Printable Image Fabric Key Chains


We are huge “Fan Art” people in my family!  My daughter spends her days painting and drawing fan art of Star Wars and Marvel characters.  I think everything we own has a Star Wars or Super Hero (or cat) on it!  I created these fun keychains that you can customize to any theme!  I even made one with Mufasa’s picture on it.

sizzix fabric keychain 13


Sizzix 2 1/2″ circle die

1 3/4″ paper punch

Heat n Bond Ultra

Heat n Bond EZ Print transfer sheets

white fabric

scraps of fabric

scraps of cotton batting

twill tape

key ring

sizzix fabric keychain

Begin by designing your image on your computer.  I’m not Photoshop savvy so I like to use Microsoft Power Point.  You can use photos or clip art.  I love buying cute clip art from Etsy!  Crop them to a circle shape and size them so they will fit in the 1 3/4″ circle punch.  Print a test run on plain paper to make sure they are how you want them.  Then choose “Mirror or Reverse Image” in printing and select a high print quality as you would for photos.  Print them on the Heat n Bond EZ print transfer sheets.

sizzix fabric keychain 4

These transfer sheets are a great way to get any digital image onto fabric!  I use them all the time!

sizzix fabric keychain 2

Once they are printed, use the 1 3/4″ paper punch to punch out each image.sizzix fabric keychain 3 With a dry, hot iron, place the image face side down on the right side of a solid white fabric.  Heat set for about 10 seconds applying firm, constant pressure.  Let cool completely.

sizzix fabric keychain 6

Peel off the backing paper and cut around the image using pinking shears.

sizzix fabric keychain 5

Cut 2 pieces of Heat n Bond Ultra slightly larger than the 2 1/2″ circle.  Iron them to the wrong side of the desired fabric.  Let cool.  sizzix fabric keychain 7

Cut a piece of batting roughly the same size as the fabric – these are super rough cuts, no measuring required.  Peel off the backing paper of both of the fabrics and press the fabric pieces onto both sides of the batting.  Let cool.  This makes a fabric sandwich 🙂sizzix fabric keychain 8

Run the fabric sandwich through the Sizzix Fabi using the 2 1/2″ die.  It cuts a perfect circle.  Since we used the Heat n Bond Ultra, the edges of the fabric won’t fray!sizzix fabric keychain 9

Cut a 2″ piece of twill tape and loop it through the key ring.  Using a zig zag stitch, stitch all the way around the circle, catching the edge of the twill tape.sizzix fabric keychain 10

Turn the keychain over so the raw edge of the twill tape is on the back.  Position the image on the front (add a little Spray n Bond basting spray so it doesn’t move) and straight stitch around the image.sizzix fabric keychain 12

These make great little gifts and they are fun for kids to help with!

sizzix fabric keychain 17  They also make great zipper pulls for back packs!!sizzix fabric keychain11

And who doesn’t love having their pet on their key ring!

Deco Foil Sizzix Snowflake Pillow

sizzix snowflake pillow

Merry Christmas!  I can’t believe how fast December flew by!  I still have a stack of projects I was hoping to get to!  There is still time to whip up this quick snowflake pillow before Christmas.   I used 3 different Sizzix snowflake dies and Deco Foil in Silver and Gold – just like the song!

deco foil snowflake sizzix pillowGather your supplies and let’s get started!

deco foil snowflake sizzix pillow 2The Hot Melt Sheets are what allow the Deco Foil to adhere to the fabric.  Cut the Hot Melt Sheets the size of the Siizix die.

