#kittyquilter Mini Quilt Tutorial

kitty quilter mini quilt

Hey there all you crazy cat quilter friends!  I have a fun mini quilt for you!!  I love using the hashtag #kittyquilter on Instagram.  There is something about felines and quilting that just go so well together!  Baby Mufasa is involved in every step of the quilting process: choosing fabric, cutting, basting, and binding – he’s right there!

kitty quilter mini quilt 15

This fun little quilt sews up fast.  The fabrics are from Blend Fabrics’ Best in Show fabric line.  I am sew in love with the kitty faces fabric – I ordered more yardage to make a skirt!!!   You could easily make this with your favorite cat theme print fabric.

This quilt has 2 different traditional quilt blocks: Kitty in the Corner and King’s Crown.  I choose kitty in the corner for obvious reasons and I choose King’s Crown because Mufasa means King!  Isn’t that the cutest!!  Let’s get started!  (1/4″ seams throughout)


1/4 yard of a variety of coordinating fabrics including cat theme print

Heat n Bond Lite EZ print Sheets

#kittyquilter letters


1/2 yard backing

1/4 yard binding

Fussy Cut (4) Cats

Choose the cats you want in the center of the blocks and cut them 3.5″ square.

kitty quilter mini quilt 2

Kitty in the Corner Block 6.5″ finished

Make (2) of these

Cut the fabric according to the diagram pictured below.  I don’t know about you, but I love when measurements are shown in pictures and not in a long list of cutting instructions.

kitty in the corner quilt block diagram

Draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of the (4) white squares.  Match a white square and a patterned square right sides together and sew on the pencil line.  Cut 1/4″ away from the seam.  Press to the dark.  Do this with each of the (4) white blocks and (4) patterned blocks.  This makes (4) half square triangle (HST) units.  Arrange them as pictured below and sew as you would a traditional 9-patch.


Kings Crown Block 6.5″ finished

Cut the fabrics according to the picture below.  Make sure to cut (8) white 2″x2″ squares, I only have 4 in the picture.
kings crown quilt bloock


Draw a diagonal line on the back of the (8) white squares.  Next make (4) flying geese units by laying the white square right sides together with a patterned rectangle, matching up the 3 edges.  Sew on the line as pictured below:

kitty quilter mini quilt 4

Trim 1/4″ next to the seam and press toward the dark.  Place another white square on top of that unit and sew on the line, as pictured below:

kitty quilter mini quilt 9

Cut 1/4″ away from the seam and press again.  The block should look like this:
kitty quilter mini quilt

If you turn the flying geese blocks around it makes a Sawtooth Star pattern.  I love that each of these blocks has the same center measurement and only a variation on the 2″ sides!

Sew the block together and press seams open.

kitty quilter mini quilt 8Happy Cat blocks!!

kitty quilter mini quilt 12

kitty quilter mini quilt 7
Prepare the applique

Print the letters on the EZ print sheets and iron them to the back of the desired fabric.  Cut around each letter and peel off the backing paper.

kitty quilter mini quilt 11

Cut the remaining strips according to this cutting diagram:

#kittyquilter design

Position the letters on the white strip and press in place.  Top stitch around each letter.
kitty quilter mini quilt 13

Sew the (4) blocks together and press seams open.  Sew each of the rows together according to the layout diagram.  Quilt, bind, and let the cat have a nap on it:)

kitty quilter mini quilt 18

Mufasa loves it!  and I hope you do too!!!

kitty quilter mini quilt 14

Hang Paw Quilt Featuring Surfing Cats

hang paw quilt

I can not contain my excitement for sharing this quilt pattern!!  I am a California girl through and through.  I spent most of my teenage years at the beach trying to surf but really I was there to watch the cute surfer boys.  I am also a crazy cat lady and I have been my whole life.  I also have loved quilting and sewing for pretty much my whole life. SOOOOOO when I saw this Surfin’ Cats fabric from Riley Blake Designs – I died!  It literally combined three of my passions in one project: the beach, cats, and quilting.  BRILLIANT!!

