Backyard Roses Quilt Blocks


I am so happy to be part of the Backyard Roses blog tour!  And how timely is the release of this fabric as all the “Backyard” roses in Southern California are in full bloom today!

backyard roses fabric 2

I am so excited about this new fabric line from Riley Blake Designs designed by Nadra Ridgeway!!  The colors are so bright and cheerful and they match my house perfectly!

For my project I decided to problem solve.  I have this narrow strip of wall in my family room that corners into the kitchen.  I just repainted my family room last week and I wanted something new and fresh hanging there.  Backyard roses was the perfect solution!  I got out my Farm Girl Vintage Book and began selecting some of my favorite quilt blocks.


I made each of the 4 quilt blocks in the 12″ size.  I quilted diagonal lines going one direction about 1.5″ apart.  Then I bound each of the four little quilts.

backyard roses fabric 6

I love how the fabrics play together!!

backyard roses fabric 10

Here you can see a little peek into my kitchen from the wall where I hung them.

backyard roses fabric 8

How do you hang your little quilts?  I find the smallest pins possible and I hammer them in through the corners of the quilt into the wall.  I figure my quilts usually have pins in them so no harm there and it makes a super tiny hole in the wall!backyard roses fabric 5

I am so excited how this little project turned out and don’t the colors totally just go with my kitchen!

backyard roses fabric 9

I get excited every time I walk by this little wall!!

IMG_6514  I love all the amazing projects on this blog hop.  Check out this list of all the talented designers participating.   Thanks so much to Nadra and Riley Blake Designs for the wonderful fabric and all the inspiration  🙂

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Classic Heirloom Quilts – Fat Quarter Shop Sew Along


I love the classic style of Heirloom quilts, don’t you!  I have inherited several quilts from my Great-Great Grandmother, Veda.  These quilts are such treasures to me.  When I look at these quilts with their hand cutting, hand piecing and hand quilting, I marvel at the the time and love that went into their construction.  Veda was a poor farmer’s wife with 3 daughters living in Kansas.  I hope my attempts at quilting make her proud.


This is one of Veda’s red and white quilts – all those triangles!!  I love this book, Classic & Heirloom Quilts inspired from the 1800’s.  There is even a video you can watch!! I choose to make a small quilt with Riley Blake Designs Strawberry Biscuit fabric.  Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 9.03.14 PMI love this pattern because it uses 2.5″ cuts and it’s a perfect scrap-buster as well.  This book shows how to make each of the 8 patterns in a mini, throw, or queen size quilt.


Mufasa was very helpful in messing up all my rows I had lined up!IMG_5979

Then he redeemed himself by taking a very smart photo next to the finished quilt 🙂  IMG_5996

In piecing this quilt I used my favorite method of “grab and go” which means I didn’t lay any blocks out – it’s totally random.  Some “like” prints ended up next to each other and I’m totally ok with that, it makes it unique!IMG_5998

Jewelry Pouch Travel Set

jewelry pouch

I am so excited to share this project with you!!  I LOVE jewelry!  (Especially Twisted Silver Jewelry) This is the perfect way to store your jewelry when you travel so it doesn’t get tangled or damaged.  You can sew as many of these little pouches as you want and they all fit in this zipper bag.  This would make such a great gift for Mother’s Day, Birthday, or Graduation.  The full tutorial is over on the Therm O Web zipper pouch 21

All the fabrics are from Riley Blake Designs Vintage Market Fabric Line by Tasha Noel.  I used Heat n Bond Fusible Fleece in the zipper bag and then a medium weight fusible stabilizer in the little pouches.

jewelry zipper pouch 9

Each little pouch has a button closure.

jewelry zipper pouch 13


Full Access Zipper Pouch Tutorial

full access zipper pouch tutorial

I love making zipper pouches – any shape and any size!  They are perfect for every situation and every occasion!!  This is a tutorial for how to make a “full access” or “open wide” zipper pouch.  This method will work for any measurements of zipper pouch.  Before we get started, prepare the outer bag, lining, and stabilizer or quilt batting.