Use only one layer of the Hot Melt Sheets at a time.  I tried cutting multiple and it cuts great but the hot melt sheets end up sticking together.

deco foil snowflake sizzix pillow 6Cut (2) squares the size of your pillow.  I always use 20″ pillow so I can swap pillow covers out in a jiffy.  I used a heavy natural muslin.  Mine is cut 20″ square.  Have your cat help you position the snowflakes randomly all over the pillow front.  You can also position in three rows for a linear look.  Once you have the snowflakes placed just so, press them into place using a medium-hot dry iron.  Let cool completely.

deco foil snowflake sizzix pillow 7Don’t peel the backing paper off all the snowflakes at once.  Begin in the center and peel off as you add foil to protect the adhesive from the iron.  Peel off the center snowflake’s paper and place a piece of Deco Foil over.  Place the pressing sheet (it comes with the Hot Melt Sheets) over the foil.  USING A MEDIUM HEAT DRY IRON press for about 20 seconds.  I found that if my iron was set on the cotton/linen setting it would scorch the foil.  If this is your first time, test this on a piece of scrap fabric to make sure it works.  Once you’ve pressed the foil let it cool completely.

IMG_3286Once the foil has cooled, gently peel away the foil sheet.  It will leave a perfect snowflake!  Continue this process.

deco foil snowflake sizzix pillow 8 Be mindful not to touch the iron to the completed snowflakes.

deco foil snowflake sizzix pillow 9They are so shiny and pretty!!  Once all the snowflakes are finished you can turn it into a pillow!  I always put a zipper in my pillow back.  I also added some decorative fringe.  For more instructions on how to finish the pillow, you can check out this tutorial.

deco foil snowflake sizzix pillow 3

I love how this pillow looks in my sparkly living room!          deco foil snowflake sizzix pillow 11 Supplies:

2/3 yard heavy muslin for pillow

Sizzix Snowflake Dies

Therm O Web Hot Melt Sheets

Therm O Web Deco Foil in silver and gold

2.5 yards decorative fringe

22″ zipper, optional

Sizzix Heart Quilt

sizzix heart quilt

I think I love Valentine’s Day so much because it pulls me out of the “After Christmas Blues”.  It’s bright, and happy!  I love the simplicity of this quilt – a simple heart applique.  What makes it feel special is that no two hearts are the same and the backgrounds are a variety of low volume prints.  When ever I go to a quilt shop and I’m not sure what to buy, I end up purchasing charm packs.  I had this “Scrumptious” charm pack by Moda tucked away and it was perfect for this project.  You can hop over to the Sizzix Blog for the full tutorial!!sizzix heart quilt 3

I love using the Sizzix Bigz Heart Die #3 because it fits charm squares perfectly and there is not much waste.

valentine quilt 3

I used Therm o Web Heat n Bond Lite to fuse the hearts onto the quilt.

valentine quilt 6

I can’t get enough of these colors!


valentine quilt 7

Mufasa was very helpful on this project.  His favorite toy is the Sizzix machine!!!

valentine quilt 10

valentine quilt 9

I quilted a scallop boarder around each heart to give it a “Valentine” feel.

sizzix heart quilt 2

I am so in love with this quilt!  It was so fun to make I’m thinking about making another one!!!

12 Days of Meow-y Christmas {Day 1}

vintage kitty sizzix ornament

meowychristmasHi, my name is Amanda and I am a crazy cat lady – there I said it!!  There is something about Christmas and cats that it so much fun!  Whether the cat is climbing the tree and batting ornaments around the house, clawing at the wrapping paper on the gifts, or drinking the milk for Santa, Christmas and Cats were made to go together!  Each day December 1-12 we will have a Christmas Cat themed project for you to make!  I say “we” because I have teamed up with some talented ladies for some feline fun!  Tina from @emilyannskloset, Melissa from the Polka Dot Chair, Bev from Flamingo Toes, Tasha  from a Little Sweetness, Kerri from Sew Dearly Loved, and Lucy from Lucy Blaire Handmade will be joining in the festivities!

vintage kitty ornament sizzix

vintage cat ornament 12Today I am showing you how to make these vintage inspired cat ornaments.  I LOVE vintage prints especially if they involve cats.  Let’s get started!


