Mini Mini Quilt {Sizzix Jar Applique}

jar mini quilt


Sometimes something small is better than something big 🙂  I designed this mini mini quilt for a sweet friend.  It can be hung from a clothespin, tacked to a wall or bulletin board, or placed in a hutch; where ever you need a little happy!  I love this jar die by Lori Whitlock.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 9.56.59 PM

I was thrilled to meet up with Lori at Quilt Market!  She is a super talented designer of fabric, paper, Sizzix dies, and crafts.IMG_8221

Let’s get started!!


Sizzix Jar #2 Die

(8) 2 1/2″ squares of white dot

(8) 2 1/2″ squares pink print

Fabric for jar, lid, and hearts

Heat n Bond Lite

2 1/2″ x WOF binding



Bakers Twine

Heart Charm



All seams 1/4″.  Begin by sewing the 2 1/2″ squares together in an alternating pattern with 4 rows of 4.  Press.


Fuse the Heat n Bond Lite to the wrong side of the jar fabric, lid fabric, and heart fabric. IMG_0444

As you can see this is a great scrap buster!!!IMG_0445

Die cut the jar, the lid and the hearts.  I die cut 11 hearts.  Peel off the backing paper.


Position the hearts on the jar and the jar on the quilt block.  Mufasa and I are working very late tonight!!IMG_0449

Press the applique pieces in place.

Baste the backing fabric, batting, and quilt block.  Quilt.  I quilted loop de loos around the jar, then quilted with dark gray thread outlining the jar and lid.  I also quilted inside each heart.  Square up the quilt block and add the binding.


Tie a bow out of bakers twine and tack it to the side of the jar.  I added a little silver heart charm – yes I’m cute 🙂


I hope you love making this project!  I can’t wait to make more and give for gifts.  You might want to tuck this little idea away for Valentines Day!!


Clownfish iPad Case Tutorial

ipad case clownfish sizzix

My family LOVES the Finding Dorey movie!!  When Sizzix released this new fish die at Quilt Market I knew it was for me!

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 10.12.26 AMUsing this new die and the circle die you can create this fun pouch.  I wanted a case that would fit my iPad.  Then my daughter decided she wanted it 🙂


It also fits a few composition books or the medium size coloring or sketch book.  If you would rather a different size, simply change up the measurements to fit your needs!  Lets get started!


Being by choosing a variety of blue fabrics from dark to light.  Fuse Heat n Bond lite to the back of each fabric (I cut mine in 5″ squares for easy die cutting).  Die cut the circles.  I used the circle die that has 1.5″, 2″, and 2.5″ circles.IMG_8412

Make sure your Sizzix obsessed cat is nearby to assist 🙂

Cut (2) 10″ x 12″ pieces of denimn weight fabric.  I used Crossroads Denim.  Here is where you can change the measurements if you want.  This is a generous size for the iPad. I wanted it to fit with my sweet leopard print case 🙂IMG_8415

Peel off all the backing papers and begin arranging the circles, overlapping so no background fabric is showing.  I started at the bottom with the dark blues.  IMG_8417

Once it is how you like, press with a hot dry iron.IMG_8424

Spray baste this to the cotton batting and quilt as desired.  I quilted random wavy lines throughout.  I am so in love with this!!!IMG_8426

Do the same with the back piece.IMG_8435

Die cut 2 fish going opposite directions, again, using Heat n Bond Lite.

IMG_8438If you want you can paint a little detail on the fish.  We used regular acrylic paint.


Position the fish and heat set into place.  Stitch around each fish 2 times.IMG_8436

Cut 2 pieces of the backing fabric the same size as the outer bag fabric.  I always remeasure the outer bag pieces after quilting because it will shrink a little.   IMG_8447

Sew a zipper in the top.  You can use this tutorial for inserting a zipper into a zipper pouch and finishing the bag.IMG_8454

I love how it turned out.  I can’t wait to use this circle background technique on a mini quilt!!IMG_8456

Pixie Noel Blog Tour – Snowflake Quilt Tutorial

snowflake quilt tutorial

It’s my turn on the Pixie Noel Blog Tour!  Yay!  I have been in love with this fabric as soon as I saw Tasha Noel post a few sneak peeks months and months ago!  I love how whimsical her art is and I love her choice of colors!

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 1.33.33 PM It was a little bit challenging to sew with winter fabric when the temperatures here in Southern California have been in the 110’s and our town is literally ablaze!   I decided to beat the heat by creating this whimsical snowflake quilt.