My favorite zipper pouch dimensions:

6.5″ x 9″

8″ x 11″

and this one is 7.5″ x 9″

Cut (2) outer bag pieces the same size.  The one above is pieced.  You can piece the outer bag in any design, as long as the measurements are the same as the back and the lining.

Cut (2) lining fabrics the same size

Cut (2) stabilizer pieces or batting pieces also the same size

Fuse the stabilizer to the outer bag pieces, or quilt the outer bag pieces.

And now for the zipper…..

I always use a zipper that is larger than I need.

Mark a straight line on the wrong side of the zipper, as pictured below.  This will provide a way to make sure the zipper matches up.

zipper pouch tutorial

Place the 2 outer bag pieces as pictured below, as thought the zipper was in the center.  Place a mark 1/2″ from the left edge and 1 1/2″ from the right edge, as shown below.

zipper pouch marking guide

Place the zipper face down on the front piece of the bag:

zipper pouch tutorial. 4

Match up the mark on the zipper and the 1/2″ mark on the bag with the end of the zipper trailing off as pictured below:zipper pouch tutorial. 3

Continue to pin the zipper along the raw edge of the bag front.   zipper pouch tutorial. 6

Now place one of the lining pieces face down on the bag front/zipper portion.  Align the raw edges along the top and pin in place.

zipper pouch tutorial. 10

Using a zipper foot, sew along the pinned edge.  The front end of the zipper should be trailing out of the seam, and the marked lines should match up.  Kind of curve the zipper in to make sure the marks meet exactly.

Continue sewing and stop the needle in the down position at the 1 1/2″ mark.  Move the zipper tail to the right  and continue sewing right off the zipper and all the way along the raw edge.  You should not be sewing the zipper once you hit the 1 1/2″ mark.

zipper pouch tutorial. 1

Once you turn the outer bag piece facing out, this is what it should look like:

zipper pouch tutorial. 7

Position the outer bag back piece next to the zipper as pictured above. Repeat the same process of sewing the zipper, only on the opposite side.  Match the marks at the 1/2″ point.  Then put the second bag lining piece on top, right side down.  Pin along the top and sew with the zipper foot.

zipper pouch tutorial. 9  You will need to sew this portion “opposite” with the needle moved all the way over to the opposite side and the bulk of the zipper pouch next to the throat of the sewing machine.

zipper pouch tutorial. 11

Stop sewing at the 1 1/2″ mark and pull the zipper end to the right and continue sewing (below)

zipper pouch tutorial. 12

This is how the bag should look now:zipper pouch tutorial. 13

zipper pouch tutorial. 14

Trim off the excess zipper of the front only, leave the tail.zipper pouch tutorial. 15

WITH THE ZIPPER PARTIALLY OPEN, match right sides together of the lining pieces and right sides together of the outer bag pieces, tuck the zipper tail way inside this unit so it doesn’t get caught in the seam.  Pin all the way around, matching the seams.zipper pouch tutorial. 16

Sew all the way around the bag using a 1/4″ seam allowance.  Leave a 3″ opening on one of the bag lining sides for turning.zipper pouch tutorial. 18

This part will differ depending on the bag you are making.  I like to use a 1 1/4″ or a 1 1/2″ notch.  Cut a pattern square the desired size of the notch.  Cut this notch out of each corner.zipper pouch tutorial. 19

After the notches have been cut, open the corner of the bag so the bottom seams match up and pin:zipper pouch tutorial. 20

Sew a 1/4″ seam along each of the 4 corners, back-stitching at the start and stop of the seam.zipper pouch tutorial. 22This is how the bag should look now (above).  Turn the bag right side out and top stitch the opening closed.
zipper pouch tutorial. 23

Press the lining down inside the bag and top stitch all the way around the top of the bag 1/4″ away from the top.zipper pouch tutorial. 24

To finish the zipper, make a zipper tab.  Cut an accent piece 3 1/2″ x 2″.zipper pouch tutorial. 25

Press the short ends under 1/4″ and the sides in enough to match the width of the zipper.  Then press in half.zipper pouch tutorial. 26

Cut the zipper tail to the desired length and then place the zipper tab over the end of the zipper.  Pin.  Top stitch all the way around the zipper tab.zipper pouch tutorial. 27