Sizzix Mitten Die

Small Ric Rac

White fabric


Felt, 2 colors

Heat n Bond EZ Print Transfer Sheets

Spray n Bond


Bakers Twine

vintage cat ornament 5Begin by printing the cat images (click here to download) in REVERSE onto the Transfer Sheets.

vintage cat ornament

Roughly cut out the image and place it face down onto white cotton fabric.

vintage cat ornament 6Place the pressing sheet over the image and press with a hot, dry iron for 20 seconds.  (Read the instructions from the manufacturer just to be safe).  Let cool completely and then peel off the backing paper.  Cut out with scissors.

vintage cat ornament 11Mufasa my Kitty Helper was sleeping on the job!!!  For the mittens, die cut the felt using the Sizzix mitten die.

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 9.02.43 PM

You can die cut up to 4 at a time.   You will need (2) mittens and (2) mitten tops per ornament.

vintage cat ornament 2Using Spray n Bond, spray the back of the kitty image and position on the top of one of the mittens.  Spray the back of the small ric rac also, and position it around the kitty image.  Start and stop the Ric Rac at the top of the image.  The Spray n Bond keeps all the pieces firmly set so they don’t move during sewing.  Sew on top of the ric rac.

vintage cat ornament 14

vintage cat ornament 3Using the basting spray, spray the wrong side of one of the mittens and stick the 2 mittens together.  Choose a decorative stitch and sew around the mitten.  Start and stop at the top.

vintage cat ornament 15Spray the (2) white mitten tops with basting spray and position them on opposite sides of the mitten.  Top stitch around the mitten top in white thread.  Cut a piece of narrow tinsel by the yard and zig zag it along the mitten cuff.

vintage cat ornament 9Thread a piece of baking twine on a needle and add a loop at the top of the mitten.  Hot glue a little bow at the top of the ric rac.vintage cat ornament 4

Hang on your vintage tree!!!   vintage cat ornament 8       These are so fun and easy to make!  They would be purrrrfect tied on top of a gift, tied on a plate of cookies, or simply tucked into a Christmas card 🙂vintage cat ornamentvintage kitty ornament sizzix 3

vintage kitty ornament sizzix 2

Sizzix Applique Anchor Ornaments


sizzix anchor ornamentsMy Sizzix Applique Anchor Ornaments project is over at the Sizzix blog today!  Sizzix has introduced an ANCHOR DIE!!!!  My mind has been blown!  Think of all the amazing projects we can make now!  Pillows, quilts, skirts, shirts, bags, table runners, and the list goes on and on!  I love the idea of nautical and Christmas intertwined.  I cam up with this fun little ornament – you can hang on a tree or on a hook.  It would make the perfect gift for your ocean loving friends!!

sizzix anchor ornament. 3

sizzix anchor ornament. 2

Mufasa’s favorite sewing projects involve the Sizzix machine!


sizzix anchor ornament. 7

Hop on over for the instructions.  Wouldn’t these be cute tied on packages!!!

sizzix anchor ornament. 5



Sizzix Quilted Deco Foil Pumpkin Pillow

sizzix pumpkin pillow deco foil 2I am in love with gold polka dot pumpkins!  I created a smaller version of this pillow on the Therm O Web blog.  This version is a 20″ pillow and it’s actually quilted!  Have you used Deco Foils before?  They are a great way to add a little pop and pizzaz to a project.  To get perfect polka dots I used my Sizzix Fabi and a circle die.  Of course I needed a little help from Mufasa who is totally obsessed with the Sizzix Fabi!

sizzix pumpkin pillow deco foil 4

Using the Fabi you can cut circles in a snap!  I used the Therm O Web Hot Melt Sheets and die cut them.IMG_1595

Draw a pumpkin on a white piece of fabric using a disappearing ink pen.  Position the circles all over the pumpkin including partially off the edge of the pumpkin.  You can use this pumpkin pattern, I enlarged it a bit so it fit the 20″ pillow.  Press using medium heat.  Let cool completely.  Peel off papers.IMG_1607Cut the Deco Foil into squares that are slightly larger than the circles.  Place on top of each hot melt circle.  Cover with a pressing paper and press for about 15-25 seconds using medium heat.  If I use the highest heat setting it singes the foil.

sizzix pumpkin pillow deco foil 7

sizzix pumpkin pillow deco foil 8Let cool completely.