I don’t know about you, but cutting snowflakes and sewing snowflakes is not on my top 10 list of favorite things to do.  Super time consuming!  This quilt has 2 amazing shortcuts that will have you whipping one up in an afternoon.

First, all the snowflakes were die cut on my Sizzix Fabi – 3 at a time!

Second, the snowflakes are appliqued using Heat n Bond Ultra which means no tedious applique top stitching necessary!  Heat n Bond Ultra is heavier than Heat n Bond Lite which I normally use for applique.  The Ultra requires no sewing.   Just cut, press, and go!  The snowflakes get sewn over during the quilting process – which helps incorporate them into the quilt and makes it even more durable.


Here’s how you can make one:


55″ Heat n Bond Ultra

Sizzix snowflake die

1 yard white fabric

1 yard aqua main fabric (or additional if you want to fussy cut)

fat quarters for applique, red, navy, green



Cut (32) 6.5″ squares of white fabric

Cut (32) 6.5″ squares of the aqua Pixie Noel theme print

Cut the Heat n Bond Ultra into 5″ strips.  Fuse to the wrong side of the snowflake fat quarters.


Make sure your cat helps you die cut the snowflakes.


We cut 3 at a time.

IMG_0234Peel off the backing.

Center the snowflakes on the white squares and heat set with hot dry iron.


Die cut 6 green snowflakes, 12 navy snowflakes, and 12 red snowflakes.

Lay out the quilt according to the diagram below:


Sew the squares together in rows using 1/4″ seams.  Press each row alternately.  Sew rows together pinning at each intersection.


I always use Spray n Bond to baste my quilts – its fast, secure, and no pinning!  Seriously this quilt can be made in a matter of hours!!

I quilted loops and stars.  I sewed right over the snowflakes.  It helps to make them feel like part of the quilt and not puff out.


I love that there are 3 stripe colors to choose from in Pixie Noel.  Even better, they are printed on the bias which makes cutting bias striped binding a snap!!!



Mufasa loves the quilt!  Don’t tell him it’s not for him 🙂

pixie noel quilt 5

Thanks for stopping by!!!!  Happy Christmas in July 🙂  pixie noel quilt

Sizzix Anchor Baby Quilt

anchor baby quilt cover

I’m super exited to be sharing my latest pattern for this adorable nautical baby quilt on the Sizzix blog !  I love giving quilts as gifts and this is the perfect pattern that you can sew up in a day.  The fabrics are from Dear Stella and I love that they are not traditional baby girl fabrics.  I know my ocean-loving Sister-In-Law will just love this!IMG_8957

Mufasa was very helpful on this project!



You can read the full tutorial here. It can totally be made start to finish in a day!  The best kind of project!!







This is such a great size baby quilt and you could easily change up the center die for a heart, flower, animal, or holiday die!!



AT-AT Star Wars Mini Quilt

AT-AT Walker quiltI recently participated in a May The 4th Mini Quilt Swap on Instagram.  This is the quilt I made for my swap partner.  I really wanted to bring out the feel of this scene in The Empire Strikes back.  I am totally in love with it!

star wars at-at quilt 7

To make this quilt you need to gather every shade of gray fabric you own, beginning with white and ending with black.  This quilt is made up of 4 rows, 3 are pieced and one is machine appliqued.  Each row from the bottom moving up gets darker.

star wars at-at quilt 9

Since there were so many half square triangles (HST) in this quilt I pulled out my HST Sizzix Die.  This extra long die has 14 HST on the die AND you can cut up to 6 layers – that’s 84 at once!  And they all are totally perfect and it makes 2 1/2″ square when constructed.

star wars at-at quilt 10

This die is a little bit trickier when using it around cats.  I had to have one hand on the wheel and the other hand blocking his paw so it wouldn’t get hurt 🙂

star wars at-at quilt 11

It’s best to cut out more triangles than you need for this project so you have plenty to choose from.  For each row you need 16 light and 16 dark HST.

star wars at-at quilt 14

See how each triangle is perfect!  No measuring!  For each row, match up 16 pairs of light and dark triangles.  Sew using 1/4″ seam.  Press toward the dark side…..heehee!