And it’s finished!!!

zipper pouch tutorial. 28

These are some of my favorite zipper pouch tutorials:

theme print zipper pouch tiger lilyanchor zipper pouchzipper pouch father's day

“Flower Patchy” a Half Square Triangle Mini Quilt Pattern

flower patchy

Sometimes you just need some cute fabrics and a fun little project to brighten your day!  I received my Cotton Crate shipment in the mail and it was filled with Riley Blake Designs’ Calico Days!  I was super excited to make a little quilt using just what came in the box!  calico days quilt

Every month Cotton Crates will deliver a box of 12 high quality fat quarters right to your door!  I loved having everything coordinated so I could jump right into sewing, instead of auditioning fabrics all afternoon!  This is the perfect little quilt to put on a table, fold over a chair, or add to your mini quilt wall!  It could also change with the seasons, I’m thinking Halloween with pumpkins or Christmas with trees, or nautical with anchors!  This is also the perfect go-to pattern when you need a hand made gift.  I did not lay out my fabrics ahead of time, I wanted it to look scrappy.

calico days quilt. 20

Let’s get started on this fun little project!

12 fat quarters, these cuties are from Calico Days by Riley Blake Designs

Sizzix 4 1/2″ half square triangle die

Sizzix Flower & Leaves Bigz die

Heat n Bond Lite

1/2 yard binding

1 yard backing

All seams 1/4″, Finished Quilt 28″ square

I am so in love with the Sizzix Half Square Triangle (HST) dies!  I can’t believe it took me this long to finally try it.  I always thought I didn’t need this die because there are so many fast ways to make HSTs!  WRONG!  This die is amazing!  It is notched right at the 1/4″ so there are no little dog ears to cut off.  Which means the triangles line up and match up PERFECTLY!  NO SQUARING UP AFTER!  This is such a fast way to cut these.  And you can cut 6 layers at one time!  Follow the diagram below for step by step instructions:

sizzix hst

I have heard  people say that die cutting triangles wastes fabric.  Not here!  Cut the fabric in strips 5″ wide.  Once cut there is only a tiny amount of fabric left.

calico days quilt. 4


The HST  is 4 1/2″ square which means it finishes at 4″ once in a quilt.

Once all your HSTs are put together, cut 9 low volume squares 4 1/2″.  This is the background for the applique.

Using the left over pieces of the fat quarters, cut small pieces and fuse Heat n Bond Lite to the back.

calico days quilt. 9

You can use any flower shape, I choose to use this one:

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 8.42.25 AM

Make sure you have your cat do all your die cutting so it will be purrrrrrrfect 🙂

calico days quilt. 13         Once you have cut the flowers, peel off the baking paper and fuse them to the 4 1/2″ squares.  Top stitch around each piece. calico days quilt. 12

Mufasa really can’t get enough of the Sizzix machine!  I am super careful so we don’t get our paws pinched.  calico days quilt. 14

Lay the quilt out in 7 rows of 7, placing the flower applique blocks as shown below.calico days quilt. 15

Sew each block together and press in rows.  Press the seams of the rows in alternate directions.  You can press seams open, I lost patience in doing this 🙂


Match each intersection and pin.  Make sure to watch the points when you are sewing.  I scant my seams on this part.calico days quilt. 16

Baste, quilt, and bind!calico days quilt. 19  I love how charming this little quilt turned out.  And I sewed it in a few hours!!

calico days quilt. 3

Vintage Kitchen Blog Hop and Quilt Tutorial


I am so thrilled to be part of the Vintage Kitchen Blog Tour!  Andrea from Jolijou has designed this amazing vintage inspired kitchen theme fabric!!  You can see all the wonderful prints here on the Riley Blake Designs Website.vintage kitchen quilt 5

It is the perfect colors of vintage Pyrex dishes.

vintage kitchen quilt 2 I created this quilt called “Cat in the Kitchen”.  It is made up of hourglass blocks and 9-patch blocks.  What could be more fun!! IMG_5395Each of the 9-patch blocks has a kitty in the center – just like in my kitchen….with Mufasa constantly in the center of it all.

vintage kitchen quilt I have created a few little instruction guides to help you put this quilt together.

