Bunny Love Pillow

I guess there is no stopping the bunny projects!  Meet my newest bunny creation – Bunny Love pillow! This is a fast and easy project that will add a Folk Art Easter feel to your home.

Backing fabric, 3/4 yard
Scraps of fabric for appliqué – I used Anna Griffin’s Grace line
Pom Pom trim
22″ zipper
Pillow form or fiber fill
Heat n Bond lite

Begin by cutting the pillow front 20″ x 12″
Iron the Heat n Bond lite to the back of your appliqué fabric.  I used the Sizzix bunny die for the bunnies.  The folk art tulip pattern can be downloaded here.

Once you have cut out your appliqué pieces, center them on the pillow front.  Iron to set in place and stitch around each piece twice with black thread.

Cut the pom poms the width of the pillow and baste them into place.

For the pillow back…..
There are a few options to finish the pillow:
1.  You can cut the back piece the same size as the front, sew it, turn it, stuff with fiber fill and hand stitch the opening closed.
2.  I used a pillow form and put an invisible zipper in the bottom portion of the back.  I cut 2 pieces for the back:  20″ x 2″ and 20″ x 2.  Set the invisible zipper joining the two pieces.  For invisible zipper tutorial, click HERE.
Pin the back to the front with right sides together, making sure zipper is open.  My back was a touch larger then the front, so I just trimmed off the excess.  Make sure to tuck those pom pons in so they don’t get caught in the seam.
Sew all the way around the pillow using 1/2″ seam.  Turn and insert pillow form.
OK, now this is my favorite thing in my house 🙂


14-Day Walk With Christ 2014

I am so excited to announce my 14-Day Walk with Christ begins on Sunday, April 6th.  This has been such a memorable tradition in our family.  Ever day for the 2 weeks leading up to Easter I will post a lesson about Jesus that you share with your family.  Many of the lessons will include activities or crafts or games.  The goal is to spend 2 weeks growing closer to the Savior as you prepare for Easter.
I have some fabulous guest bloggers contributing this year:
Ginger from Ginger Snap Crafts
Rachel from Family Ever After
Jessica from Latter-Day Chatter
Marci from Marci Coombs
Heather from Raising Memories
Melanie from LDS Handouts
I can’t wait to see their creative lessons!
Here is the schedule of the lessons in case you want to print the topics out and put them in your 14-Day Calendar.
I will post each lesson in the evening so you can prepare to share the lesson the next day.  (Technically you will begin on Monday, but the lesson will be up Sunday night)
Day #1 – Jesus is the Light of the World
Day #2 – Jesus Loves Me
Day #3 – Jesus is our Foundation
Day #4 – Jesus is our Example
Day #5 – Christ-Like Attributes: Obedience
Day #6 – Christ-like Attributes: Faith
Day #7 – Christ-like Attributes: Patience
Day #8 – Christ-like Attributes: Charity & Love
Day #9 – Service
Day #10 -Parables: 10 Virgins
Day #11-Parables: Sheep & the Goats
Day #12 -Parables: the Sower
Day #13 -Jesus Christ our Savior
Day # 14 -Atonement & Resurrection
If you would like to view last year’s lessons, click HERE.
Last year we did a printable journal.  You can make a special journal for the 2 weeks or use your current journal.  There will be journal questions after each lesson and a hand-out you can glue in your journal as a reminder of the lesson.  Let me know if you have any questions and I hope you join us!!

Bunny Bricks Quilt Take Two

Meet the smaller version of the original Bunny Bricks Quilt.  It’s perfect for a wall hanging or for a table topper.  It sews up faster – so now you have to make one!  The only modification is that there are 6 bricks in each row and the rows are arranged slightly different: two on the the top, then the 8″ bunny strip, 4 rows, 8″ bunny strip and 2 rows.  Again, the rows are offset so it creates “bricks”.  The bunnies are arranged a little differently – that was my Sister-in-Law’s doing 🙂  and there are only 6 bunnies total – so less time appliquéing!!  HOPPY SEWING!!!


