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Surf Report Quilt Featuring Off Shore by Riley Blake Designs

surf report cover

I grew up in a family that listened to the Beach boys every day. I grew up in a family whose parents were from Southern California and surfed at beaches such as Doheny, San Onofre, and Rincon.  I grew up with a dad who made surfboards in the garage and my favorite smell was the smell of hot surfboard resin. I grew up with a stack of surfer magazines in my room and pictures of cute surfer boys plastered all over my walls. I grew up spending weeks at Newport Beach with my cousins in the summer.   I grew up admiring surfers like Kelly Slater, Mark Occhilupo,  and Tom Carroll and watching The Endless Summer on the weekends.  I grew up in California.

off shore quilt 9

This fabric that Dena Rutter created for Riley Blake Designs called Off Shore, embodies all the classic iconic surf culture that I remember as a kid: The lazy days at the beach, riding your bike down the boardwalk, and just hanging out at the beach house. This quilt that I designed is called Surf Report because it has five blocks on the top and the bottom for the five-day surf report forecast.   From looking at the fabric,  it looks like sunny skies, offshore winds and chest high surf.  FYI here is today’s surf report:

WNW swell will continue to show a little better through the day as the period comes down some and the peak energy trends a little more west. Improving conditions through the afternoon as the tide drops, before draining most spots on approach to a 0.6′ low at 5:49pm. Winds are light onshore.

off shore quilt

I love the block in this quilt because it reminds me of a iconic tribal surf image and it’s very masculine. I am so excited to be giving this quilt to my dad for his birthday.  In fact, the whole family is taking him to a Beach Boys concert to celebrate.  I think he will love this quilt!  You can download this pattern for FREE by clicking here.  Tag me on Instagram when you make yours!!

off shore quilt 7

Mufasa totally approves of this “guy” quilt.

off shore quilt 6

This quilt is perfect for the boy or guy in your life.  It’s totally masculine and totally cool!

off shore quilt 3

If you give your quilts as gifts, make sure to hug them before you give them away!!

off shore quilt 2  off shore quilt 4

As always, bias plaid binding!!!!!

off shore quilt 8   Surfing is the life, the rest is details 🙂off shore quilt 10

Penny Rose Strawberry Jam Quilt

strawberry jam quilt. 9

I’m happy to share this delicious little quilt called Strawberry Jam. Living in Southern California, it’s strawberry season all year round! This quilt reminds me of fun times spent in the kitchen making popovers, biscuits, rolls, and anything else we could bake to hold our fresh strawberry jam on! YUMMY!! The Shabby Strawberry fabric line is brand new from Penny Rose. Let’s get started!

strawberry jam quilt 24

First make sure you have some hot buttermilk biscuits and fresh strawberry jam to keep you going while you make the quilt 🙂  For the full instructions hop on over to the Penny Rose Blog!!

strawberry jam quilt. 7

I used my Sizzix Fabi machine to die cut the jam jar. This die is called Jar #2 by Lori Whitlock. It’s the cutest!

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 9.50.40 PMIron  Heat n Bond Lite to the back of the strawberry fabric. Then run it through the Sizzix Fabi with the jar die. Peel off the backing and heat set it into place. I did the same thing with the jar lid, it’s part of the die. strawberry jam quilt. 16

Stitch around the jar and lid with gray thread.

strawberry jam quilt. 26

I love how SWEET it turned out! strawberry jam quilt. 22

Fabric Covered Letters

fabric letters 15

How FUN are these fabric covered letters!!!

fabric letters

You can embellish them with glitter, trim, rosettes, buttons, flowers, pretty much anything!  Get your glue gun and let’s get started!!

fabric letters 5


Letters – mine are 1/4″ MDF letters purchased at Beverly’s Crafts.  They measure 10″ tall

Fabric fat quarters

Decou page

foam brush

hot blue gun & glue

trim, glitter, buttons, or other embellishments

fabric letters 10

Begin by making sure your fabric will cover the letter.

fabric letters 12

Spread the Decou Page all over the front of the letter.  Lay the fabric over the letter, smoothing it out with your fingers.  Then apply a coat oa Decou Page over the fabric.  Let dry completely.