Assortment of Vintage Kitchen fabrics 1/3 yard each (4 blues, 2 pinks, 3 low volume, 2 yellow, cats, and others to mix in)
Solid White 1 1/3 yard
3 yards backing
1/2 yard binding
Begin by creating the hourglass blocks and 9-patch blocks.  All seams are 1/4″.

hourglass instructions

9 Patch Block – pinks & yellows with cats in the center.


The edges of the quilt are finished with flying geese blocks and rectangles.  flying geeseLay out the quilt as suggested below:

quilt layout

Assemble the quilt together in rows, pinning at each intersection and pressing.  Make sure your cat walks all over it for inspection before you quilt it!!!


I am so happy with how this quilt came together!  The fabrics were so much fun to sew with!  My mind is just racing with more ideas of fun things to sew with this fabric!!!


Check out all the other amazing projects that my friends are making as part of this blog hop!!vintage kitchen quilt 6

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Wonderland {by Riley Blake Designs } Easter Dress

wonderland blog hop

Thanks for hopping over here as part of the Riley Blake Designs Wonderland Blog Hop….or should I say Bunny Hop Hoppity Hop!  I am so in love with this fabric line “Wonderland” by my friend, Melissa Mortenson.


Melissa is the cutest ever!  She writes amazing patterns and books, designs fabric, and writes a sewing & craft blog called The Polka Dot Chair.  I am grateful to be a part of this blog hop!Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 9.08.47 AM

When I saw this fabric I knew I wanted to sew Sally an Easter dress.  I am so happy that Sally is still thrilled at clothes I make for her.  Please don’t grow up!!!  This is my favorite girl dress style: little puffy sleeve, collar, sash, pleats and a long skirt.  I was actually surprised at this Simplicity Pattern #1211 .  It followed traditional dress construction and was fairly simple to put together.  I am hoping to make 5 more!!!  Look at all the fun variations you can make!



It’s always a little scary cutting into yards of fabric!!


But with a little help from my friend Jennifer and her cute bunnies, it was a snap!


I think this is the definition of sweet 🙂

wonderland dress 11

Sally was thrilled to hear she would get to model the dress with real bunnies!

wonderland dress 10

The bunnies look all soft and cuddly, but you can’t see all the scratch marks on Sally’s arms!!

wonderland dress 16

I love the pleats in the skirt portion of the dress rather than gathers, it gives it such a classic, clean look.  And of course who doesn’t love a but accent strip on the bottom of the skirt!

wonderland dress 7

Did I mention I love bunnies?wonderland dress 1

This fabric is so amazing and soft.  I would totally wear a skirt out of the bunny print.  Too bad I don’t have any left over 🙁

wonderland dress 2

I think this poor bunny is saying “I’ve had enough, put me down!”  wonderland dress 6               Thanks for stopping by!  I can’t wait to see all the other fabulous projects on this blog hop!!

Sizzix Bunny Kitchen Towel

bunny towel

Today, on the Sizzix blog, I am sharing one of my favorite little projects to sew: Kitchen Towels!  Hop on over there for the full tutorial!

sizzix bunny towel 5 Kitchens usually don’t have a lot of wall space or places to hang quilts or cute crafty projects.  I love hanging home made towels on my oven, it gives the kitchen that cozy feeling!  Theses sweet towels also make the perfect gift!  Who wouldn’t want one of these!  I choose some of my favorite Riley Blake Fabric Prints from some of my favorite designers.  sizzix bunny towel 10

I am also using my most favorite Sizzix Bunny Die (I’m sure I’ve said that many times!!)  I love using my Sizzix Fabi to cut these bunnies!  It’s so fast and easy!


And you can die cut several at one time!


I could cut these bunnies out all day long!  They are so much fun and oh so cute when they are leaping all over!


I used my ruffling foot to sew the ruffle – this is also a time saver!


I used Heat n Bond Lite to fuse the bunny.  I also used my new Oliso Pro iron.  It’s a dream!!!


I love how sweet they are with the soft colors!



