Polyester Flowers

 We made these in Relief Society.  They were really fun and super easy!! 

To make these, get your polyester fabric – sheer and thin seemed to work the best.  Cut out circles – lots of variety in the sizes.  I played with mine – but a 5 or 6 inch circle worked the best for the largest pieces. 

Next cut slits like in the diagram below.  The deeper the slits the deeper the petals.  The more slits the more petals.  Again, it was fun to play around to get the look I wanted.

Then take a candle and hold the edges of the fabric above the flame so the fabric singes & melts.  This creates the ruffelly petally look.  And who doesn’t love to play with fire while crafting!!

Finally I pinched the centers of the flowers and hand sewed them all together.  You can add buttons, beads, rhinestones, or anything to the centers – the possibilities are endless!  I hot glued an alligator clip to the back so Sally (or mommy) can wear!!

5 Minute Fix-Up

 I literally had five minutes to pull this outfit together.  I had bought a stack of solid shirts for Sally hoping to embellish or “fix up”.  I have tons of ideas pinned on Pinterest – ruffels, gathers, buttons, etc.  Not today – but the shirt still came out cute!  I drew a crazy daisy on some Heat Bond.  Ironed it to the yellow fabric, cut it out, ironed it to the T-shirt & stitched it in hot pink thread with the Free Motion foot.  Added a center to the flower & stitched that as well.

For the headband – I cut 2″ WOF of the yellow fabric.  I didn’t even hem the edge.  I ran a gathering stitch along the length.  Gathered & hot glued it to a circle of felt.  Made a quick fabric button & hot glued that into the center.  Done!!

 Don’t you love the dangly clip-on earrings!  I got them at an estate sale for $1!