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#kittyquilter Mini Quilt Tutorial

kitty quilter mini quilt

Hey there all you crazy cat quilter friends!  I have a fun mini quilt for you!!  I love using the hashtag #kittyquilter on Instagram.  There is something about felines and quilting that just go so well together!  Baby Mufasa is involved in every step of the quilting process: choosing fabric, cutting, basting, and binding – he’s right there!

kitty quilter mini quilt 15

This fun little quilt sews up fast.  The fabrics are from Blend Fabrics’ Best in Show fabric line.  I am sew in love with the kitty faces fabric – I ordered more yardage to make a skirt!!!   You could easily make this with your favorite cat theme print fabric.

This quilt has 2 different traditional quilt blocks: Kitty in the Corner and King’s Crown.  I choose kitty in the corner for obvious reasons and I choose King’s Crown because Mufasa means King!  Isn’t that the cutest!!  Let’s get started!  (1/4″ seams throughout)


1/4 yard of a variety of coordinating fabrics including cat theme print

Heat n Bond Lite EZ print Sheets

#kittyquilter letters


1/2 yard backing

1/4 yard binding

Fussy Cut (4) Cats

Choose the cats you want in the center of the blocks and cut them 3.5″ square.

kitty quilter mini quilt 2

Kitty in the Corner Block 6.5″ finished

Make (2) of these

Cut the fabric according to the diagram pictured below.  I don’t know about you, but I love when measurements are shown in pictures and not in a long list of cutting instructions.

kitty in the corner quilt block diagram

Draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of the (4) white squares.  Match a white square and a patterned square right sides together and sew on the pencil line.  Cut 1/4″ away from the seam.  Press to the dark.  Do this with each of the (4) white blocks and (4) patterned blocks.  This makes (4) half square triangle (HST) units.  Arrange them as pictured below and sew as you would a traditional 9-patch.


Kings Crown Block 6.5″ finished

Cut the fabrics according to the picture below.  Make sure to cut (8) white 2″x2″ squares, I only have 4 in the picture.
kings crown quilt bloock


Draw a diagonal line on the back of the (8) white squares.  Next make (4) flying geese units by laying the white square right sides together with a patterned rectangle, matching up the 3 edges.  Sew on the line as pictured below:

kitty quilter mini quilt 4

Trim 1/4″ next to the seam and press toward the dark.  Place another white square on top of that unit and sew on the line, as pictured below:

kitty quilter mini quilt 9

Cut 1/4″ away from the seam and press again.  The block should look like this:
kitty quilter mini quilt

If you turn the flying geese blocks around it makes a Sawtooth Star pattern.  I love that each of these blocks has the same center measurement and only a variation on the 2″ sides!

Sew the block together and press seams open.

kitty quilter mini quilt 8Happy Cat blocks!!

kitty quilter mini quilt 12

kitty quilter mini quilt 7
Prepare the applique

Print the letters on the EZ print sheets and iron them to the back of the desired fabric.  Cut around each letter and peel off the backing paper.

kitty quilter mini quilt 11

Cut the remaining strips according to this cutting diagram:

#kittyquilter design

Position the letters on the white strip and press in place.  Top stitch around each letter.
kitty quilter mini quilt 13

Sew the (4) blocks together and press seams open.  Sew each of the rows together according to the layout diagram.  Quilt, bind, and let the cat have a nap on it:)

kitty quilter mini quilt 18

Mufasa loves it!  and I hope you do too!!!

kitty quilter mini quilt 14

Quilt Design Board DIY

quilt design board diy 7

I purchased this rather large frame off of Craigslist last year.  It’s been sitting in my garage and I didn’t know what to do with it.  The other day I though, “Gee it would be nice to have a quilt block design board!”  The hamsters in my brain began spinning their little wheel and I put 2 and 2 together!  Here’s how you can make one!


quilt design board diy


a large frame with an ugly picture 🙂 – you can totally paint the frame, I liked the vintagey metallic of this frame

If your frame is empty, you will need a piece of 1/4″ plywood that is cut to fit inside the frame

Batting, enough to fill the frame plus 2.5″ on each side 2 times

Hot glue


quilt design board diy 3

Begin by laying the picture or plywood on the cotton batting.  Cut around the picture leaving about 2.5″ on each side.  Then cut another piece of batting the same size.