Tip:  To get a nice ombre effect, begin with white and light gray.  For the next row, use the light gray from the first row as the background and add in a darker gray.  For the next row use that same darker gray for the background and add in black.

star wars at-at quilt 13

If you want to make this quilt but don’t have a Sizzix machine, you will just need to sew HSTs that measure 2.5″.

star wars at-at quilt 15

Cut out 16 background squares 2.5″ each.  Cut a(4) center 2.5″ squares the same color as the points on the star.  Lay out the block as pictured above.  Sew together like you would a 9-patch.  Make 4 for each row.   I pressed the seams open.

star wars at-at quilt 12

Continue this process so you have (4) star blocks for each of the 3 rows.

star wars at-at quilt 16

They are coming together!  I love how it looks – very subtle.  Just like the Hoth System!

star wars at-at quilt 18

For the applique strip, cut a light colored fabric 6 1/2″ x 24 1/2″.  Download the images by clicking HERE.  You can print them directly on to Heat n Bond Lite EZ Print sheets, or trace them onto Heat n Bond Lite.  Press the Heat n Bond to the wrong side of the black fabric.  Let cool.  Cut out along the pattern line.  Peel off the backing paper and position it on the applique strip.  Heat set into place.  Top stitch with matching wars at-at quilt 5

Sew the strips together, pinning at each intersection and watching out for each of the points.  Press seams open.  Baste, Quilt, wars at-at quilt

May the Force Be With You!star wars at-at quilt 6

Baby Clothes Memory Quilt


My friend and her daughter recently came to visit all the way from Washington, DC.  She brought with her a huge bag of baby clothes that she had saved from her 5 babies and I helped her make this keepsake quilt.  This is such a great idea!  How many of us have boxes of baby clothes we can’t stand to part with but lets face it no one will ever where again.  This quilt keeps the memory of those sweet clothes alive but is now functional and way more attractive then a pile of wrinkled and stained clothes 🙂


We used my Sizzix Bog Shot machine and even the kids could help on this project.


It was helpful to cut off snaps, arms and legs of the fabric.  We used the Sizzix 4 1/2″ square die.  This project would have been difficult to cut on the rotary mat.  To cut with the Sizzix simply lay the piece on the die, double or single layer, wrap the rest of the clothing around the back of the die and then crank it through!  Again, I love getting kids involved in the process and this is such a great tool to do so.



We used every type of clothing and it all worked great: knit, cotton, sweater, valuer, waffle, denim, polyester.  Just make sure that all fabrics can be ironed.IMG_6468

Since each fabric has a different degree of stretch, it is necessary to back each square that stretches with Heat n Bond fusible stabilizer, light or medium weight is fine.IMG_6469

I cut the staibilizer in 4 1/2″ squares.  Fuse each stabilizer square to the wrong side of the fabric squares.


Lay out the quilt as desired and then sew the squares together in rows and the rows together.  Make sure to press the top of the fabric and NOT the side where the stabilizer is.  I was still able to use 1/4″ seams because the stabilizer kept everything from shifting.

IMG_6546      I basted and quilted this just like a regular quilt.  I quilted a little slower just to account for the varying degrees of thickness.  I was able to put a sweatshirt piece next to a thin polyester pj fabric and it totally worked!IMG_6595

We cut a few pieces of trim and top stitched them onto the blocks.


My favorite is the ACDC t-shirt!


Best of all my friend loved how it turned out because each piece has such a special meaning!  IMG_6594

Strawberry Festival Pillow Tutorial

pennant pillow

It feels like summer here in Southern California and that means fresh strawberries!  We always pick up a flat of juicy ripe berries on the way home from the beach.  This new fabric from Jennifer Jangles called Strawberry Festival totally reminds me of summer days eating strawberries and making strawberry jam!  This cheerful pillow is sure easy to make.  I used Heat n Bond® Feather Lite to applique the pennant shapes.  I love the Lite version of Heat n Bond® especially in quilting because it makes the fabric easy to cut and applique yet is super soft and you almost can’t tell it’s there.  The pennants are cut with the Sizzix Fabi which makes perfect cuts every time.  I’m sharing all the details and measurements over on the Therm O Web Blog!


This Sizzix die is called Rocking the House.  It’s actually a quilt block but one of the shapes makes a perfect pennant!




“Flower Patchy” a Half Square Triangle Mini Quilt Pattern

flower patchy

Sometimes you just need some cute fabrics and a fun little project to brighten your day!  I received my Cotton Crate shipment in the mail and it was filled with Riley Blake Designs’ Calico Days!  I was super excited to make a little quilt using just what came in the box!  calico days quilt

Every month Cotton Crates will deliver a box of 12 high quality fat quarters right to your door!  I loved having everything coordinated so I could jump right into sewing, instead of auditioning fabrics all afternoon!  This is the perfect little quilt to put on a table, fold over a chair, or add to your mini quilt wall!  It could also change with the seasons, I’m thinking Halloween with pumpkins or Christmas with trees, or nautical with anchors!  This is also the perfect go-to pattern when you need a hand made gift.  I did not lay out my fabrics ahead of time, I wanted it to look scrappy.

calico days quilt. 20

Let’s get started on this fun little project!

