More 14-Day Tags

My friend, Brittany, who is joining us on our 14-Day Walk with Christ sent me these cute tags.  If you would like to download these, click HERE.

14-Day Tags

The Themes for each day are ready to download for our 14-Day Walk with Christ!! 
 Click HERE to download the PDF of the tags.
 Cut the tags out and put one in each corresponding egg.  If you don’t have an “Egg Board” like this one, you can always number 14 eggs and put them in a basket or do a variation of your favorite advent calendar.   I will also include a little treat in each egg.  Here is the schedule which begins on March 18th:
Day 1 Jesus Loves Me
Day 2 Love One Another
Day 3 Christ-Like Love
Day 4 Faith
Day 5 Repentance
Day 6 Forgiveness
Day 7 Sheep
Day 8 Service
Day 9 Miracles
Day 10 Talents
Day 11 Bicycle
Day 12 Gratitude
Day 13 Atonement
Day 14 He is Risen
I am excited to announce that I will have a few guest bloggers on a few days.  I have been working hard to get all the printables made and uploaded.  I hope this process will be meaningful for you and your family!


14-Day Walk with Christ Journal Cover

This is part of the 14-Day Walk with Christ activity.    I am preparing my journals this week so they are all ready to go for March 18th.  This is the cover for the journal.
 Click HERE to download the cover page.  (There are 2 per sheet)

14-Day Journal Pages

In preparation for the 14-Day Walk with Christ, I am making these journals for everyone in my family.  They are pretty simple.  All you need is one of those cheep-o photo albums from the dollar store, a printer and a paper cutter.  (I noticed WalMart carries these.  However, they only hold 24 photos.  You will need one that holds at least 28 photos.  This one from the Dollar Tree has 48 pockets)

I have created a journal page for each of the 14 days.  On the left side of the journal will go the handout from each day’s lesson and on the right side will go the journal page.  Click HERE to download the journal pages.  There are 3 to a page.  You can download PDF versions or the actual Microsoft Office version – you can choose.   This is what they look like:


Here I have printed the journal pages and placed them in the photo album:

 You will need 14 of these.  If you like, you can also leave some extra room for photos or other things you would like to add into the book.

14 Day Walk With Christ

Every Easter my family does a “14 Day Walk With Christ”.  This takes place the 2 weeks leading up to Easter.  I feel like life is so busy and rushed, if I don’t make myself do this, Easter comes and goes and we haven’t focused on the importance of it.  Here’s how it works:
I created this “Walk with Jesus” board out of a cookie sheet.  I spray painted the cookie sheet white.  I added scrapbook paper and vinyl letters.  I put vinyl numbers on 14 plastic Easter eggs.  Then I hot glued magnets to the back of each egg.  I drilled holes in the top of the cookie sheet so I could loop ribbon through to hang it.

Each egg will contain a topic for that day that will help my family come closer to Christ in preparation for Easter.  After school, or that evening, we will have some kind of small lesson and activity about the day’s topic.  During every lesson, the children will recieve a handout to put in a little journal.  Then they will record their feelings that day.  
My goal is at the end of the two weeks, they have a little journal about their thoughts and feelings of Jesus Christ.  On Easter morning, I am planning a sunrise hike to the top of the hill by hour house.  We will bring our journals and reflect on what we wrote during the two weeks then add a final entry as we share our feelings about Jesus Christ on Easter morning.  
Who wants to join me?
Every morning during the 2 weeks leading up to Easter I will be posting the day’s topic and lesson outline with a printable handout.  I think this will be a great experience for our families!!