Garage Sale Saturday

It’s Saturday which means I set my alarm and get up earlier than I do the entire week to go Garage Sale-ing!  I was quite happy with my finds today!!!

Wood frame – I wonder what color I am going to spray paint it!! $1

 I found this vintage Arts and Crafts book.  I love the owl on the cover – it’s going on display in my sewing room.  $1

 I found a new Pyrex dish I don’t have – I was super excited almost in tears when I found it!  Mint condition $1

 I got this cute little bird china plate – it’s not vintage but has a vintage look.  50 cents

 I love this antique barrel.  It had an antique store tag on it saying $85 – I paid $5!!

And lastly, my FAVORITE….a vintage hand made, hand quilted bow tie quilt.  I couldn’t believe it was just laying on a lady’s front lawn.  It was calling my name – I NEVER find anything like this at garage sales.  It had an antique store tag on it $385 – I paid $5 for it!!  I am on a shoppers high 🙂 
Do you like to go to garage sales?