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Day #9 Happy Mail

service printable

Who mails stuff anymore?  Who even goes to the post office?  Who has stamps?  Hahaha!  Today we are going to take a step back in time and create some good old-fashioned mail!  Even though we live in the age of digital everything, there is still something exciting about having a package on the porch, or a bubble pouch in the mail box!  Today, take time with your family to write letters to loved ones and mail them, snail mail style.  We decided to make a few care packages to mail also .  You might want to include some of the printable images & quotes that have been featured theses past few days.  Have the children write their feelings about Jesus or what Easter means to them and include these in the packages.

I purchased plastic eggs and an assortment of candy – not chocolate, I didn’t want anyone to receive melted candy 🙂

The children filled the eggs (and sampled a little along the way).  Then we packed some boxes with some notes and shipped them off.



DSC_1817Any activity involving candy is always a hit!!!

Day #8 You’ve Been Egged!

Hi! I’m Marci Coombs and I’ve been writing my own little lifestyle blog HERE for quite some time now.  I blog about everything from church topics and Young Women’s ideas to recipes, craft tutorials and party tips.
I have 1 husband + 3 sweet kiddos.
I’m addicted to the news, Diet Dr. Pepper, the color purple and trips to Disneyland.
Thank you Amanda for inviting me back to be apart of your 14 Day Walk With Christ: Service Edition.
I love love LOVE the emphasis on SERVICE this year.
In fact, every year as the week of Easter rolls around – – our
family likes to do a few different random acts of service to our friends and neighbors close by.
My kids’ FAVORITE activity includes ‘egging’ people.
No – – not the yucky, messy type of egging.
The fun EASTER-Y type of course.



Its really quite simple.
Just fill up 12 plastic eggs with treats.
Scatter them around your neighbor’s yard.
Then leave THIS printable inside of a basket, explaining to them that they’ve been EGGED and that it’s their turn to do it all again the next evening.
Knock on their door and then ‘run like the dickens’
 {my mom still to this day uses that phrase! what IS the ‘dickens’ anyways??} 
so that you don’t get caught. 
Part of the FUN of this is doing it all anonymously.  
My kids LOVE it!
I usually do up 3 baskets and let them each
 pick a house to EGG.
It’s sure to brighten someone’s night.
It always does!
Have a FABULOUS Easter Week!
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Day #7- Family Service Project

Today’s lesson comes from my friend Brittany.  She is my super talented friend who is the worlds best decorater!!!  You should follow her on Pinterest, Instagram and her Blog!!

Thank You Amanda for inviting me to participate in the 14 day walk with Christ. I am really excited to share an amazing experience of service that as a family we have been able to participate in.

This past month I was browsing Instagram and came across a heartbreaking story of a little girl named “Kycie” she is 4 years old.   (You can follow their story on Instagram @JandJterry)  We have a little 4 year old in our family as well so it really made us stop and take a moment as we watched her story unfold. This sweet little girl who was thought to have the flu, however she didn’t start getting better in fact she worsened and started to have seizures. She ended up being life-flighted to Primary Children’s Hospital. The Dr’s diagnosed her with type 1-diabetes and after the damaging seizures thought she may have permanent brain damage as well.

Meet Kycie:

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 9.54.00 PM I have been so impressed with the constant faith and optimism this family shows. They just recently posted this picture:

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 9.55.09 PM Her mom writes: If we have faith in Jesus Christ the hardest as well as the easiest times in life can be a blessing. The Savior has carried Kycie (and each one of us) through this journey in our life. And for that, I am grateful.

As I read each of her updates on Instagram I can feel her love for her daughter, it radiates off the page. It reminds me of a song there is sunshine in my soul today.

As a family we decided that we needed to show the Terry family some love and support and to let them know we are praying for them and thinking of their sweet little girl Kycie.

We put together a little care package and each of my kids wrote a letter to Kycie and her family. We wanted to send a little light and a little sunshine to their family, in their time of need.

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 9.55.26 PM Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 9.55.31 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 9.56.01 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 9.56.09 PM

Thanks to the Terry family we have been trying to take more time to love each other and give extra tight hugs every night, and of course thank our Heavenly Father for the many blessings we receive each day.

To read more about the Terry family please visit Kisses for Kycie on Facebook.

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 9.56.16 PM

Day #6 Make Dinner For Someone

Nothing says family unity like cooking in the kitchen!  Today’s service project is making dinner for someone.  Think of someone you know that could use a little break from the dinner-time routine.  It could be new mother, someone who was recently sick or in the hospital, or it could just be a family with young children and you know the mom would love a night off!  Who ever it is – get ready for some fun in the kitchen!DSC_1771


For our meal we smoked pulled pork, made coleslaw and then baked our famous banana cake.  I am sharing the recipe with you!!!  I literally get requests for it!  Even if you don’t have time to make and entire dinner, you could make the cake or other baked items.
banana cake


I also included this little kitchen towel I made.  You can read how to make it here.