Place the picture or plywood in the center of the first piece of batting.  Begin hot gluing around the edges and adhering the edge of the batting – pulling so the batting is taught.  Continue gluing all the way around.  Then repeat this process with the second piece of batting, pulling and gluing and burning your fingers.
quilt design board diy 2

I was a little worried the picture with 2 layers of batting would be too thick for the frame, but it fit perfectly, it almost didn’t need to be secured.  Insert the batting covered board into the frame.  Hammer a few nails around the frame to secure.  Then add picture hanging wire, making sure it’s the proper weight for the frame.  Tada – done in about 5 minutes!!!

quilt design board diy 5Baby Mufasa approves!  I had to hurry and hang it so he wouldn’t claw it!!
quilt design board diy 6

It’t perfect to display all your blocks in progress.  I like that mine is always different depending on what I’m working on.  It’s like having a new picture everyday!


Come Sail Away With Me {pattern}

IMG_7534I am sooooo excited to announce the release of my new pattern!  I had so much fun creating it.  I was inspired by all the wonderful prints in the Day Sail fabric line by Moda.  The fabrics are AMAZING!  I didn’t want to cut it up into tiny pieces, I wanted the fabrics to shine!  I feel like they do in this quilt.  I love all things nautical and I NEEDED a nautical quilt!  So meet Come Sail Away With Me!!

This pattern also includes a bonus wall quilt pattern.  The pattern is available to purchase HERE.

day sail nautical quiltThe large quilt measures 59″ square.  The perfect size for a picnic, day at the beach, or to take on your sail boat…..heehee I wish I had a sail boat!  day sail nautical quilt

The Wall Quilt measures 41″ x 48″ – perfect to hang, fold over a couch or lay on a table.

daysail moda nautical quilt

Baby Mufasa was very helpful in creating this quilt!!  #kittyquilter


daysail by moda nautical quilt pattern
I hope you love these quilts as much as I do!  Thanks for stopping by!
Day Sail Moda Quilt Nautical

Day Sail Nautical Quilt patern


Blogger’s Quilt Festival Original Quilt Entry – Choose Happy

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I love The Blogger’s Quilt Festival!  And a big thanks to Amy for doing such an amazing job at putting this on!  It’s so fun to come together as quilters – everyone is so talented!  This is my entry in the Origional Quilt Category :  It’s called Choose Happy!  The fabrics are from Pat Sloan for Moda and scream HAPPY!!.  I actually designed this quilt with the intent of giving it as a gift.  My friend always uses the phrase Choose Happy.  Such great words to live by!  I wanted to incorporate that thought in this quilt so she could hang it in her home.
The quilt measures 30″x 40.5″
It has 16 pinwheel blocks surrounding the machine appliquéd “Choose Happy”.
It is machine quilted and hand bound
The pattern is actually available for free on the Therm O Web Blog 🙂  Just for you!!!IMG_5954
I love the pebble quilting around the words – some of the fabric actually has this same pattern!
choose happy quilt 26
I just feel happy inside when I look at this quilt – I hope you do too!  It was really fun to make!

Mufasa approves!!  Thanks for stopping by!!!

choose happy quilt 25

Blogger’s Quilt Festival Small Quilt Entry – Strawberry Patch Quilt

strawberry patch quilt hello darling moda
Welcome friends!! and thanks for stopping by!!! I look forward to the Blogger’s Quilt Festival every six months!  I am always so amazed by all the talent out there!  It is fun to come together as quilters and appreciate each other’s work.  I am entering my Strawberry Patch quilt in the Small Quilt Category.  This is my favorite quilt right now!  I love the colors and prints of Hello Darling.  My friend Tina from Emily Ann’s Kloset and I collaborated on the pattern.
The quilt measures 42″x 50″
It is machine appliquéd and is machine quilted.  The binding is by hand.
I have it hanging in my family room and it makes the whole room so bright and cheery!!!strawberry patch quilt hello darling moda 8
Aren’t strawberries just the sweetest!!!
strawberry patch quilt hello darling moda 3
strawberry patch quilt hello darling moda 10
Thanks for stopping by!!  Have a great day!strawberry patch quilt hello darling moda 12

Hang Paw Quilt Featuring Surfing Cats

hang paw quilt

I can not contain my excitement for sharing this quilt pattern!!  I am a California girl through and through.  I spent most of my teenage years at the beach trying to surf but really I was there to watch the cute surfer boys.  I am also a crazy cat lady and I have been my whole life.  I also have loved quilting and sewing for pretty much my whole life. SOOOOOO when I saw this Surfin’ Cats fabric from Riley Blake Designs – I died!  It literally combined three of my passions in one project: the beach, cats, and quilting.  BRILLIANT!!