I want to keep them all for myself!!     I love that these colors are perfect Pyrex colors!  I might just have a slight Pyrex obsession!!sizzix bunny towel 3

sizzix bunny towel 7

sizzix bunny towel 6        sizzix bunny towel 4

Wonderland Bunny Pillow

wonderland bunny pillow tutorial

I’m pretty sure every spring I make a new bunny pillow!  Throw pillows are such a fun way to get your fabric fix!  I can’t get enough of these adorable bunny faces!  This new fabric line designed by Melissa Mortensen of the Polka Dot Chair is called Wonderland from Riley Blake Designs.


I kept the pillow design simple so the bunnies would be the focal point!  If you have about 30 minutes, you can make one too!


1/2 yard Bunny Main Print

1/8 yard accent strip

1/4 yard second accent strip

20″ x 20″ piece of fabric for the back

20″ pillow form

accent trim, optional

cotton batting

22″ zipper


First get out your fabrics and have your cat roll all over them 🙂

bunny pillow measurements

Next, cut the fabrics according to the above measurements.  Using 1/4″ seams, sew the pieces together and press seams in one direction.


Baste the pillow top to a piece of batting and quilt straight lines every 3/4″.  After it is quilted, trim the pillow front so it measures 20″x20″.  The reason we made it 21″ to begin with is because it can shrink a little when quilting.  This way we get an exact 20″ square.  From this point you can finish the pillow how ever you want.  I basted some neutral color trim onto the pillow front.


I always finish my pillows by inserting a zipper in the back of the pillow.  You can choose the invisible zipper method (here)  or the exposed yet covered up zipper method (here).  I added a piece of lace to cover the zipper.  I love the pink hounds-tooth on the back.


Guess who also loves this pillow?

wonderland bunny pillow 5


wonderland bunny pillow 2

The back of the pillow is almost cute enough to stand on its own!     IMG_5011

I love the texture the straight line quilting gives the pillow!wonderland bunny pillow 6

I love bunnies and I love spring!!!   IMG_5003

Surf Report Quilt Featuring Off Shore by Riley Blake Designs

surf report cover

I grew up in a family that listened to the Beach boys every day. I grew up in a family whose parents were from Southern California and surfed at beaches such as Doheny, San Onofre, and Rincon.  I grew up with a dad who made surfboards in the garage and my favorite smell was the smell of hot surfboard resin. I grew up with a stack of surfer magazines in my room and pictures of cute surfer boys plastered all over my walls. I grew up spending weeks at Newport Beach with my cousins in the summer.   I grew up admiring surfers like Kelly Slater, Mark Occhilupo,  and Tom Carroll and watching The Endless Summer on the weekends.  I grew up in California.

off shore quilt 9

This fabric that Dena Rutter created for Riley Blake Designs called Off Shore, embodies all the classic iconic surf culture that I remember as a kid: The lazy days at the beach, riding your bike down the boardwalk, and just hanging out at the beach house. This quilt that I designed is called Surf Report because it has five blocks on the top and the bottom for the five-day surf report forecast.   From looking at the fabric,  it looks like sunny skies, offshore winds and chest high surf.  FYI here is today’s surf report:

WNW swell will continue to show a little better through the day as the period comes down some and the peak energy trends a little more west. Improving conditions through the afternoon as the tide drops, before draining most spots on approach to a 0.6′ low at 5:49pm. Winds are light onshore.

off shore quilt

I love the block in this quilt because it reminds me of a iconic tribal surf image and it’s very masculine. I am so excited to be giving this quilt to my dad for his birthday.  In fact, the whole family is taking him to a Beach Boys concert to celebrate.  I think he will love this quilt!  You can download this pattern for FREE by clicking here.  Tag me on Instagram when you make yours!!

off shore quilt 7

Mufasa totally approves of this “guy” quilt.

off shore quilt 6

This quilt is perfect for the boy or guy in your life.  It’s totally masculine and totally cool!

off shore quilt 3

If you give your quilts as gifts, make sure to hug them before you give them away!!

off shore quilt 2  off shore quilt 4

As always, bias plaid binding!!!!!

off shore quilt 8   Surfing is the life, the rest is details 🙂off shore quilt 10