Fabric Covered Letters

fabric letters 15

How FUN are these fabric covered letters!!!

fabric letters

You can embellish them with glitter, trim, rosettes, buttons, flowers, pretty much anything!  Get your glue gun and let’s get started!!

fabric letters 5


Letters – mine are 1/4″ MDF letters purchased at Beverly’s Crafts.  They measure 10″ tall

Fabric fat quarters

Decou page

foam brush

hot blue gun & glue

trim, glitter, buttons, or other embellishments

fabric letters 10

Begin by making sure your fabric will cover the letter.

fabric letters 12

Spread the Decou Page all over the front of the letter.  Lay the fabric over the letter, smoothing it out with your fingers.  Then apply a coat oa Decou Page over the fabric.  Let dry completely.

fabric letters 3

Once it is completely dry.  Lay the letter upside down on a cutting mat.  Using an exacto knife or small utility knife, cut along the edge letter.  I put a movie on and did this because it takes some time 🙂

fabric letters 6

Now comes the fun part – and the painful part!  Using a hot glue gun, run a bead of glue along the edge of the letter and attach trim.  I love these tiny pom poms!!  You could also use white glue and glitter like in the FUN letters.

fabric letters 4

Once the trim is on you can make rosettes or flowers and hot glue them on if you want.

fabric letters 2

fabric letters 7

I’m going to hang the SEW HAPPY letters up in my sewing room!!
fabric letters 14

Mother’s Day Pom Pom Pen Bouquet

pom pom pens

I can’t believe how fast May is flying by!  And Mother’s Day is this weekend!  I thought this project would be great for moms or for Teacher Appreciation Week which is also going on here in our schools!  It’s pretty simple to make and the kids can get in on the fun!

Have you ever heard of Flower Power Vases?  I hadn’t until the cute little company sent me 2 vases to try out.  They wanted to see my thoughts  – so this is NOT a paid tutorial, just my thoughts and ideas 🙂flower power pom pom  8

First of all, the little vases come in many colors.  They all have this special grippy thing in the bottom to hold cut flowers.


flower power pom pom  2

Of course they are perfect for cut flowers (and they fit in the cup holder of a car)….I wanted to turn it into a little crafty gift.  Here’s what you need:

Pens, yarn, hot glue, small pom pom maker, and the Flower Power Vase.  I added a chalkboard label so you can change the word on the vase.

flower power pom pom

Begin by adding a dot of hot glue to the end of the pen to secure the yarn.  Wrap and wrap and wrap until you get to the other end of the pen and add another dot of hot glue.

flower power pom pom  3Take the yarn and make a small pom pom.  I love the pom pom makers you can buy at craft stores.  My daughter made all of them for me….easy peasy!  Hot glue a pom pom to the end of the pen.  Continue this process until you have 7 or so pens.

flower power pom pom

I first wrote the word “Love”, then changed it to “Mom”.
flower power pom pom  9

flower power pom pom  10

I think they are super fun!  And when your mom looses all the pens, she has a cute little vase to keep fresh cut flowers in!!!  They would also be super cute sitting on a teacher’s desk!  Or in my sewing room!  I need one!!!

flower power pom pom  12
These also make GREAT cat toys!!!!!

Ahoy! Nautical Composition Book Tutorial

nautical anchor composition book tutorial

I am having so much fun with my nautical projects – I hope you are enjoying them.  I ready to buy a sailboat!!! (haha)  I take a covered composition book with me everywhere I go.  I have one in my purse for daily notes, lists, etc.  I have one I take to church and keep inspirational thoughts in.  I have one as a gratitude journal.  I have one for my sewing journal where I write down everything I sew, measurements, etc.  I know it’s totally old school – but I love notebooks!!!  You can see my other composition book tutorials here, here, and here.  I change them up each time I make one.  This one has lace, an appliqué anchor and writing that I foiled with Deco Foil!

Here’s how you can make one:


1/3 yard fabric for outside cover

1/3 yard for lining

piece of cotton batting

scrap for applique

11″ piece of navy lace trim

Deco Foil in Red

Deco Foil Transfer Adhesive

Heat n Bond Lite EZ Print Sheets

Anchor pattern, click here

Hair Elastic


cutting instruct

cover batting

You can pin to hold in place, or add a little Spray n Bond basting spray.  (You can see my I cut my batting with scissors, I will square it up in a minute.)  Fold the cover in half and position the lace as pictured.  Use the basting spray or pin to secure.  Sew in matching thread along both sides of the lace.

nautical composition book applique 3

For the anchor, print it on the EZ print sheets, or trace to fusible appliqué paper.  Cut out the anchor and iron in place.

