Pantry Cupboard Re-Do

I am in the process of repainting my kitchen. Today’s project is the pantry cupboard. I saw this cool paintable-textured wallpaper at Lowe’s. So I thought I would give it a try. The photos are a little dark as I do my best work in the wee hours of the night!!

First you measure the space you want to cover and cut the wallpaper those dimensions. I used my quilting rotary cutter and mat and it worked like a dream. Then I followed the wallpaper instructions. Soak the paper for 30 seconds, let it sit for 5 minutes, then apply, smoothing out the air bubbles and wiping off the excess glue.

I applied a piece to each of the panels on the cupboards and let it dry over night.

Now the fun part begins. I wanted the wallpaper to match the rest of the cabinets so I first needed it to be red like the rest of the kitchen. It was hard to get out the Tomato Red paint when I am wanting to cover it up!

I let the red dry then it was time to paint the aqua color over the doors. I left bits of the red showing through on the texture part to give it the rustic feel I am going for.

When that step was done and dry, I sanded the edges of the doors so the red would show through here and there.

I then applied a coat of Polycrylic. This is a non-coloring protective coat that will keep the paint from chipping and give some durability to the wallpaper.

I love the finished look. The wallpaper looks like it was always part of the doors!

Paint that Kitchen Table!

This is our kitchen table. We bought it when we were first married….15 years ago! The finish has worn off the top and over the years it has turned this yellow/gold color. Time for a new look.

We sanded down the chairs and table. I had lots of helpers!David bought an attachment to his compressor so we could spray paint the table and chairs. First the primer, then the white paint.
We sanded the table top down to the wood and applied a new stain. It looked so pretty all natural.

We applied a mix of 2 stains to get the color we wanted. Then, I distressed the chairs and table legs a touch. We painted several coats of polyurethane on and we were done! It looks like a new kitchen! On one of my favorite blogs, Just a Girl, she commented, “I may never buy new furniture again!” I agree!

David asked if I was going to “display” anything on the table – meaning, are you going to junk it up with a centerpiece. He said, “if it were me, I would have all the counter tops and table tops empty.” I then told him, I haven’t had a centerpiece on the table since Christmas, it has been all the kids junk they won’t put away. As for the counters, I don’t “display” anything there either – I need as much working space as I can get!