Womenhood Recognition Medallion.

YW Camp award


Our New Bengal Kitten

bengal kitten 7
My life has been turned upside down.  On December 20th we adopted a Bengal kitten.  We lost our beloved Marbles the Bengal Cat last March and our family was finally ready to bring a new kitten into our home.  Once we found a breeder we liked we couldn’t wait for him to come home.  As any expectant mother would do, I decided to better prepare myself for the arrival of the kitten by reading – I choose the book “Think Like a Cat.”  I purchased it from Amazon and felt a little silly in doing so as I have had cats in my life for 40 years – why do I need to read how to parent a cat?
UnknownThis book is AMAZING and I recommend it to everyone who has a feline or who hopes to adopt one.  Pam Johnson-Bennett addresses so many issues we fear as cat owners – the litterbox, furniture scratching, aggression, etc.  I now follow her in FB where she gives tips and advice for cat owners.  After reading this book I was a little nervous about bringing  the new kitten home – worried I wouldn’t raise the kitten properly and follow all the guidelines to achieve a well-adusted happy cat!  I was more nervous about getting the kitten than I was about bringing my 3 babies home from the hospital!

We did everything to prepare: we created a “sanctuary” in my daughter’s room where the kitten would live for a few weeks.  It included a place for the litter box, place for meals, a soft bed, and lots of things to scratch and play with.  I firmly believe in the idea of a sanctuary for the first few weeks of kitten introduction.

We were ready and we drove to Pasadena to pick him up.

bengal kitten

bengal kitten 4


He could not be any cuter.  We can already tell he has a nice disposition and loves to be around people.bengal kitten 3

bengal kitten 2

The poor kitten didn’t have a name for almost a week.  It is very difficult for 5 people to agree on a name.  Some of the suggestions were: Napoleon, Leopold, Thor, Zulu, Stuki, Mowgli, Bagheera, Marvin, Harvey, Wasabi, Obi Wan, Fuzzy, Waffles, and the list went on and on.  We finally agreed on Mufasa from the Lion King.  We still call him fuzzy though.

The best way to insure a happy cat is to have lots of interactive playtime.  I ordered every cat toy known to man from Amazon.  Let me tell you which ones are Mufasa’s favorites.

Neko Flies – ordered from Amazon

You purchase a rod and then you can select interchangeable “bugs” to attach to the end.

These bugs are very realistic.  Mufasa loves the Kittycada the best.  He also loves the Kattipede, and the Kragonfly.  kittycada-cat-toy

The instructions say not to let the cats chew on the toys.  This is hard to do because part of the fun of chasing a bug is getting to catch it and chew on it.  Mufasa bit off the antenna of the Kattipede.  I quickly trimmed the antennas off the Kitticatterfly.  With any toy like this, when you are done playing the toys should be put away.

The next toy we love is from Go Cat called Da Bird  – I also ordered from Amazon.  This toy has a feather teaser at the end and also comes with 2 replacements feathers. For some reason we like this better than other feather teasers – maybe it feels more like a real bird?  What ever it is, Mufasa LOVES it!



All my kitties have always love the Cat Dancer or Cat Charmer.  Mufasa is no different – again, I ordered from Amazon71aGjSRxIUL._SL1500_A new kitten in the house feels a lot like having a new baby in the house.  I find myself whispering and tiptoeing around when he is sleeping.  When he’s up, he’s up and it is time to play and interact.  If I need to the leave the house I have to time it with his naps so he is not left home alone while awake.  He eats on demand and cries when he is hungry.  When he is tired I can hold him and he purrs and I know he’s ready for bed.  We clean the letterbox every time he uses it – much like diaper duty!  I want him to have a positive experience with the litter box so we keep it extra clean.  We make sure to give him fresh water several times a day.  It’s a lot of work having a new kitten.  We have gotten so attached to him already and we think he’s the cutest kitten in the world!!

bengal kitten 5

bengal kitten 8

bengal kitten 9

bengal kitten 11

bengal kitten 10

bengal kitten 6