nautical composition book applique

Top stitch around the anchor.  Cut off any excess batting.  Find the center of the left side of the cover.  Mark and baste the hair elastic in place:

nautical composition book applique 4


Lay the flaps on the lining fabric, lining up raw edges.  The fold of the flaps should be toward the center.

nautical composition book applique 2

Place the cover on top of the lining/flap piece, right sides together.  Pin all the way around.  Sew, using 1/4″ seams all the way around.  Leave a 3″ opening at the bottom center.  Turn right side out and press.  Tuck the opening in, press, and top stitch to secure.

nautical composition book applique 5

Mark where the button should go and sew the button by hand, careful not to catch the flap.  Mufasa was trying his hardest to bite off the button!!

anchor composition book applique 2

Take the Deco Foil Transfer Adhesive and write Ahoy (or any word you want).  This totally brought back memories of cheerleading days in the 90’s – we rocked the puffy paint!!!  I was bad at writing with it then, and I’m still not that great at it!  Let the adhesive dry until completely clear.  I let mine sit for a few hours.

anchor composition book applique 6Once the adhesive is dry, rub the wrong side of the foil on the letters.  This part feels super magical!!  The foil sticks to the adhesive only!  This stuff is awesome!!!

anchor composition book applique 7Now I am left with shiny foil letters!!

nautical composition book applique 9

nautical composition book applique 10

Make more than one and give them to your friends!!  I will be giving one away on Instagram later in the week 🙂nautical composition book applique 11

Deco Foil Hanging Heart {DIY project}


deco foil hanging heart valentineI didn’t quite know what to hang on my front doors this Valentine’s Day season.  Do any of you have the problem of having 2 front doors?  It’s always a delllama, do I hang just one item on the door we use, leaving the other one bare?  Do I hang two of the same thing?  Two different things?  If I hang 2 wreaths, does it look like my doors have eyes?  I came across these sparkly scalloped wood heart hangers at the craft store and I thought they might solve my front door problem.  They were just screaming for some embellishment, don’t you think?  I ran around the house, gathering items that might be cute all while eating cinnamon gummy hearts (highly addictive).  If you don’t have wood heart hangers like these, you can add this heart to a pillow, a frame, or pretty much anything!  Here goes!!foil valentine craft


fabric scraps for the hearts, I used Riley Blake Designs small dots, pink & white

a few yards of small lace and larger lace to hang

Heat n Bond Lite EZ Print sheets

Heat n Bond Lite

Deco Foil silver


Don’t you just love all the colors this Deco Foil comes in?  This was my first time using it, I was a little intimidated; now it’s my new favorite product!

Begin by drawing your desired heart shape onto the paper side of the Heat n Bond Lite.  Roughly cut around the heart and iron it to the wrong side of the fabric.  I choose to use Heat n Bond Lite rather than fusible stabilizer because I like the texture it creates when applied.  Leave the backing paper on.foil valentine craft 2

Print out the words in reverse onto the EZ print sheets.  You can download the words like I used or make up your own.

foil valentine craft 1


Press the words to the wrong side of the Deco Foil.  Then cut out with scissors.  The XOXO were easy to cut, the Love was a little intense, I might not choose such an intricate word to cut with scissors next time 🙂  But I like how it looks.
foil valentine craft 7

Once the letters are cut out, peel off the backing paper and place the words as desired.  I covered my letters with tissue paper because I was afraid to put the iron directly on the foil.  Press into place.

foil valentine craft 9

I LOVE the foil!  I can’t wait to try it on more projects!  To finish the heart, peel off the backing paper of the heart.  Center it on the wood heart.  Using hot glue, glue the lace all the way around the heart.  You will burn your fingers many times while doing so 🙁  If you have another favorite glue, you might try that.  I was in a hurry 🙂  You could also use any kind of trim: ric rac, small tinsel, pom poms, ruffles, etc.  I wasn’t in love with the cheap ribbon hanger the hearts came with, so I snipped them off and added some wire.

valentine foli craft

I added a lace bow and also hung it with lace.  I don’t have a wreath hanger, so I tack the lace with a tiny nail to the top of my door.  Maybe that’s not a good idea?

foil valentine craft 4

foil valentine craft 5

foil valentine craft 3

A little peak at my front porch….

valentine front porch 2

chalkboard frame front porchMy teenage daughter is in charge of all the chalkboard writing in our home.  It’s too nerve racking for me!