Vintage Bunny Skirt Tutorial

The bunnies keep multiplying!  I knew they would make a darling skirt (what’s next, throw pillows & tote bags??) This is a simple tutorial for a girls skirt size 6/7 that sews up in no time!  The tutorial is being featured over at the Therm o Web blog.  Click HERE to check it out!!


Burlap Bunny Pillows

I can’t get enough of these appliqué bunnies in the Anna Griffin Grace fabrics!!  I had some left over from my Bunny Bricks Quilt so I thought I would make a few burlap pillows for gifts.  They are so cute and sew up really fast.  
Here’s how you can make one:
  • Cut 2 pieces of burlap 8″ x 11″
  • I already had the Heat n Bond Lite fused to the bunny, so I just ironed it to the center of the burlap.
  • Stitch around the bunny twice using brown thread.
  • Pin the two pieces of burlap wrong sides together.  
  • Cut a 17″ piece of lace and pin in place, tucking the raw edges inside the pillow.
  • Sew 1/2″ seam around the pillow leaving an opening at the bottom to stuff.  Stuff with fiber-fill and top stitch the opening closed.

They are so cute, and did I mention I love bunnies?  They are the cats of Easter 🙂


Bunny Bricks Quilt Tutorial

I am so excited for spring and Easter and flowers and bunnies and sunshine!  I am a cat person by nature, but when spring rolls around my obsession with cats turns into an obsession with rabbits.   I have rabbit “nick-nacks” all over the house!!!  A new bunny wall quilt is long over due!  When I came across this amazing line of fabric from Anna Griffin, called Grace, I fell in love.  It feels like vintage spring!!!!  I paired the rectangle “bricks” with a bunny silhouete appliqué from Sizzix.  I’m in love!  

Here’s how you can make one:

Supplies: 15 assorted prints, fat quarters or 1/4 yard cuts
1 yard of cream solid cotton
Heat n Bond Lite by Therm O Web for appliqué
1/2 yard fabric for binding
1 1/3 yard fabric for quilt back
cotton batting

Assemble the Bricks:
Cut the 15 assorted prints into 3″ strips x WOF
Sub cut the strips into 6.5″ bricks

The bricks measure 3″ x 6.5″ each.  Stack them into piles.

Begin making pairs out of the bricks and chain piecing them;  leave about 12 single bricks.  Pair up 12 of the pairs with 12 pairs, and so on.  The goal is to have 12 rows of 7 bricks.  I went pretty random and did not lay the pattern out ahead of time.

Here you can see my 12 rows.  The rows will be sewn into sets of 3’s.

Press the seams of the bricks to one side.  To sew the rows together the bricks need to be offset just like in real masonry work.  Align one of the rows on your cutting mat.  Each brick should measure 6″ (except for the end ones.)  Align both seams of the brick with the 6″ marks on the cutting mat.  Take the next row and align the seam along the 3″ mark which is the center of the first brick.  Put right sides together, pin, and sew using 1/4″ seams.

Continue sewing the rows together in sets of 3’s.  The ends of each row will be uneven because we are offsetting the rows.  Once the rows are sewn, press seams to one side and “square up” the edges (below).

Cut the cream cotton into (3) strips 8″ x 39.5″.  This will be the bunny appliqué pieces.
Prepare the appliqué:

Cut the bunny fabric and Heat n Bond roughly the size of the Sizzix Die.  Iron Heat n Bond Lite to the wrong side of the fabric.  Run the fused piece through the Sizzix to cut the bunny.  I cut 2 at a time.

I was completely in love with each and every bunny that I cranked out!!

Peel the backing off the Heat n Bond Lite and position the bunnies as desired.  I alternated the direction of the bunnies in each row.

Iron the bunnies into place and top stitch twice around each bunny using black thread.