12 fat quarters, these cuties are from Calico Days by Riley Blake Designs

Sizzix 4 1/2″ half square triangle die

Sizzix Flower & Leaves Bigz die

Heat n Bond Lite

1/2 yard binding

1 yard backing

All seams 1/4″, Finished Quilt 28″ square

I am so in love with the Sizzix Half Square Triangle (HST) dies!  I can’t believe it took me this long to finally try it.  I always thought I didn’t need this die because there are so many fast ways to make HSTs!  WRONG!  This die is amazing!  It is notched right at the 1/4″ so there are no little dog ears to cut off.  Which means the triangles line up and match up PERFECTLY!  NO SQUARING UP AFTER!  This is such a fast way to cut these.  And you can cut 6 layers at one time!  Follow the diagram below for step by step instructions:

sizzix hst

I have heard  people say that die cutting triangles wastes fabric.  Not here!  Cut the fabric in strips 5″ wide.  Once cut there is only a tiny amount of fabric left.

calico days quilt. 4


The HST  is 4 1/2″ square which means it finishes at 4″ once in a quilt.

Once all your HSTs are put together, cut 9 low volume squares 4 1/2″.  This is the background for the applique.

Using the left over pieces of the fat quarters, cut small pieces and fuse Heat n Bond Lite to the back.

calico days quilt. 9

You can use any flower shape, I choose to use this one:

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 8.42.25 AM

Make sure you have your cat do all your die cutting so it will be purrrrrrrfect 🙂

calico days quilt. 13         Once you have cut the flowers, peel off the baking paper and fuse them to the 4 1/2″ squares.  Top stitch around each piece. calico days quilt. 12

Mufasa really can’t get enough of the Sizzix machine!  I am super careful so we don’t get our paws pinched.  calico days quilt. 14

Lay the quilt out in 7 rows of 7, placing the flower applique blocks as shown below.calico days quilt. 15

Sew each block together and press in rows.  Press the seams of the rows in alternate directions.  You can press seams open, I lost patience in doing this 🙂


Match each intersection and pin.  Make sure to watch the points when you are sewing.  I scant my seams on this part.calico days quilt. 16

Baste, quilt, and bind!calico days quilt. 19  I love how charming this little quilt turned out.  And I sewed it in a few hours!!

calico days quilt. 3

Sizzix Bunny Kitchen Towel

bunny towel

Today, on the Sizzix blog, I am sharing one of my favorite little projects to sew: Kitchen Towels!  Hop on over there for the full tutorial!

sizzix bunny towel 5 Kitchens usually don’t have a lot of wall space or places to hang quilts or cute crafty projects.  I love hanging home made towels on my oven, it gives the kitchen that cozy feeling!  Theses sweet towels also make the perfect gift!  Who wouldn’t want one of these!  I choose some of my favorite Riley Blake Fabric Prints from some of my favorite designers.  sizzix bunny towel 10

I am also using my most favorite Sizzix Bunny Die (I’m sure I’ve said that many times!!)  I love using my Sizzix Fabi to cut these bunnies!  It’s so fast and easy!


And you can die cut several at one time!


I could cut these bunnies out all day long!  They are so much fun and oh so cute when they are leaping all over!


I used my ruffling foot to sew the ruffle – this is also a time saver!


I used Heat n Bond Lite to fuse the bunny.  I also used my new Oliso Pro iron.  It’s a dream!!!


I love how sweet they are with the soft colors!



I want to keep them all for myself!!     I love that these colors are perfect Pyrex colors!  I might just have a slight Pyrex obsession!!sizzix bunny towel 3

sizzix bunny towel 7

sizzix bunny towel 6        sizzix bunny towel 4

Bunny Bricks Quilt Update

sizzix bunny

My friend Tina from One Little Pooh has just finished the cutest version of my Bunny Bricks Quilt!  You can read all about it and the cute fabrics she used here.


Look how cute the Sizzix Bunny looks in these fabrics!  This is my favorite Sizzix die ever!  And now I’m thinking I need to make some more projects with these cut rabbits since it’s finally March!

Here is the link to the Quilt Pattern.  It sews up really fast and it’s a fun way to show off your favorite spring fabrics.

bunny quilt 6Hoppy Sewing!