I found this desk literally on the side of the road.  I spray painted it grey and made it look rustic and it lives on my front porch.  In the spring I have flowers growing out of the drawers!!  I also found the chair on the side of the road.  People probably think my porch looks junky – I like it!!

repurposed desk diy

valentine front porch

An Attitude of Gratitude Quilted Journals

quilted gratitude journal tutorial


I am so excited it’s November!  Yes, it’s all going a bit too fast, I will admit 🙂  Every year we do a “thankful campaign”  in the month of November.  When my children were small we wrote what we were thankful for on leaves and taped them to a big tree I had placed on the back of the front door.  As the children got a little older, we wrote what we were thankful for everyday and then put it in the “Thankful Bucket”; we read all the thankful papers out loud on Thanksgiving.  This year I want something a little more meaningful and something that can be adopted into a habit.  Gratitude journals are not a new idea, but I decided it’s time every member of my family have a Gratitude Journal and we write each day at least 10 things we are grateful for.  Pretty much, you open the book and you write what ever it is you are thankful for – it can be a word or many paragraphs.

I’ve done a lot of reading on Gratitude and I even have a Pinterest board for all the wonderful Gratitude ideas and quotes there are out there.  My favorite quotes are:

Gratitude Turns What We Have Into Enough and A Thankful Heart is the Parent of All Virtues

I am hoping by helping my family turn our hearts into grateful hearts, we will have more love for each other and for those around us and we will feel closer to God and His Son, Jesus Christ.

Here is how you can make a Quilted Gratitude Journal!!


fat quarters or small cuts of fabric for the pieced journal front

1/3 yard fabric for lining

1/3 yard for journal cover flaps

cotton batting

hair elastic


Spray n Bond Basting Spray

Scrap of burlap

“An Attitude of Grattitude” printable, click HERE

For the “boy” journal I used fabric from Blend’s “Hammer and Nails” line – I love finding mature boy fabric – it’s hard to come by, but I thought this was perfect for my 11 year old son and my husband with out being cheesy 🙂

For the “girl” journal I used fabric from Blend’s “Good Company” line – super cute – reminds me of feminine fall fabrics

Therm O Web’s Heat n Bond’s EZ Print Transfer Sheets


Begin by cutting the strips for the outer part of the journal:

For the boy version, cut the blue fabric 5″ x 16.5″, the measuring tape fabric 2″ x 16.5″, and the wood fabric 5″ x 16.5″ .  Sew them together in this order using 1/4″ seams.

quilted gratitude journal tutorial__3

For the girl version, cut the top pink piece 6″ x 16.5″, the owl & squirrel print 4″ x 16.5″, and the blue print 2″ x 16.5″.  Sew together in this order using 1/4″ seams.

quilted gratitude journal tutorial_6

Basically, the final measurement should be 16.5″ x 11″ if you want to design your own pattern.

Using Spray n Bond, baste the journal top to the cotton batting and quilt as desired.

quilted gratitude journal tutorial_7

On the girl journal I quilted loop-de-loos…..

quilted gratitude journal tutorial_8

On the boy journal I quilted straight lines….

quilted gratitude journal tutorial_9

Square up the journal top by trimming the excess batting.  It’s OK if the journal top shrinks a bit due to quilting.

Next, prepare the “gratitude saying” by printing in reverse on the EZ Transfer Sheets.

quilted gratitude journal tutorial_


Cut out a rectangle of  solid cream fabric the size you want it – the girl’s one was 4.75″ x 3.5″ and the boy’s one was 4.75 x 3″quilted gratitude journal tutorial_2


Trim down the EZ transfer sheets and read the directions on the package.  Pretty much you put it face down on the cream fabric and press with a dry hot iron.  Then peel off the backing paper.  I love using these sheets – expect to see more projects with words and quotes 🙂quilted gratitude journal tutorial_4

Cut the burlap so as to “frame” the word square.  Using the basting spray, baste the word piece to the burlap, then the to the journal cover.

quilted gratitude journal tutorial_10


Position as desired.quilted gratitude journal tutorial_11

quilted gratitude journal tutorial_12


Sew around it twice with dark brown thread.quilted gratitude journal tutorial_21

Cut the “flap” fabric (2) 10″ x 11″ squares and press in half lengthways.

quilted gratitude journal tutorial_13


Cut the lining fabric 16.5″ x 11″.  then lay the flaps like this matching raw edges.quilted gratitude journal tutorial_15

Baste the hair elastic in the center of the back of the journal cover:

quilted gratitude journal tutorial_14

Place the journal top right sides together with the lining/flap piece an pin all the way around.  Sew around the whole piece using 1/4″ seams and leaving an opening to turn at the bottom center.  Turn right side out.  Press.  Top stitch the opening closed with matching thread.

quilted gratitude journal tutorial_16

Insert the composition book into the cover and mark where the button should go.  Sew the button on with needle an thread, careful not to catch the flap.

quilted gratitude journal tutorial_18

quilted gratitude journal tutorial_23

I love how they turned out and my children were super excited to receive one of these tonight during our Family Home Evening!!

