Fish Bubbles Apron and Runner Tutorial

sizzix fish apronI had so much fun sewing my Fish Bubbles Pillow that I wanted to make more Fish Bubbles projects!  Have you seen the toweling by the yard?  It is amazing!  It is hemmed on both edges and it comes in a variety of colors and patterns.  I thought it would be fun to make an apron with it and a table runner.  Here’s how you can make one.


1.5 yards of toweling

Sizzix Fish Die

Sizzix Circles 1 1/2″ Die

Heat n Bond Lite if you want to sew the appliqué or Heat n Bond Ultra if you want “no-sew”

1/2 yard for waist band

Cut the toweling to 1.5 yards.
fish apron 3Hem the cut sides of the toweling by turing under 1/2″ and again 1/2″ and sewing close to the fold.

fish apron 4


Choose some fun fabrics and iron the Heat n Bond to the wrong side of the fabric.  Heat n Bond Lite is a great light weight fusible appliqué but is best if you sew around it to secure.  Heat n Bond
Ultra requires no sewing.  I used Heat n Bond Ultra for this.  Once you have fused the appliqué medium to the wrong side of the fabric, run it through the Sizzix Fabi.

fish bubbles pillow 4 
I appliquéd 4 fish and 5 bubbles.

Now all you have to do is make the apron waist band.  Cut (3) 5″ x WOF strips from the waist band fabric.  From one of those pieces cut it down to 24″ x 5″  The two long pieces will be the ties and the 24″ piece will be the waist band.

fish apron 5

Fold the ties in half lengthwise and sew, leaving one end open, and angling the other end to form a point like this:  Turn right side out, press, and top stitch along both sides 1/8″ from the edge.
fish apron 7

Cut the top hem of the toweling off to reduce bulk while gathering (I tried it with the hem and it was way too thick.)  Run a zig zag stitch along the top edge to cut down on the apron 9

We a gathering stitch along this top edge about 1/4″ from the top.  Pull up the threads to gather.  Pin the gathers to a WRONG edge of the 24″ waist band strip, pinning 1″ from the edge of the strip on both sides.  Sew along the gathering apron 12

Press the other edge of the waist band under a generous 1/4″, then fold it over to the front to cover the gathering stitch.  Top stitch to secure, leaving the edges open.  Take those ends and fold them in 1/2″.  Tuck the ends of the ties in the side openings and sew where the pin is in the photo below:
fish apron 13

Apron is finished!  I love, it’s the cutest ever!!!fish apron 14

fish apron 18

To make the table runner, you need about 5 minutes!  Cut the toweling to the desired length of your table.  Hem the edges by rolling under 1/2″ then another 1/2″.  Sew to secure.

fish apron 2Cut the fish and circles using the Sizzix Fabi with Ultra Hold.  Then Iron the fish and bubbles in place!  This project is great because it adds a nice pop of color and doesn’t take much time at all!!fish apron 19



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