When ever we go to the beach we make sure to always bring sweatshirts and a blanket.  It can be 112 degrees at our home and 35 miles away the coast will be a chilly 66 degrees.  I thought this was the purrrrrfect blanket to take to the beach on those windy days.  I love big theme prints and this pattern is a great way to show off the wonderful design of the fabric without cutting it up to much.  You can make this in a day – easy!

surfing cats quilt 2

Here’s how you can make it:


  • 1.5 yards surfin cats
  • 1.5 yards gray sashing fabric
  • 1/2 yard navy blue
  • quarter yard cuts of coordinating fabrics – I love the RBD basics – I used the chevron, houndstooth and polka dots
  • 1/2 yard gray basic shades
  • 1/2 yard white small dots
  • 1/2 yard binding – I used the chevron
  • 2 1/2 yards for back

The quilt consists of 8 pieced blocks that are 12″ finished in size and 3 larger sections of Surfin’ cats.  All seams 1/4″.  Finished Quilt measures 57.5″ x 72.5″

I choose to cut 2″ x WOF strips of the white small dot and the grey basic shades and piece the strips lengthwise.  Then I cut the strip sets into 6.5″ increments. Sew the block in rows and the rows together, alternating seems for pressing and matching intersecting seams.

surfing cats quilt 26

Once you have the 8 blocks finished, begin making the Surfin’ Cats section.  I labeled the quilt layout with the cutting measurements – I’m a visual learner & quilter!  All the surfin’ cats squares are cut 12 1/2″.

quilt layout

Sew the rows together how they are laid out, pressing seams alternately so they go together nicely.

surfing cats quilt 13

Make sure your cat helps in each step of the process!

surfing cats quilt 11

Pin all the rows together and sew.  Press the seams to one side.IMG_4020

The quilt top is done!  Super easy!!!

surfing cats quilt 15

surfing cats quilt 17

I had my friend quilt the quilt with her long arm machine.  She did a great job and I love all the swirly waves – it’s the purrrrfect finishing touch.

surfing cats quilt 4

surfing cats quilt 23


Mufasa totally loves it!!!     surfing cats quilt 22

Mini Kitty Quilt Pattern Now Available!


Meet Mini Kitty – my very first published quilt pattern!  This little mini quilt has brought me so much joy in my life!  I was inspired to make it as a gift for a friend.  Since then, it has been recreated over and over as gifts, and has even been the inspiration for our #kittyquilter group on Instagram!  I love connecting with friends who love quilting and their fur-babies!!!  My pattern is available to purchase on Etsy at Emily Ann’s Kloset and on Craftsy.  I hope you like it!!!kitty love mini quilt 18


I love all the combinations and variations you can make with this one pattern!!20150404_183528-1024x576


I really should make one for Baby Mufasa instead of always giving them away 🙂





Join in #KittyQuilter

kittyquilter button

Do you and your fur-baby love to quilt together?  We want to hear about it!  We are promoting the #KittyQuilter on Instagram as a way to connect to all the wonderful friends and fury friends out there we might no know yet.  Tina from @emilyannskloset who blogs over at One Little Pooh and I have become friends through our quilty-kitty photos on Instagram.  Even though we live on opposite coasts we know our felines would be best friends.  We want to get to know you and your kitties!  So, post post your quilty-kitty photos and tag them #kittyquilter.  You just might win a prize!!!

Meet my kitty, Mufasa!Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 9.31.22 AM

Meet Tina’s kitty, Roo!roo kitty

Kitty Mini Quilt


My Mini Kitty Quilt Pattern is available to purchase from Emily Ann’s Kloset.  The inspiration from this quilt came when I heard from a friend that her 6 month old kitten was diagnosed with a fatal disease.  My heart broke in half.  Of course this was devastating to her and her children. I have lost 2 kitties in the last 2 years and it hurts really bad 🙁  I wanted to send her something to show I cared.  I came up with this Mini Kitty Quilt.  I was inspired by folk art paintings of flying cats.

Kitt Quilt 2

Of course my Kitty Muasa was very helpful in making this quilt!

kitty love mini quilt 15

Here are a few other versions of the Mini Kitty Quilt in different colors.  It is such a fun quilt to make and you can make it in about an hour!mini kitty quilt 5

mini kitty quilt 3

mini kitty quilt 2

mini kitty quilt

kitty quilt



Our New Bengal Kitten

bengal kitten 7
My life has been turned upside down.  On December 20th we adopted a Bengal kitten.  We lost our beloved Marbles the Bengal Cat last March and our family was finally ready to bring a new kitten into our home.  Once we found a breeder we liked we couldn’t wait for him to come home.  As any expectant mother would do, I decided to better prepare myself for the arrival of the kitten by reading – I choose the book “Think Like a Cat.”  I purchased it from Amazon and felt a little silly in doing so as I have had cats in my life for 40 years – why do I need to read how to parent a cat?
UnknownThis book is AMAZING and I recommend it to everyone who has a feline or who hopes to adopt one.  Pam Johnson-Bennett addresses so many issues we fear as cat owners – the litterbox, furniture scratching, aggression, etc.  I now follow her in FB where she gives tips and advice for cat owners.  After reading this book I was a little nervous about bringing  the new kitten home – worried I wouldn’t raise the kitten properly and follow all the guidelines to achieve a well-adusted happy cat!  I was more nervous about getting the kitten than I was about bringing my 3 babies home from the hospital!

We did everything to prepare: we created a “sanctuary” in my daughter’s room where the kitten would live for a few weeks.  It included a place for the litter box, place for meals, a soft bed, and lots of things to scratch and play with.  I firmly believe in the idea of a sanctuary for the first few weeks of kitten introduction.

We were ready and we drove to Pasadena to pick him up.

bengal kitten

bengal kitten 4


He could not be any cuter.  We can already tell he has a nice disposition and loves to be around people.bengal kitten 3

bengal kitten 2

The poor kitten didn’t have a name for almost a week.  It is very difficult for 5 people to agree on a name.  Some of the suggestions were: Napoleon, Leopold, Thor, Zulu, Stuki, Mowgli, Bagheera, Marvin, Harvey, Wasabi, Obi Wan, Fuzzy, Waffles, and the list went on and on.  We finally agreed on Mufasa from the Lion King.  We still call him fuzzy though.

The best way to insure a happy cat is to have lots of interactive playtime.  I ordered every cat toy known to man from Amazon.  Let me tell you which ones are Mufasa’s favorites.

Neko Flies – ordered from Amazon

You purchase a rod and then you can select interchangeable “bugs” to attach to the end.

These bugs are very realistic.  Mufasa loves the Kittycada the best.  He also loves the Kattipede, and the Kragonfly.  kittycada-cat-toy

The instructions say not to let the cats chew on the toys.  This is hard to do because part of the fun of chasing a bug is getting to catch it and chew on it.  Mufasa bit off the antenna of the Kattipede.  I quickly trimmed the antennas off the Kitticatterfly.  With any toy like this, when you are done playing the toys should be put away.

The next toy we love is from Go Cat called Da Bird  – I also ordered from Amazon.  This toy has a feather teaser at the end and also comes with 2 replacements feathers. For some reason we like this better than other feather teasers – maybe it feels more like a real bird?  What ever it is, Mufasa LOVES it!



All my kitties have always love the Cat Dancer or Cat Charmer.  Mufasa is no different – again, I ordered from Amazon71aGjSRxIUL._SL1500_A new kitten in the house feels a lot like having a new baby in the house.  I find myself whispering and tiptoeing around when he is sleeping.  When he’s up, he’s up and it is time to play and interact.  If I need to the leave the house I have to time it with his naps so he is not left home alone while awake.  He eats on demand and cries when he is hungry.  When he is tired I can hold him and he purrs and I know he’s ready for bed.  We clean the letterbox every time he uses it – much like diaper duty!  I want him to have a positive experience with the litter box so we keep it extra clean.  We make sure to give him fresh water several times a day.  It’s a lot of work having a new kitten.  We have gotten so attached to him already and we think he’s the cutest kitten in the world!!

bengal kitten 5

bengal kitten 8

bengal kitten 9

bengal kitten 11

bengal kitten 10

bengal kitten 6


We Lost Our Cat

It’s been a very tough week.  A week ago today we lost our Marbles.  He ran out the door about 7:30 at night and we never saw him again.  We’ve searched the neighborhoods each day, put signs up all over, talked to neighbors and prayed a lot.  We miss him so much and our family just isn’t the same without him.  We are still hoping he will come home as we have read many stories of a lost cat’s miraculous return.  In honor of Marbles, I am posting a few of our favorite photos.