fabric letters 3

Once it is completely dry.  Lay the letter upside down on a cutting mat.  Using an exacto knife or small utility knife, cut along the edge letter.  I put a movie on and did this because it takes some time 🙂

fabric letters 6

Now comes the fun part – and the painful part!  Using a hot glue gun, run a bead of glue along the edge of the letter and attach trim.  I love these tiny pom poms!!  You could also use white glue and glitter like in the FUN letters.

fabric letters 4

Once the trim is on you can make rosettes or flowers and hot glue them on if you want.

fabric letters 2

fabric letters 7

I’m going to hang the SEW HAPPY letters up in my sewing room!!
fabric letters 14

Strawberry Zipper Pouch Tutorial

strawberry zipper pouch tutorial deco foil

There is something about strawberries that makes it feel like summer!  This fun zipper pouch is the perfect addition to your warm weather outings!  Pack it with little snacks for the kids, keep sunscreen and chapstick in it, or keep emergency items like sewing kit and first aid kit handy in the car.  If you know me, you know I love zipper pouches!



Scraps of fabric for front of bag – I used Briar Rose, one of my favorite fabric lines ever
1/4 yard natural cotton/linen blend for outer bag
1/4 yard lining
Heat n Bond® Fusible Fleece
Heat n Bond® Ultra
Heat n Bond® Lite
Pressing Sheet
iCraft® Deco Foil™ Pink Melon Transfer Sheets
11″ lace trim
14″ or longer zipper
Strawberry Pattern

Begin by cutting the fabrics according to this cutting guide: (you will also use this diagram for piecing guide)

strawberry zipper pouch

Trace the strawberry and stem on the Heat n Bond® Ultra. (We also recommend using our NEW iCraft® Deco Foil™ Hot Melt Transfer Adhesive Sheets)


Cut out the strawberry and iron it to the white 5″ square according to the instructions.  Let cool completely.  Peel off the backing paper.  Next take the Pink Melon Deco Foil and place it over the Heat n Bond® strawberry.  Place a pressing sheet on top of the foil.  WITH A MEDIUM HOT IRON (HOT ULTRA HOT) press for about 15-20 seconds.  I wanted a slightly vintage look so I pressed for a shorter amount of time. (for a full Deco Foil™ look…press for 30 to 40 seconds and then allow to completely cool before removing the liner.)

This makes it so some of the foil peels off.  Let it cool then gently peel off the remaining Deco Foil.  The picture below is the same technique but with a different project:


Trace the stem on the Heat n Bond® Lite.  Cut 1/4 ” around the stem.  Iron it to the wrong side of the green fabric.  Then cut around the stem pattern.  Peel off the backing paper. Position the stem.  Place the pressing paper over the strawberry to protect the Deco Foil.  Heat set the stem in place.  Top stitch around the stem.


Once the strawberry is complete, sew the fabric pieces together in the layout diagram.  Press the seams – DO NOT press the Deco Foil strawberry.  The bag front should measure 8″ x 11″.  Iron the HeatnBond® Fusible Fleece to the wrong side of the bag front and the bag back.  Again, put a pressing paper over the strawberry to protect while fusing the fleece.  You can quilt the bag pieces or leave them as is.  Add the accent lace along the bottom seam.


To insert the zipper, follow THIS tutorial.  It’s my friend’s and it’s the easiest to follow, and it comes out perfect every time!     IMG_7066

Wouldn’t this made a super cute gift?

Theme Print Zipper Pouch Tutorial

theme print zipper pouch tiger lily

Today I am sharing something I LOVE!!!  Zipper Pouches!  I can’t have enough of them and I love to give them as gifts.  In fact, the ones pictured in this tutorial is actually what I gave my nieces and nephew for Christmas.

zipper pouch tutorial 21 I have created this pattern so you can use your favorite theme print fabric and tailor it to who you are giving it to.   I even have Star Wars version!!  Let’s get started!!



1/4 yard outer bag fabric

1/4 yard lining fabric

1/8 yard accent strips

small scraps for theme print 5″ x 6 1/2″

Heat n Bond fusible fleece

Spray n bond

12″ or longer zipper

cutting instructionsCut the pieces according to the above cutting guide.