quilted gratitude journal tutorial_24

quilted gratitude journal tutorial_26


Garage Sale Halloween Wreath {DIY}

garage sale halloween wreath


I have two front doors and I never know what to hang on them.  Do I just hang one wreath?  Do I leave them plain?  Oh, and it can’t be anything heavy that will scratch the paint when the wind blows or the door opens.  And one more thing, I don’t want to spend a lot of money, because I like to spend all my money on fabric 🙂  That being said, I found these red berry wreaths at a garage sale for $1 each.  I actually think these might have really been my wreaths from 20 years ago 🙂  I knew they had some Halloween potential.Halloween Wreath 2

Black spray paint is your best Halloween decorating friend.  One coat of shiny black spray paint, some chevron ribbon left over from last year and a black crow…..It’s the perfect CHEAP Halloween wreath for my door.

halloween wreath diy craft

Halloween Wreath 1
And there are two of them!  Cheap, won’t scratch, and spooky!Halloween wreath 3 Halloween wreath 4


One Direction Valentines – Backstage Pass to my Heart

We love Valentine’s Day and we love 1D at our house, at least my Kindergartner does (and mommy)!  We found these 1D valentines at the store and decided they needed something a little extra.  We turned them into pretend Backstage Passes!  Here’s how you can make them:

Print the Backstage Pass on photo paper.  Click HERE to download.

 Cut them out.  Cut the 1D valentines to fit on the pass.  I choose to use the picture on the back of the valentine since it was of all 5 of the guys and it was a little smaller and fit perfectly in the space.  Glue the valentines to the passes.

Oh my, they are so cute…..I mean the Valentines are so cute 🙂

 Print the back of the pass on regular paper and cut on the faint gray line.

 The 1D valentines come with little stickers.  So we added a sticker to the back.  Sally then signed them all.  Glue the front and the back together.

 Insert into a laminating pouch and laminate.

Punch a hole in the top and add some twill tape or ribbon.  I bout this giant spool of neon pink twill tape in LA for about $5.  I didn’t know what I would ever use it for!!!

 We are just a little bit excited to wear this!!  We are making one for everyone in the class – even the boys – oh well!  That’s about 26 in all!  Better get cutting!


Vintage Paper Hearts

 I got together with my friend for a little paper crafting!  She has super amazing taste and ideas!!  She came up with this fun project.  I love that the hearts are soft colors and not super bright red and white – definitely a vintage feel.  Here’s how you can make them:

First cut out “nesting” hearts on the Silhouette.  We cut about 12 different papers so we could mix and match.

Use “Distressing Ink” to age the egdges.

Next, paint white glue on the edges and dip them in “Vintage Sparkle” glitter – its the best color of glitter ever!!

Once they were dry, layer them and sew the center on the machine (of course I had to get some sewing in the project!!)

Aren’t they looking cute?

Gather peach, cream, and pink crepe paper on the sewing machine until you have a pile.
Hot glue the gathered crepe paper around the back like this:
When they are finished, I sprayed them with Glitter Dust – it’s magic in a can!  It gives them a soft dusting of glitter – just like the name says!  And the glitter doesn’t flake off!
I just can’t get enough of them!  They are all over my house!
I wanted to make a garland with some of them, so I glued three to a piece of lace.  I added additional ruffled crepe paper.
I love how my tea cabinet looks!  I love this picture from the Graphics Fairy.  I printed it out in an 8×10 and framed it.
I also made a paper rosette and glued a heart in the center – I hung it in the guest bathroom.
I’m ready for Valentine’s Day now!!!


Blue Jars, Bottle Brush Trees & Old Cars

These cute bottle brush trees in mason jars are everywhere in blog land!  I had to jump in and assemble a few for myself!  
My trees started out too green.  I sprayed a little Heirloom White spray paint on them and now they look like they’ve been lightly dusted with snow.
You can use fake snow for the snow, I used sugar.  Then place your little trees inside the jars.
I love vintage cars.  I didn’t want to spend $$$ on a replica car.  I was thrilled when I found this one in the ornament section of Target for only $3!

I bought these smaller trees at Michael’s in a package for about $1.  Use wire cutters to snip off the base.  Then place in your truck!

 I love it!!!  Makes me feel happy inside when I look at this nostalgic scene!


Ruby Slipper Handouts

I found these clear plastic “slippers” in the wedding section at JoAnn Fabrics.  They come 24 in a box for about $12.  I used my 50% off coupon so they were even cheaper!

 They measure 3.5 inches.

 I used Rust-Oleum Gloss Apple Red spray paint to turn them all red.

Mix red glitter into white glue.  Paint it on the slipper and then sprinkle more glitter on the glue.
Once they dried, I gave them a coat of gloss Mod Podge to seal the glitter.  

They look just like real Ruby Slippers!!

I wrapped them in cellophane bags and tied this quote from Glinda the good witch: