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Throw a Star Wars Party {Beehive-Deacon Day}

star wars party 22We love Star Wars!  (In case you were wondering, hahahahah!!!)  I helped out with our Stake’s Beehive-Deacon Day and we choose a Star Wars Theme!  It was super fun!  Click HERE to download all the files pictured in this wars party

When the kids arrived, we had them fill out these name tags.  They wrote their “Earth Name” and then determined their “Jedi Name”

star wars name tags

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 7.34.57 PM

Then we asked them some silly questions involving numbers and pretended to do some hi-tech calculations to determine their Medi-Chlorian level.  This is how we divided the youth into 3 groups.

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 7.32.14 PMWe had 3 mini classes on friendship, social media, and etiquette.  At the end all the youth ended up in the gym where we had a Star Wars Buffet.  The main course was “Bantha Burgers” which was smoked pulled pork sandwiches.

star wars food labelsstar wars party 2

star wars party 3

star wars party 4

star wars party 5

star wars party 8

The Sarlacc Cake was a hit!  I made this Magic Swirl Bundt Cake recipe which is one of my favorite cake recipes.  I call it the Dark Side vs. the Light Side cake.  The chocolate and vanilla are battling it out!!  I covered the entire cake in chocolate ganache and put graham cracker crumbs over top for the sand.  I cut 2 graham crackers to look like a mouth and piped some white frosting for “teeth”.

star wars party 19

star wars party 12The Jawa Juice was a HIT!!!!  Teenagers + Dry Ice 🙂

1 container Blue Hawaiian Punch

(1)  2-litre bottle Lemonade

(1) 2-litre 7-up

Dry Ice

star wars party 15

They also loved the Yoda Soda

(1) 2-litre 7 Up

(1) half gallon Lime Sherbet

5 limes juiced

Lime slices star wars party 16Kids don’t really want water when  you have Jawa Juice and Yoda Soda!  But I still like the Anakin Sky-Water label 🙂

star wars party 14

star wars party 17

We had Star Wars music playing and the Party Rocker was blasting colored lights onto the ceiling.  The kids loved it! star wars party 20       star wars party

Sizzix Quilted Deco Foil Pumpkin Pillow

sizzix pumpkin pillow deco foil 2I am in love with gold polka dot pumpkins!  I created a smaller version of this pillow on the Therm O Web blog.  This version is a 20″ pillow and it’s actually quilted!  Have you used Deco Foils before?  They are a great way to add a little pop and pizzaz to a project.  To get perfect polka dots I used my Sizzix Fabi and a circle die.  Of course I needed a little help from Mufasa who is totally obsessed with the Sizzix Fabi!

sizzix pumpkin pillow deco foil 4

Using the Fabi you can cut circles in a snap!  I used the Therm O Web Hot Melt Sheets and die cut them.IMG_1595

Draw a pumpkin on a white piece of fabric using a disappearing ink pen.  Position the circles all over the pumpkin including partially off the edge of the pumpkin.  You can use this pumpkin pattern, I enlarged it a bit so it fit the 20″ pillow.  Press using medium heat.  Let cool completely.  Peel off papers.IMG_1607Cut the Deco Foil into squares that are slightly larger than the circles.  Place on top of each hot melt circle.  Cover with a pressing paper and press for about 15-25 seconds using medium heat.  If I use the highest heat setting it singes the foil.

sizzix pumpkin pillow deco foil 7

sizzix pumpkin pillow deco foil 8Let cool completely.

sizzix pumpkin pillow deco foil 10Carefully peel off excess foil leaving gold circles!  Yes!  It’s magical!!!

sizzix pumpkin pillow deco foil 12Cut the pumpkin out.  Cut the stem out.

sizzix pumpkin pillow deco foil 13Cut (2) natural linen/cotton squares for the pillow.  Using Spray n Bond basting spray, adhere the pumpkin and stem to the square.

sizzix pumpkin pillow deco foil 14Using more basting spray, baste the square onto a piece of batting.

sizzix pumpkin pillow deco foil 15Sew around the stem and the pumpking 3 times in dark brown thread.  Add some swirly vines.  Then have some fun with the quilting!  I added detail to the pumpkin.  I also quilted wavy lines in the background.  I really like how it turned out.

sizzix pumpkin pillow deco foil 18To finish the pumpkin, add a zipper in the back 20″ square.  Baste in trim, and sew the pillow using 1/2″ seams.

sizzix pumpkin pillow deco foil 16

sizzix pumpkin pillow deco foil 3Mufasa needs to be a Sizzix model 🙂


All Hallow’s Eve Wall Quilt featuring Penny Rose Fabrics

halloweenIt’s finally feeling like fall here in Southern California!  Yippee!!!!!  I love decorating for Halloween and I totally needed a new spooky wall hanging in my living room.  I like to decorate with spooky neutrals in my living room/dining room.  The family room and kitchen get a brighter treatment 🙂  When I saw the huge variety of neutrals and gray/blacks from Penny Rose Fabrics I knew exactly what I wanted to make!  I love that this is more subtle Halloween and not so obvious.  I hope you love it too!  You can download the details of the pattern HERE.

Quilt measures 42″ square.

spooky halloween quilt 30Most of the black/gray fabrics are from the Civil War Times fabric line.  I love the variety!  The rest of the fabrics are from Penny Rose Classics.Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 9.03.17 PM

spooky halloween quilt 10Here is the finished quilt hanging above the piano.  I’m a little giddy right now 🙂

spooky halloween quilt 22I first made the background by sewing 5″ squares together in 7 rows of 7.  Then the applique comes next.  You could totally add ghosts and bats, I wanted to keep it simple.

spooky halloween quilt 26The moon is made by tracing a pie plate.

spooky halloween quilt 28Here is a little close up of the quilting, with Mufasa’s permission 🙂  spooky halloween quilt 6I love striped binding cut on the bias – it’s my absolute FAVORITE!!!!  The backing is from Penny Rose’s mensware line – I love houndstooth!!!spooky halloween quilt 8Ok, so this is totally my new favorite Halloween Quilt!

spooky halloween quilt 9

Farmers Market Quilt Pattern featuring Riley Blake Designs Vintage Market

farmers market quilt coverI am so excited to share my newest pattern called Farmers Market!  The inspiration came from this amazing fabric by Riley Blake Designs called Vintage Market, designed by the super talented Tasha Noel.  This fabric has darling images of fruit stands, antique markets, and jam for sale.  All things I LOVE!!!  Plus the colors are fabulous!!!farmers market quilt vintage market

This pattern is available to you for FREE!  Click HERE to download the PDF pattern.  I hope you love making it – it was so much fun!

farmers market quilt vintage market 2

farmers market quilt vintage market 7Don’t my sweet children look like they are having such a lovely picnic!  You would ever know they were fighting with each other and I was yelling at them “just look at the fruit!!!!”

farmers market quilt vintage market 6  farmers market quilt vintage market 9

farmers market quilt vintage market 10

farmers market quilt vintage market 11

Star Wars Quilt

star wars quilt 4My Daughter, Ella, pieced this Star Wars quilt!  We are a total Star Wars Nerd Family!!  This quilt is such a great beginner quilt because it teaches a few “tricks”, it is simple to piece together, and yet it looks a little more complicated than just sewing squares together.  This pattern is the same pattern I used for my Luckie Girl Quilt.  Click HERE to download it.

luckie girl quilt pattern

This is such a fun quilt because you can use a variety of theme prints and really show them off.  And it can be sewn in a few hours!!

star wars quilt 3I had my quilter quilt “retro” inspired shapes and stars.  It’s my favorite quilting yet!star wars quilt 2

star wars quiltWe put cuddly orange minky on the back and it’s the perfect quilt for watching all 6 episodes of Star Wars with!!!star wars quilt 6

Happy Birthday Baby Mufasa

DSC_0978Happy Birthday Mufasa!  We celebrated Baby Mufasa’s 1st birthday!  How fast does time fly!  He used to be so small and fluffy!!!

DSC_0442He used to fit inside a zipper pouch!

DSC_0561I made him a little birthday hat and he HATED it!  He acted like he was going to die!  Poor thing!!  But he looks so cute in it!



DSC_0902  My daughter and Mufasa share the same birthday – so we had quite a party!!  The cupcakes were for her, and most of the gifts 🙂DSC_0923


Even though he’s a big boy now, I’m going to keep on calling him Baby Mufasa 🙂

DSC_0976   For more up to date coverage on Mufasa’s antics, follow us on Instagram!

Happy Haunting Halloween Quilt

happy haunting halloween quilt coverIsn’t Halloween the best time of year for quilting?  I get so excited over orange and black and cats and bats!  I can’t have enough quilts!  I am so in love with this line from Deena Rutter called Happy Haunting by Riley Blake Designs.  It is everything Halloween should be!

happy haunting halloween quilt 2This quilt sews together fast and YOU get to pick the layout of each block.

happy haunting halloween quilt 21This quilt is also best put together with a friend.  Tina from @emilyannskloset and I got together this summer for a Coast to Coast Kitty Quilter Retreat where we sewed about 15 hours each day for 4 days!

happy haunting halloween quilt 26  Let’s get started!

Finished Quilt 55″ x 55″


fat quarters or quarter yard cuts of Halloween prints

1 yard sashing

3/4 yard outer boarder

fat quarters for applique

1/3 yard for background blocks for applique

Heat n Bond Lite or Heat n Bond Lite EZ Print Sheets

Applique pattern, click HERE

1/2 yard binding

3 yards backing


Begin by cutting the fabric into the following categories:

2.5″ squares

2.5″ x 4.5″ rectangles

4.5″ squares

4.5″ x 8.5″ rectangles

just keep cutting from a variety of fabrics until you have a sizable amount.

happy haunting halloween quilt 24Now the fun begins – don’t lay it out!  Just be totally random!  The goal here is to create 8.5″ blocks by using a combination of 4 patches, strip sets, and larger rectangles.  Below are a few examples, the combinations are endless!  Just be creative!

happy haunting halloween quilt 30

Each time we finished a block we hung it up on a clothes line and said “No, THIS is the cutest block!”

happy haunting halloween quilt 25For the finished quilt you will need 20 total pieced blocks and 5 applique blocks.  We even made a block that was all 2.5″ squares!

happy haunting halloween quilt 3 APPLIQUE

For the applique background squares, cut (5) 8.5″ white squares.  Trace the applique onto heat n bond lite or use the Heat n Bond EZ print sheets.  Iron the heat n bond to the wrong side of the fabrics and cut out the shapes.  Peel off the backing paper then press in place on the white squares.  The spiders have ric rac stitched onto the block and the legs are stitched with black thread. Top stitch around each image.happy haunting halloween quilt 29

Once all the blocks are finished it’s time to sash.  I love that Tina choose black and white gingham to sash her quilt – it gives it a cozy country look!


Cut (20) 2″ x 8.5″ strips

you will need to piece the next sashing strips to give you the following measurements

(6) 2″ x 46.5″ strips for the horizontal rows

(2) 2″x 49.5 strips for the sides

Sew the 8.5″ sashing strips in between the blocks forming horizontal rows.  Then add the horizontal strips along the top, middle rows, and bottom.  Press.  Finish by adding the 2 side strips.

happy haunting halloween quilt 28

After sashing add the outer boarder.  I don’t measure at this point – do you?  Cut (6) 3.5″ x WOF strips for the outer boarder.  You will need to sew them together end to end to have enough length.  Sew the side strips on, square up, press and then sew the top and bottom strips on.

happy haunting halloween quilt 10I had my friend use her long arm quilter to sew swirls all over the quilt, even through the applique.  I LOVE it!happy haunting halloween quilt 8   I am totally in love with this quilt.  I cut the striped fabric on the bias for the binding.  Striped binding is my absolute FAVORITE!!!!happy haunting halloween quilt 4   happy haunting halloween quiltI had such a wonderful time putting this quilt together with my friend Tina.  Isn’t it fun to sew with friends and family!!!


Caturday Sew Along October

caturday octoberWelcome to the Caturday Sew Along!  I love cats and sewing!!!  I know a lot of you love sewing with your fur babies too!    Each month I will post a cat themed quilting project that we can sew together.  Post your progress on Instagram and tag it with #caturdaysewalong.  For October choose any variation of these three projects that use a cat silhouette and SPOOKY applique.  Click the links for the patterns.

spooky mini quilt tutorialThis Spooky mini quilt measures 20″ square and uses 2.5″ squares to complete.  It’s such a fun way to use up those Halloween scraps you’ve been saving!!  Click HERE for the tutorial.

spooky_quilt_tutorialThis larger version measures 44″ x 60″ and it uses 5″ charm squares for the center.  It’s my favorite Halloween quilt.  Click HERE for the tutorial.


spooky Halloween pillow_10If you find yourself pressed for time but still want to sew something SPOOKY, try this quick pillow tutorial!  Click HERE