Once all the bunnies are finished, lay out the quilt and sew the rows together.  (I have little papers pinned to number my rows.)

Now that the quilt top is finished, quilt as desired!  I quilted straight lines in the “brick” part and “loop-de-loos” in the bunny part.

I am so happy every time I see it!


Day 14 – Easter

 I can’t believe today is Easter.  What a fun 2 weeks it’s been.  My plan was to hike up the hill by our house to watch the sunrise.  However, it has turned cold and I don’t want to make everyone sit in the freezing cold for a lesson.  So, we are getting up early and sitting around the fire and sharing our thoughts and feelings about Jesus and reflecting on the past 2 weeks.  We are also going to watch the video, He is RisenWe will write one last entry in our journals of our testimony of Jesus Christ.
I hope you and your family have a memorable Easter and I hope you have enjoyed this journey with me.  Thanks for reading!!!

Day 13 Resurrection

Resurrection Eggs
Preparation:  you need 12 plastic eggs.  Number them 1 through 12.  Below I have the number and corresponding items and scriptures.  (you could also place a little treat in each one.)  Place them inside the eggs.   Hide the 12 eggs.Have the children find the 12 eggs.  Open the egg and read each scripture beginning with egg #1.  This will take you through the Easter story.   There are pictures to go with just about every scripture.  Click HERE for the pictures.  The scriptures began with Christ’s entry into Jerusalem.

Here are the Scripture references for the 12 eggs:
1. Ride on a Donkey – Matthew 21:1-9
2. Silver Coins – Matthew 26:14-16, 46-50; 27:1-5
3. Passover Cup – Matthew 26:17-19, 26-28
4. Praying Hands – Mark 14: 32-42
5. Leather Whip – John 19; 1-15 Matthew 27:26-31
6. Crown of Thorns – Matthew 27:29-31
7. Nails in the Cross – John 19: 16-22
8. Dice for Gambling – John 19: 23-25
9. Soldier’s Spear – John 19:31-37
10. Linen Wrapping – Matthew 27: 57-61
11. Stone of the Tomb – Matthew 28:1-3
12. Empty Tomb – Matthew 28:5-8

For the past 15 years it is a tradition in our family to make “Resurrection Rolls.”  I didn’t come up with this recipe – it’s one of those things that gets passed around.  This is how we make them:

Crescent Rolls (I was NOT happy with the Wal Mart brand)
Cinnamon & Sugar mixture
Regular size marshmallows
Step 1 – Roll out the dough
The cresecnet rolls come in triangles.  Each person needs 2 triangls.  You need to pat them into a rectangle or square.  Make sure there are NO holes or thin spots.  This dough is going to represent the tomb (you will see why in a minute).
Step 2 – Melt the butter – you only need about 1/4 cup.

Step 3
The Marshmallow represents Jesus’ body.  Take the marshmallow and dip it in the melted butter and roll it in the cinnamon & sugar mixture.  This represents the oils and spices used to prepare the body.

Step 4 – Next place the marshmallow in the middle of your dough rectangle.  I added a little more cinnamon on top of the marshmallow.  This next part is tricky.  You want to wrap the marshmallow inside the dough without having any holes.  They don’t look pretty – don’t worry….they will taste yummy.  Keep working the dough till it covers the marshmallow completely.

  The process of putting the marshmallow inside the dough represents Jesus’ body laid in the tomb.
Lovely!  Now bake at 375 degrees for about 12 minutes.  I baked them on parchment paper.
You can see where our seam separated.  Most likely the steam will find its way out.  You want the marshmallow to puff up, letting the dough around it puff up and hold its shape while baking.  Ours turned out okay.  I would like to blame the Wal Mart brand dough.  It was not fun to work with.
When you cut it open, it will be hollow inside and the marshmallow will be gone.  The is just like when the tomb was found empty because Jesus had been resurrected.  My 5 year old was very concerned where the marshmallow went!!
I hope your family enjoys making these.  This is my children’s favorite part of Easter.  We look forward to making these every year.  AND they are super delicious!!!
Handout:  Click HERE
Make sure to write in your journal.  Maybe the children can summarize the events that took place and the scriptures they read.  How do you feel knowing Jesus died for you and suffered all things for you that you may have eternal life?

Day 12 Gratitude

Attention Activity:
Slice a lemon into sections and let everyone have a taste.  Talk about how sour it is.  What do we usually do with lemons?  How do we make lemonade?  Have you ever heard the saying, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”  What do you think that means.  What about this saying, “When life gets sour….sweeten it with Gratitude.”  You can make lemonade now, or at the end of the lesson…if you want.
Gratitude Video
This is a quick 1.5 minute video on gratitude.  Click HERE
Scripture Example:
Read Luke 17: 11-19.  This is the story of Jesus healing the 10 lepers and only one giving thanks to Jesus.
What blessing came to all the lepers?
What additional blessing came to the leper who gave thanks?
What do you think the difference is between being healed and being made whole?
Adults as well as youth are often guilty, being disobedient and unthankful to their Heavenly Father who gives them all. Many fail to show their gratitude through service, through family prayers, etc.
“Regardless of our circumstances, each of us has much for which to be grateful if we will but pause and contemplate our blessings.  This is a wonderful time to be on earth. While there is much that is wrong in the world today, there are many things that are right and good. There are marriages that make it, parents who love their children and sacrifice for them, friends who care about us and help us, teachers who teach. Our lives are blessed in countless ways.  We can lift ourselves and others as well when we refuse to remain in the realm of negative thought and cultivate within our hearts an attitude of gratitude. If ingratitude be numbered among the serious sins, then gratitude takes its place among the noblest of virtues. Someone has said that “gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.” Thomas S. Monson
Discuss things you and your family have gratitude for.
Things you can do TODAY to start showing Gratitude:  source
Start a gratitude journal.
Tell someone you love,
how much you appreciate them.
Send a thank you note to someone.
Start a list of things that make you happy.
Offer a prayer of thanksgiving.
Sit down to dinner and share
something you grateful for today.
Copy a quote about gratitude
and put it on your fridge
(or somewhere else you will see it often).
Give something away.
Do something nice for someone else.
Give at least five compliments
to people you see.
Be more obedient to one of
the Lord’s commandments.
Start and end your day with
a grateful thought.
Make a scrapbook page about
something you are thankful for.

Give thanks before meals

Gratitude Game:
Ahead of time, write items on slips of paper.  These can be anything: trees, birds, fish, pets, house, rocks, grass, our country, tissues, teachers, music, cell phones, our country, fruit, hot water, school, teachers, etc.

Divide into 2 teams.
One team will select a piece of paper and read it out loud.  The other team will have 3 seconds to say what they appreciate about that item.

Other Gratitude Activities: 
Play gratitude pictionary or cherades.
Have the children take pictures or collect pictures of things they are grateful for.  Make a family gratitude board out of the pictures or play a game where you have to guess whose picture it is.
Take turns going around in a circle naming what you are grateful for – only you have to name things in alphabetical order.
Write letters of gratitude and send to people

 Craft: Make Gratitude Rocks (I found this idea on MetroFamily)

You need river rocks, paint, Mod Podge (or white glue), magazines

Collect your rocks – you may need to wash them.  Have everyone paint their rocks.  Put your name on the rock.  We got creative and the children painted them many different colors!!

Next get your magazines out and cut out words describing why you are grateful for each person in your family.

Use a paint brush and brush the rock with Mod Podge.  Arrange the words all over the rock and Mod Podge the top, making sure to smooth out the papers.  Let dry.
I think they are so fun and unique – just like each person.  I also think I will be less likely to throw these painted rocks in the trash!!
If you have lemons – it might be fun to make lemonade to tie back into the beginning of the lesson.  Click HERE for the handout.
Write things you are grateful for.  How can you have more gratitude in your life?

Day #11 Parable of the Bicycle

Today’s lesson is my favorite modern-day parable.  It is the Parable of the Bicycle written by Stephen E. Robinson.  It was first given in a BYU Devotional Address in 1990.  If you have time,  I recommend you read the entire address.  I have read it several times and just read it again.  I think it is life-changing and inspiring.
The story was published in an illustrated children’s book titled, You are Priceless, the parable of the bicycle.  This is one of my favorite books to read to my children and I always end up crying as I read it.  If you don’t have the book, here is an excerpt from the devotional talk by Stephen E. Robinson.
Read as a family:

“After I had come home from school one day, I was sitting in a chair reading the newspaper. My daughter Sarah, who was seven years old, came in and said, “Dad, can I have a bike? I’m the only kid on the block who doesn’t have a bike.”

Well, I didn’t have enough money to buy her a bike, so I stalled her and said, “Sure, Sarah.”
She said, “How? When?”

I said, “You save all your pennies, and pretty soon you’ll have enough for a bike.” And she went away.

A couple of weeks later as I was sitting in the same chair, I was aware of Sarah doing something for her mother and getting paid. She went into the other room and I heard “clink, clink.” I asked, “Sarah, what are you doing?”

She came out and she had a little jar all cleaned up with a slit cut in the lid and a bunch of pennies in the bottom. She looked at me and said, “You promised me that if I saved all my pennies, pretty soon I’d have enough for a bike. And, Daddy, I’ve saved every single one of them.”

She’s my daughter, and I love her. My heart melted. She was doing everything in her power to follow my instructions. I hadn’t actually lied to her. If she saved all of her pennies she would eventually have enough for a bike, but by then she would want a car. But her needs weren’t being met. Because I love her, I said, “Let’s go downtown and look at bikes.”

We went to every store in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Finally we found it—the perfect bicycle, the one she knew in the premortal existence. She got up on that bike; she was thrilled. She then saw the price tag, reached down, and turned it over. When she saw how much it cost, her face fell and she started to cry. She said, “Oh Dad, I’ll never have enough for a bicycle.”

So I said, “Sarah, how much do you have?”

She answered, “Sixty-one cents.”

“I’ll tell you what. You give me everything you’ve got and a hug and a kiss, and the bike is yours.” Well, she’s never been stupid. She gave me a hug and a kiss. She gave me the sixty-one cents. Then I had to drive home very slowly because she wouldn’t get off the bike. She rode home on the sidewalk, and as I drove along slowly beside her it occurred to me that this was a parable for the Atonement of Christ.

We all want something desperately—it isn’t a bicycle. We want the celestial kingdom. We want to be with our Father in Heaven. And no matter how hard we try, we come up short. At some point we realize, “I can’t do this!” That was the point my wife had reached. It is at that point that the sweetness of the gospel covenant comes to our taste as the Savior proposes, “I’ll tell you what. All right, you’re not perfect. How much do you have? What can you do? Where are you now? Give me all you’ve got, and I’ll pay the rest. Give me a hug and a kiss; enter into a personal relationship with me, and I will do what remains undone.”

There is good news and bad news here. The bad news is that he still requires our best effort. We must try, we must work—we must do all that we can. But the good news is that having done all we can, it is enough—for now. Together we’ll make progress in the eternities, and eventually we will become perfect—but in the meantime, we are perfect only in a partnership, in a covenant relationship with him. Only by tapping his perfection can we hope to qualify.”

How do you feel knowing we can’t make it back to Heavenly Father on our own and that Jesus, our Savior, is there and has made up all the difference?  How can you earn your “61 cents”?  How can we do all that we can?  How does this give you hope?

I made a pink bike version and a green bike version.  Click HERE to download.

If you have time, it would be fun to take a family bike ride!!