When ever we go to the beach we make sure to always bring sweatshirts and a blanket.  It can be 112 degrees at our home and 35 miles away the coast will be a chilly 66 degrees.  I thought this was the purrrrrfect blanket to take to the beach on those windy days.  I love big theme prints and this pattern is a great way to show off the wonderful design of the fabric without cutting it up to much.  You can make this in a day – easy!

surfing cats quilt 2

Here’s how you can make it:


  • 1.5 yards surfin cats
  • 1.5 yards gray sashing fabric
  • 1/2 yard navy blue
  • quarter yard cuts of coordinating fabrics – I love the RBD basics – I used the chevron, houndstooth and polka dots
  • 1/2 yard gray basic shades
  • 1/2 yard white small dots
  • 1/2 yard binding – I used the chevron
  • 2 1/2 yards for back

The quilt consists of 8 pieced blocks that are 12″ finished in size and 3 larger sections of Surfin’ cats.  All seams 1/4″.  Finished Quilt measures 57.5″ x 72.5″

I choose to cut 2″ x WOF strips of the white small dot and the grey basic shades and piece the strips lengthwise.  Then I cut the strip sets into 6.5″ increments. Sew the block in rows and the rows together, alternating seems for pressing and matching intersecting seams.

surfing cats quilt 26

Once you have the 8 blocks finished, begin making the Surfin’ Cats section.  I labeled the quilt layout with the cutting measurements – I’m a visual learner & quilter!  All the surfin’ cats squares are cut 12 1/2″.

quilt layout

Sew the rows together how they are laid out, pressing seams alternately so they go together nicely.

surfing cats quilt 13

Make sure your cat helps in each step of the process!

surfing cats quilt 11

Pin all the rows together and sew.  Press the seams to one side.IMG_4020

The quilt top is done!  Super easy!!!

surfing cats quilt 15

surfing cats quilt 17

I had my friend quilt the quilt with her long arm machine.  She did a great job and I love all the swirly waves – it’s the purrrrfect finishing touch.

surfing cats quilt 4

surfing cats quilt 23


Mufasa totally loves it!!!     surfing cats quilt 22

Anchored In Christ Wood Sign {DIY}

wood anchor sign 9

I wanted to share with you how I made this fun wood nautical sign – for under $20!  I am our Stake Young Women Camp Director (for girls age 12-18).  This year our theme is Anchored in Christ. I wanted a large wood sign that I could use to promote our theme at all our planning meetings.  This sign can easily be changed to say was ever you want 🙂

I started by purchasing this cedar fencing at the home improvement store.  You only need 3 boards.wood anchor sign 7


Its cheap and rustic – just what I wanted!!wood anchor sign 8


We  (my husband cut and I watched) cut them into 3 foot pieces, 6 total.  We cut the little angled pieces off the end so they were all flush.IMG_7361

Then we cut (2) 1″x 2″ pieces of wood slightly shorter than the sign.  I put wood glue along the boards and then screwed the 1″ x 2″ boards in as pictured.  Let dry.


I bought a dark gray stain and stained the front.  Because I can’t draw or write pretty, I cut the words on my vinyl cutter and made a stencil.  I stenciled the words in white paint. wood anchor sign

I found an anchor outline on the internet and blew it up really big.  I printed it off in sections and then taped it together.  Yes, pathetic – why can’t I just draw!

wood anchor sign 2

Once all the pieces were taped together, I cut out the anchor.wood anchor sign 3

Then I drew around it with white pencil.  All that was left was to paint in the lines (I can kind of do that) with white paint.

wood anchor sign 4I added some rope along the sides.  This was my display for our first leader meeting where we kicked off the theme.  I love all things Nautical, in case you were wondering 🙂

wood anchor sign 5

wood anchor sign 6

Strawberry Patch Quilt Pattern – Available Now!

strawberry-patch-coverHomegrown strawberries in a New Jersey backyard, berries being grown all year round in Sunny California and two friends who lives miles apart….came together to design these yummy strawberry quilts…. JUST FOR YOU!  Tina from Emily Ann’s Klsoet and I had so much fun making these quilts – we know you will love the pattern as well!  It’s one pattern but there are 2 versions you can choose from!  The Strawberry Patch pattern is available in paper copy or PDF.  Come take a peek over at Emily Ann’s Kloset.

strawberry patch quilt hello darling moda 13

strawberry patch quilt hello darling moda 2

These yummy fabrics are from the Moda fabric line “Hello Darling”.  strawberry patch quilt hello darling moda 3

strawberry patch quilt hello darling moda 15
strawberry patch quilt hello darling moda 5

strawberry patch quilt hello darling moda 6

I have my quilt hanging in my family room – I smile whenever I walk by it 🙂
strawberry patch quilt hello darling moda 8


I even updated some decor times to have a strawberry theme.  It just feels so happy!!!strawberry patch quilt hello darling moda 9


I hope you love this quilt as much as I do!!!strawberry patch quilt hello darling moda 10

Baby Mufasa was very helpful in the quilt making process!!!
strawberry patch quilt hello darling moda

Fish Bubbles Apron and Runner Tutorial

sizzix fish apronI had so much fun sewing my Fish Bubbles Pillow that I wanted to make more Fish Bubbles projects!  Have you seen the toweling by the yard?  It is amazing!  It is hemmed on both edges and it comes in a variety of colors and patterns.  I thought it would be fun to make an apron with it and a table runner.  Here’s how you can make one.


1.5 yards of toweling

Sizzix Fish Die

Sizzix Circles 1 1/2″ Die

Heat n Bond Lite if you want to sew the appliqué or Heat n Bond Ultra if you want “no-sew”

1/2 yard for waist band

Cut the toweling to 1.5 yards.
fish apron 3Hem the cut sides of the toweling by turing under 1/2″ and again 1/2″ and sewing close to the fold.

fish apron 4


Choose some fun fabrics and iron the Heat n Bond to the wrong side of the fabric.  Heat n Bond Lite is a great light weight fusible appliqué but is best if you sew around it to secure.  Heat n Bond
Ultra requires no sewing.  I used Heat n Bond Ultra for this.  Once you have fused the appliqué medium to the wrong side of the fabric, run it through the Sizzix Fabi.

fish bubbles pillow 4 
I appliquéd 4 fish and 5 bubbles.

Now all you have to do is make the apron waist band.  Cut (3) 5″ x WOF strips from the waist band fabric.  From one of those pieces cut it down to 24″ x 5″  The two long pieces will be the ties and the 24″ piece will be the waist band.

fish apron 5

Fold the ties in half lengthwise and sew, leaving one end open, and angling the other end to form a point like this:  Turn right side out, press, and top stitch along both sides 1/8″ from the edge.
fish apron 7

Cut the top hem of the toweling off to reduce bulk while gathering (I tried it with the hem and it was way too thick.)  Run a zig zag stitch along the top edge to cut down on the apron 9

We a gathering stitch along this top edge about 1/4″ from the top.  Pull up the threads to gather.  Pin the gathers to a WRONG edge of the 24″ waist band strip, pinning 1″ from the edge of the strip on both sides.  Sew along the gathering apron 12

Press the other edge of the waist band under a generous 1/4″, then fold it over to the front to cover the gathering stitch.  Top stitch to secure, leaving the edges open.  Take those ends and fold them in 1/2″.  Tuck the ends of the ties in the side openings and sew where the pin is in the photo below:
fish apron 13

Apron is finished!  I love, it’s the cutest ever!!!fish apron 14

fish apron 18

To make the table runner, you need about 5 minutes!  Cut the toweling to the desired length of your table.  Hem the edges by rolling under 1/2″ then another 1/2″.  Sew to secure.

fish apron 2Cut the fish and circles using the Sizzix Fabi with Ultra Hold.  Then Iron the fish and bubbles in place!  This project is great because it adds a nice pop of color and doesn’t take much time at all!!fish apron 19


Sizzix Fish Bubbles Pillow

fish bubbles intro

I am super excited to share my Fish Bubbles Pillow Tutorial – It’s over on the Sizzix Blog today!  Did you know I love all things Nautical?  (hee hee)fish bubbles pillow

I choose to use Day Sail from Moda – I love this fabric line!!!  Add some Therm O Web Heat n Bond and run it though the Sizzix Fabi and you’ve got yourself a cute fish pillow!
fish bubbles pillow 4

I love that I can cut so many perfect circles at once!!!  Now more hand cutting circles – yippie!!!!daysail fish bubbles pillow 18

This pillow makes me think of Summer!  I wish it was July!!!!daysail fish bubbles pillow 20

The back is even cute 🙂  Hop on over to the Sizzix Blog for the full set of instructions so you can make one for YOU!!!!