IMG_4972  I made these little printable tags you can download and print.  One is for if someone is not feeling well, the other is for a general Happy Easter message 🙂Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 3.16.11 PM Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 3.16.04 PM

Instead of just having mom or dad go drop the meal off, we all went together.  Aren’t we cute!  IMG_5011I love this quote from President Spencer W. Kimball:service

5 Minute Kitchen Towel Tutorial

kitchen towel

I love to give handmade gifts!!!!!  Sometimes you just need a cult little somthin’ to give a friend.  This is the perfect project!!  Literally, 5 minutes!


Kitchen/Tea towel yardage, or purchased tea/kitchen towel

Scrap of fabric for the bunny, mine is from Riley Blake Designs

Piece of ric rac & lace slightly longer than the width of the towel

Piece of Heat n Bond Lite

Sizzix Big Shot (or you can hand cut any shape you want)

I love this towel yardage – it’s hemmed along the sides.  All you have to do is cut the desired length and add hems to the ends.  It comes in many colors and patterns.  You could totally use a white tea towel, or other kitchen towel!  I cut mine at about 3/4 yard long,

kitchen towel tutorial


Iron the Heat n Bond Lite to the back of the fabric.  Run it through the Big Shot – or hand cut the shape.  Peel off the backing paper.  Using spray n bond (or pins) position the lace and the ric rac.  I run the edges of my ric rac through a flame to seal the edges.  Tuck the ends in or around the back of the towel.  Stitch in place.  Iron the bunny into place and top stitch 2 times around it.sizzix bunny towel
And it’s done!  I want to make a stack of them!  Wouldn’t they make cute Easter gifts!  I better get sewing!!


Day # 5 – SMILE

Hello! It’s Ginger from Ginger Snap Crafts! I am so excited to be back here with Amanda & all of YOU participating in the 14 days of Christ series ~ service addition! I think it’s a wonderful thing to do with your family this Easter season! I’m so glad Amanda organizes this each year. 🙂 Speaking of family ~ I have a fun, wild & crazy one that’s for sure! ha! 😉 My husband & I have 5 beautiful & active children ages 17 to 5. They sure do keep it interesting around here. They also have really cheesy grins! ha! 🙂 Which brings me to our service idea that was centered all around smiling! 😉

I really love this quote! It helped inspire our whole activity. 🙂

Purpose: We have been struggling (I’m sure we are not alone!) with our kiddos saying mean things to each other & not being kind. So I decided to create an evening where we could learn how to say kind words to each other, give a smile to someone & make each other smile. When you make someone smile it really is beautiful thing!



If You’re Happy

Lesson: For the lesson we each took a turn going around the room & saying something kind about each person in our family. It turned out so well! Everyone took a turn, & they all really shared from the heart what they loved about each other. There were lots of smiles all around. I think it was the best (& longest!) lessons we ever had! 🙂
Activity: For the activity we wanted to do something that would help serve someone else, and we hoped to be able to put a big smile on their face, too! is a wonderful organization that donates toothbrushes all over the world to those that need them or can’t afford one. So we went to the store & stocked up on a bunch of different kinds of toothbrushes to send to them. The kiddos had fun picking them out! They might of even picked out one or two toothbrushes for themselves, too! ha! 😉

 When we got home we packed up the toothbrushes in a box!

Then we mailed our “smiley” package to so they can hand them out.
You can find our more, & see how to donate to Donate a Toothbrush right {HERE}.
Handouts: For the handout I wanted to give my kiddos something that would remind them to speak kind words to each other, to smile more &to make each other smile. I found these cute walking mouths at Hobby Lobby in the party section, & then I made some cute smile tags to hang on them.
You can print out your own set of smile tags right {HERE}.
Just cut them out, punch a hole & then tie them on with some twine or ribbon.
Treat: These Apple Smiles make the perfect treat!
Apple Smiles from She Saved
Other ideas & resources:

A Smile is Like Sunshine

I hope you try this activity out with your family. It really was a special evening for us! 🙂
Thanks for having me over, Amanda! I hope you all have wonderful Easter. 🙂

Day #4 #ShareGoodness

#sharegoodnessToday’s lesson focus on Sharing Goodness through Social Media.  Does your family look like this?share goodness

I know we are like most families and Social Media is a big part of life.  Even if you don’t want it to be, it still is.  Instead of keeping my children away from social media, I use it as a learning tool.  It is a great way to have so many discussions.  If they learn now how to navigate the world of social media safely, they are more likely to continue those patterns into adulthood.  Use today’s lesson as a springboard to discussions with your children about the good and bad of Social Media.   Ask them to share experiences they have encountered personally or experiences their friends have had.  Talk about these #ShareGoodness Tips:

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 7.26.04 PM

For the service part of this lesson, take some time and asks each family member to write 10 positive posts or comments on their social media sites.  If you have young children, help them send emails or write comments on your accounts to people they know and love such as grandparents, aunts or uncles.  So much of the time we are “takers” on social media – checking how many comments we have or how many “likes” we have.  It is important to give of ourselves in this virtual world.  Set goals on how each member of the family can #ShareGoodness each day.


Day #3 Random Acts of Kindness

Mique30daysToday’s post is by Mique from the 30 Handmade Days blog.  Mique is one amazing gal.  She and I live in the same town and have been friends for over 10 years.  She is the queen of printables, organization, photography, craftyess, and ideas for Random Acts of Kindness.  You should definitely check out her blog, follow her on Pinterest, FB, and Instagram!!

The inspiration for these activities comes from this scripture and these quotes.  You can use them in your family lesson to introduce the activity.

Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

This is the first and great commandment.

And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself” (Matthew 22:36–40).

Spiritual strength frequently comes through selfless service.” – President Thomas S. Monson

As we obey His commandments and serve our fellowmen, we become better disciples of Jesus Christ.” -Elder Daniel L. Johnson

Mique is sharing some of her fabulous printables for quick little gifts you can take a friend, neighbor, teacher, or anyone that needs a little sunshine in their day.  Involve your family as you choose a project you want to make.  Click on the picture for a complete instructions and to download the printable.  Have everyone in the family suggest someone they would like to take one to.






Click HERE for more of Mique’s Random Acts Of Kindess Ideas!!

Watch the short video Lessons I Learned As A Boy to conclude your evening.

Day #2 Service Cranium

Hi!  I’m Sheena from Little LDS Ideas.  I am so excited to be here today and to be a part of Amanda’s 14 Day Walk With Christ.  I have been sharing my LDS ideas and printables on my blog for the past 5 years.  I have loved learning all about blogging, but mostly I have enjoyed sharing my ideas with others.  I share ideas for Primary, YW, Relief Societ, FHE, and a few other things.
I love the 14 Day Walk With Christ!  It’s such a great idea to get our families focused on Christ during Easter.  This year’s focus is on Service.  I am excited to share a game from my blog and hope you and your family enjoy playing it!

I have used my Service Cranium game for Sharing Time, but would be great for Family Home Evening as well. 
My Service Cranium focuses on service. As you and your family play the game you will read scriptures, answer questions/scenarios, read about parables/stories, sing songs….all about service. It’s so important to teach our children to serve others. Our Savior was the greatest example of serving and loving others. I love this quote from President Dieter F. Uchtdorf:
“As we lose ourselves in the service of others, we discover our own lives and our own happiness.” {Dieter F. Uchtdorf}  
Get together with your children and plan a fun family game night. As you play discuss the importance of service. Discuss the scriptures and stories in the game. 
And then after you have played, plan a service that your family can do together.
Items Needed to Play:
Cranium Cards (link below)
Paper & Pencil
Something to keep score (paper, chalkboard, or dry-erase board)
Quick Look at Service Cranium
There are 5 categories in Service Cranium:
Scripture Search
Question Quiz
Singing Star
Creative Cat
Each card describes an activity that each team will need to do. Some of the activities will have you answer questions, draw, charade, hum, or read a scripture, and they all are about Service.
Some of the cards have a ‘Two Team Play’ on it. When one of these cards are chosen a member from each team will be playing head to head. 
This is a great game to teach your family about Service while having fun.
How to Play:
Split into 2 teams and pick a team name for each team.
On a piece of paper or a chalkboard/dry erase board, write each team’s name, this is where you will keep score.

Decide which team goes first and have one member come up and pick a card. 
Have the person read the card and do the activity described.
If they correctly do what is asked on the card before the timer runs out, their team is awarded a certain amount of points (your family decides).
If they are unsuccessful at completing the task the other team has a chance to answer and ‘steal’ the point(s).
Continue playing until all the cards have been drawn or until you have reached a certain amount of points.
Other Ways to Play:
Instead of having the person pick a card you could create a 6 sided dice. Have each side a color of each category and for the sixth side you could have a ‘Wild’. When they land on a ‘Wild’ they can pick the category.
Service Cranium Cards
I decided to give my game, that I shared so many years ago, a little ‘face lift’.
There are 4 pages of cards for you to use for your own family ‘Service Cranium’ game night.
There are 6 cards for each category and then I included a blank card for each category if you wanted to create your own.
Just click the link below to download the zip file!
Click HERE to print page 1 of the Cranium Service Cards.
Click HERE to print page 2 of the Cranium Service Cards.
Click HERE to print page 3 of the Cranium Service Cards.
Click HERE to print page 4 of the Cranium Service Cards.
I want to Thank Amanda once again for letting me contribute to her ’14 Day Walk with Christ.’ This is such a wonderful idea and I’m so grateful to be a part of it.

I hope all of you have a wonderful day!


Join in #KittyQuilter

kittyquilter button

Do you and your fur-baby love to quilt together?  We want to hear about it!  We are promoting the #KittyQuilter on Instagram as a way to connect to all the wonderful friends and fury friends out there we might no know yet.  Tina from @emilyannskloset who blogs over at One Little Pooh and I have become friends through our quilty-kitty photos on Instagram.  Even though we live on opposite coasts we know our felines would be best friends.  We want to get to know you and your kitties!  So, post post your quilty-kitty photos and tag them #kittyquilter.  You just might win a prize!!!

Meet my kitty, Mufasa!Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 9.31.22 AM

Meet Tina’s kitty, Roo!roo kitty