Halloween Black Cats

 I love black cats more than anything else at Halloween.  I think it might have something to do with the fact that 19 years ago we adopted a little black fur ball of a kitten.  He was the best kitty ever.  Life just hasn’t been the same since loosing him this past June.   So, in memory of Toonces, here is some fun Black Cat inspiration!
I love this fabric from Blend’s Spooktacular line.  I am hoping to make something with it this week.
I am so in love with this painting by Lyn Estall.  It looks just like my Toonces 🙂
These 2×4 black cats from Clover House look super fun to make!!
This is a magazine cover from 1895.  You can find the image at Saving More Than Me blog
I love this vintage picture from the Graphics Fairy of a little girl holding her black cat.  
This is my “Miss Kitty” doll with a black cat Halloween dress.
A little Pyrex love mixed with Black Cat love in my kitchen.


Vintage Kitty Pillow

The day after my Toonces passed away, I was on Etsy looking at every item that had a black cat: fabric, clothing, jewelry, accessories, quilts, pillows, artwork, greeting cards….you get the idea – pretty pathetic!  By the way, there are 37,221 items that come up when you search “Black Cat.”  Anyway, I came across these fabric squares with original artwork of different breeds of cats.  And one of them looked exactly like Toonces!

Isn’t it cute!  I love what is says around the image:
Soft velvet black coat
Always by my side
purring motor firing love
feeling all warm inside

I had to have it!  I contacted the seller to ask a few questions and you will never guess what….she lives 2 miles from my house!  So I arranged to pick the items up so we could meet!

Her name is Maria Nicodemus.  She paints these beautiful pictures of kitties and has them printed on high quality canvas-like fabric.  You can find her Etsy shop HERE or her blog, Ginger Eyed, HERE.

Here are some of her creations:

This is what I ended up ordering:

My daughter has a Bengal Kitty, so I bought this for her – I cant wait to make something WILD out of it!

Here is Marbles already messing it up!

This is how I made my vintage black cat pillow:
I have a large collection of vintage sheets – I pick them up everywhere I go.  When we were preparing to burry our dear Toonces, I cut this sheet in half and used one half to wrap him in.  (pass the Kleenex).  I kept the other half.  I thought it very fitting that I use this fabric to make this pillow.

My pillow form is 18″ so I cut my fabric 19″.  I loved how the hem of the sheet was in different fabric then the main part of the sheet and I wanted to use the lace trim also.  I included the hem in the pillow body.

I ran out of my favorite Therm O Web fusible fleece, so I used their sew in fleece and Heat n Bond basting spray.  (This stuff is amazing!)  The sheet was pretty thin, so this gave it some soft stability.

I couldn’t quite decide what to do around the cat image.  I had some eyelet lace and sewed it to the cat square.

Then I pressed it under.  I also added a larger piece of eyelet along the lace that was on the sheet.

I used basting spray under the cat image to hold it in place while I top-stitched it on.

I finished the pillow with more of the sheet fabric on the back and an invisible zipper at the bottom.  I put a down pillow form inside & it feels all soft and squishy….just like Toonces 🙂  I love how it turned out.  Now every time I walk into my bedroom I see this pillow and it makes me smile 🙂

It matches the other vintage sheet pillowcases I made!


More painting with Marbles the Bengal Cat

 OK enough of the cat pictures….I know!  Today was one more painting day and Marbles was ever so fascinated with the ladder.  He would climb to the top and not know how to get down!  Hopefully I can get things put back together and take some pictures of the paint!