Elf on the Shelf & the Legos

This morning we found Richie amidst the Legos.  He looked like he’d been playing there all night long!  The children awoke to find this note and a special Christmas set of Legos from Richie.  


Elf on the Shelf Outfit

Last night Sally wrote to our elf:
Dear Richie,
I want to be an Elf.
Love, Sally
This is what we found in the morning!!  An elf outfit!


Richie the Elf brings the North Pole to our Home

Last night my 5 year old wrote our Elf a note that said, 
Dear Richie,
Will you take me to the North Pole with you?
Love, Sally

 In the morning, we awoke to the North Pole at our house!  There was white fluffy stuff and snow and snowflakes everywhere!  There was a note from Richie saying that he couldn’t take Sally with him, so he brought the North Pole to her.  She was so tickled!

 Richie looks pretty cozy with Anna from the movie Frozen.  Last year he was all into Rapunzel.  That Richie!!

 There were snowflakes strung all over – all different shapes and sizes!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas thanks to Richie!


Elf on the Shelf Traffic Jam

We woke up to a line of cars all the way around our house.  Richie, our Elf, was sitting in a Hummer in the traffic jam.

Marbles thought this was so much fun.  Every time he walked by the cars, he would hit a few and knock them out of line.

 That Richie!  He keeps us on our toes!!


Richie our Elf Returns!!

Thanksgiving night we found a mysterious package on our door step from the North Pole.  When we opened it up, it was Richie our Elf!!!  The box was full of goodies for a Hot Cocoa party: Three Christmas mugs, hot chocolate, ginger cookies, shortbread cookies, marshmallows, peppermint candies, chocolate santas, Christmas plates, and best of all Richie!

We were all so excited to see him!  I can’t believe he is back & I can’t wait to see what he’s up to all month!!


Elf on the Shelf Ideas

I love our Elf on the Shelf, Ritchie!  We look forward to when Richie arrivies and we cry when he leaves!   Here are a few of our Ritchie’s antics! Follow my Elf on the Shelf Pinterest Board HERE

elf on the shelf 8

Richie arrived at our home in a sealed Santa’s Workshop Lego set. We were all so surprised and we didn’t know he was inside for quite a while!

We found Richie and his reindeer in a roll of TP

elf on the shelf 10

Richie is somewhat of a card shark, sporting a full house in this game of Tripoley.

elf on the shelf 7



Richie gathered all the stuffed cats in the house an placed them on the stairs. He was found reading my “Think Like A Cat” book.


Sugar Angles


Hanging in the bathroom


This one was a little questionable 🙂

elf on the shelf 2

Bows all over the kitchen and stuck to any solid surface!

elf on the shelf 19

Hot Hot cocoa date with Anna

elf on the shelf 15

A little mischief with Snowflake Sally’s non-magical girl elf

elf on the shelf 11

Helping out with St. Nicholas Day

elf on the shelf 12

Chillin’ in the freezer with some North Pole Fat Boys!

elf on the shelf 14

Setting the table and serving everyone gingerbread men for breakfast.

elf on the shelf 13

Peppermint cotton candy for breakfast

IMG_2505On Christmas Eve Ritchie has extra magic so the children can hug him good bye….pass the kleenex!

elf on the shelf 5

elf on the shelf 4

Richie & Rapunzel sharing a bottle of syrup

Of course the toilet papering of the Christmas Tree!

The M&M bath

Crusin’ around with Merida in the back of the truck

Chillin’ in the freezer

Sleeping in

The underwear display

Epic game of Battleship with Rudolph

Dry erase marker on the school pictures

Crape paper barricade

Elf-size tea party

Red marker Rudolph Noses on the children

Again – hangin’ with Rapunzel

Popcorn party gone out of control

Good advice

Jokes are a hit with the 9 year old crowd!

Lego mini figures feeling neglected

Just fishin’

Richie loves his princesses!

Hanging by a stocking

Hiding in the wreath

Playing with the Vinylmation collection

Buckled up in the car

The day before Richie had to go back to the North Pole (December 24th) Richie was granted extra magic which meant we were able to hold him – but only that day.  This was such a thrill to my little girl – this was the most special day ever.


My Favorite April Fool’s Day Ideas

I have to admit April Fools Day is not my most celebrated holiday.  I am not a big prankster.  I also don’t like eating food that looks like I am eating a different kind of food; and I don’t really like hurting people’s feelings.  Here are some happy April Fool’s Day ideas that won’t leave anyone crying or calling the police:
(These are very reminiscent of pranks our Elf on the Shelf, Richie, might be involved with, hmmmmm – maybe we want to remember these in December!)
This one is cute.  Put sticky strip on the inside flap of the Ziploc so it won’t open.  Switch the contents of the chip bag for different snacks and re-seal.  And don’t you love the worm coming out of the apple!!
Hide all the utensils in the house and eat your meals with your hands!!
Bunch up toilet paper and stuff it down in the toe of the shoes.
Switch the cereal and the boxes and see how long it takes for everyone to catch on.
I just think this is adorable!!
I love this!  I want my fridge to look like this every day!!


“Popping” in with Richie

This morning we found a trail of popcorn leading to a popcorn explosion with Richie right in the middle of it!!

 There was popcorn everywhere!!  Oh Richie!!!

Keeping up with Richie the Elf

Richie the elf has for sure been busy!  He got into the rubber stamps and stamped a note.  The note said to look in the mirror.  Hmmmmm, why is Richie holding a red marker?  Oh!  Once we looked in the mirror we noticed we all had Rudolph noses!  (My 13 year old thought she had the world’s largest zit….poor thing)

Then Richie was found sitting in one of the Christmas trees fishing for goldfish with a candy cane fishn’ pole!

 We found Rapunzel tied to the mistletoe and Richie hanging from Rapunzel’s long braid.  We think he has a crush on Rapunzel!  This confirms our suspicions 🙂

This appears to be a double date we happened upon one morning.  Here Richie is playing mini Uno cards with Merida, Flynn and Rapunzel.  Looks like Flynn and Rapunzel must be back together after the mistletoe incident!

 Flynn Rider is sooooo handsome!!

Checking in with Richie the Elf

Richie our elf has been surprising, delighting, and entertaining our family!  Here are his latest antics:
Sippin’ syrup with Rapunzel, Richie’s latest crush 🙂
 Richie tucked in a doll bed (he was reading a book, but Sally took it)
 Tied up by those mean Lego guys (this one is all over the internet, maybe that’s where Richie got it from!)

 Just chilaxin’ in the freezer….and now wearing a blue scarf!
 Crape paper sabotage.  You can’t see Richie in the photo, but he is all tangled up in the red crape paper.
We made Richie some tiny spritz cookies and left him a little cup of milk. 
 Every night there is a note by Richie from one of the children – it is sooooo cute!  My children wake up early every morning to try and be the first to spot him.  How we love Richie!!