Fuse the heat n Bond Fusible Fleece to the wrong side of the (2) outer bag pieces.


Cut the 1.25″ accent strip into (4) 6.5″ x 1.25″ strips. IMG_2122

Press the accent strips in half lengthwise.
  IMG_2124Align the raw edges with the edge of the theme print fabric and sew a 1/4″ seam.  Do this to all (4) sides of the (2) theme print pieces. IMG_2125Press the accent strips so the seam allowance is toward the theme print. IMG_2126

Using the Spray n Bond (temporary basting spray) spray the theme print piece and position it on the outer bag, centering.  Topsitich along the seam to finish.

Inserting the Zipper

Note: This tutorial is for a zipper with zipper tabs. You can find more instructions HERE if you need a little extra help.  You can also use the”Open Wide” zipper method by clicking HERE .  I used both.


Using the extra from the 1.25″ strip, cut (2) pieces 1.25″ x 5″.  Press them in half, and then press the raw edges under 1/4″. IMG_2128

Lay the zipper out positioning it on top of one of the outer bag pieces.  Position the tabs so they overlap each side of the bag 1″.  Cut the zipper to fit inside each tab.  Pin in place. IMG_2129

Sew 2 times along the edge of the tabs as pictured above. IMG_2130 along the fold of the zipper tab and cut away the excess zipper, leaving about 1/8″ of zipper.  This makes it so there is no bulky zipper in the side seam of the zipper pouch. IMG_2131

Position the zipper right sides together with the outer bag piece.  Notice the zipper tabs are hanging over, not to worry, we will square up in a minute. IMG_2132

Next position one of the lining pieces right side down on top of the outer bag with zipper in between.


It should be layered together like the picture above.  Pin and sew 1/4″ seam along the top edge using a zipper foot.  Trim off the excess zipper tab so it is square with the outer bag.IMG_2133

Press the outer bag and lining piece so it looks like the above picture.


Topstitch along the edge (above).  Then repeat with the other side of the zipper, aligning the pieces just like we did above.

This is how it should look once the zipper is inserted (above).

Finishing the Bag


Making sure the zipper is open, match the lining pieces together and the outer bag pieces together and pin all the way around.  IMG_2138

Make sure to push the zipper tab toward the lining piece and pin, matching the zipper seams.  Sew all the way around the zipper pouch using 1/4″ seam.  Leave a 3″ opening at the bottom of the bag for turning.  IMG_2144

Cut a 1″ square notch out each corner.  Openzipper-pouch-tutorial-27-1024x768

Open each notched corner and match seams.  Sew a 1/4″ seam, backstitching to start and stop.  Turn right side out and topstitch the opening closed.

zipper pouch tutorial

Your done!  You can see from the photo that I used a zipper tab on one and then the open wide zipper method on the others.  It’s just preference.

zipper pouch tutorial 9

For my nieces I am including a cute nail file, an EOS, and some yummy smelling hand sanitizer.  You could also include a small perfume, lotion, gum, notebook and pen.  One of my nieces is a ballerina and I know she’s going to love this darling fabric by Heather Ross!

zipper pouch tutorial 2

My other niece loves the ocean and fish so this Saltwater fabric by Riley Blake will be just perfect!.

zipper pouch tutorial 3

For the boys (which are always harder for me to buy for) you can include a small flashlight, deck of cards or other small game, PEZ dispenser or candy, small action figure or car.  I also purchased a whoopee cushion to include, just to drive my sister crazy!!

zipper pouch tutorial 5

zipper pouch tutorial 8

Deco Foil Sizzix Snowflake Pillow

sizzix snowflake pillow

Merry Christmas!  I can’t believe how fast December flew by!  I still have a stack of projects I was hoping to get to!  There is still time to whip up this quick snowflake pillow before Christmas.   I used 3 different Sizzix snowflake dies and Deco Foil in Silver and Gold – just like the song!

deco foil snowflake sizzix pillowGather your supplies and let’s get started!

deco foil snowflake sizzix pillow 2The Hot Melt Sheets are what allow the Deco Foil to adhere to the fabric.  Cut the Hot Melt Sheets the size of the Siizix die.

Use only one layer of the Hot Melt Sheets at a time.  I tried cutting multiple and it cuts great but the hot melt sheets end up sticking together.

deco foil snowflake sizzix pillow 6Cut (2) squares the size of your pillow.  I always use 20″ pillow so I can swap pillow covers out in a jiffy.  I used a heavy natural muslin.  Mine is cut 20″ square.  Have your cat help you position the snowflakes randomly all over the pillow front.  You can also position in three rows for a linear look.  Once you have the snowflakes placed just so, press them into place using a medium-hot dry iron.  Let cool completely.

deco foil snowflake sizzix pillow 7Don’t peel the backing paper off all the snowflakes at once.  Begin in the center and peel off as you add foil to protect the adhesive from the iron.  Peel off the center snowflake’s paper and place a piece of Deco Foil over.  Place the pressing sheet (it comes with the Hot Melt Sheets) over the foil.  USING A MEDIUM HEAT DRY IRON press for about 20 seconds.  I found that if my iron was set on the cotton/linen setting it would scorch the foil.  If this is your first time, test this on a piece of scrap fabric to make sure it works.  Once you’ve pressed the foil let it cool completely.

IMG_3286Once the foil has cooled, gently peel away the foil sheet.  It will leave a perfect snowflake!  Continue this process.

deco foil snowflake sizzix pillow 8 Be mindful not to touch the iron to the completed snowflakes.

deco foil snowflake sizzix pillow 9They are so shiny and pretty!!  Once all the snowflakes are finished you can turn it into a pillow!  I always put a zipper in my pillow back.  I also added some decorative fringe.  For more instructions on how to finish the pillow, you can check out this tutorial.

deco foil snowflake sizzix pillow 3

I love how this pillow looks in my sparkly living room!          deco foil snowflake sizzix pillow 11 Supplies:

2/3 yard heavy muslin for pillow

Sizzix Snowflake Dies

Therm O Web Hot Melt Sheets

Therm O Web Deco Foil in silver and gold

2.5 yards decorative fringe

22″ zipper, optional

Valentine Tote Bag

valentine tote

I am so in love with Milk Sugar Flower fabric from Penny Rose for Valentine’s Day!  It just screams vintage valentine!  I though Sally needed a cute tote bag to carry her valentines in when she has her Valentine Party!  This tote bag is the perfect size for so many things!  Library books, piano books, car trips, stuffed animals, and dolls!  Sally will be using it as her piano book bag when Valentine’s Day is over.  The bag gets its stability from Therm o Web Fusible Medium Weight Stabilizer.  The full tutorial is over on the Therm O Web Blog.  You can totally sew it in an hour!  Yippee!!

valentine tote bag 5

I have to pay her to model you know 🙂valentine tote bag

I love collecting vintage valentines!!!!  I think I need a tote bag for me!!valentine tote bag 34

Sizzix Heart Quilt

sizzix heart quilt

I think I love Valentine’s Day so much because it pulls me out of the “After Christmas Blues”.  It’s bright, and happy!  I love the simplicity of this quilt – a simple heart applique.  What makes it feel special is that no two hearts are the same and the backgrounds are a variety of low volume prints.  When ever I go to a quilt shop and I’m not sure what to buy, I end up purchasing charm packs.  I had this “Scrumptious” charm pack by Moda tucked away and it was perfect for this project.  You can hop over to the Sizzix Blog for the full tutorial!!sizzix heart quilt 3

I love using the Sizzix Bigz Heart Die #3 because it fits charm squares perfectly and there is not much waste.

valentine quilt 3

I used Therm o Web Heat n Bond Lite to fuse the hearts onto the quilt.

valentine quilt 6

I can’t get enough of these colors!


valentine quilt 7

Mufasa was very helpful on this project.  His favorite toy is the Sizzix machine!!!

valentine quilt 10

valentine quilt 9

I quilted a scallop boarder around each heart to give it a “Valentine” feel.

sizzix heart quilt 2

I am so in love with this quilt!  It was so fun to make I’m thinking about making another one!!!