sizzix pumpkin pillow deco foil 10Carefully peel off excess foil leaving gold circles!  Yes!  It’s magical!!!

sizzix pumpkin pillow deco foil 12Cut the pumpkin out.  Cut the stem out.

sizzix pumpkin pillow deco foil 13Cut (2) natural linen/cotton squares for the pillow.  Using Spray n Bond basting spray, adhere the pumpkin and stem to the square.

sizzix pumpkin pillow deco foil 14Using more basting spray, baste the square onto a piece of batting.

sizzix pumpkin pillow deco foil 15Sew around the stem and the pumpking 3 times in dark brown thread.  Add some swirly vines.  Then have some fun with the quilting!  I added detail to the pumpkin.  I also quilted wavy lines in the background.  I really like how it turned out.

sizzix pumpkin pillow deco foil 18To finish the pumpkin, add a zipper in the back 20″ square.  Baste in trim, and sew the pillow using 1/2″ seams.

sizzix pumpkin pillow deco foil 16

sizzix pumpkin pillow deco foil 3Mufasa needs to be a Sizzix model 🙂


Kids Can Sew! Sizzix Doll Quilt

sizzix doll quilt kids can sewI love getting my girls involved in sewing!  In fact among the requirements for leaving home to go to college are: 1.  you must be able to bake a pie from scratch  2.  you must be able to successfully make the family roll recipe  3.  you must be able to construct a quilt start to finish by yourself!  I’m proud of my teenage daughter as she has mastered all of these skills.  Sally is 7 and we are beginning to sew on the machine.  She LOVES it!  I like projects that she can do most of the work; this one is perfect!

I love using the Sizzix for cutting because she is too young to use the rotary cutter.  This way, she gets to “cut” out her quilt.  She choose all the fabrics and the Sizzix die.  The triangle worked great because it was easy for her to follow.

sizzix doll quilt 6

Once she had chosen all the fabrics, I ironed Heat n Bond Lite to the wrong side of the triangle fabric.  Then I let Sally loose with the Sizzix Fabi.

sizzix doll quilt 5I cut a piece of white fabric the size she wanted.  She positioned the triangles and I pressed them in place.

sizzix doll quilt 3She sat at the machine and I had her practice sewing 1/4″ seams along the triangles.  If she messed up, not to worry, the triangles would be fine.  This was such good experience.  She got to where she could start and stop and lift the presser foot and cut the thread all by herself!

sizzix doll quilt 2Once all the triangles were stitched around, I used Spary n Bond to baste the quilt together.  This allowed for easy quilting and no messing with pins!  sizzix doll quilt 7I wanted her to do all the quilting.  I put the walking foot on and showed her how the machine can “sew by itself” and all she needed to do was steer the fabric, not push or pull it.  Once she saw how fun this was she was off!  I encouraged her to do random lines all over.  I love how it turned out!

sizzix doll quilt 8Mufasa was quite a helper, he slept the entire time behind the sewing machine!sizzix doll quilt 9I let her sew the binding on, and I helped with the corners.  I then let her use the binding clips and clip the binding all the way around.  Finally we got out the needle and thread and did some hand sewing.  She did pretty good.  I helped with the hand binding so we could finish sometime this year!IMG_0838

It’s the perfect size for her American Girl dolls and she is thrilled that she made it herself!  Do you sew with your kids?  Sally is excited to begin a new project!

sizzix doll quilt 20


Sizzix Natural Wonder Bunny Mini Quilt

natural wonder bunny mini quilt sizzixI love to give handmade gifts, especially quilts.  My friend recently lost her bunny to a hawk.  I know how much it hurts to loose a beloved pet.  I wanted to make her something to show her I really cared so I created this bunny mini quilt.  She totally LOVED it!!

IMG_8870_2This little quilt features sawtooth blocks and appliqué.  The fabrics are from Blend Fabrics Natural Wonder fabric line.  I love that there are bunnies in the theme fabric.  The colors are soft and natural.  The bunny and hearts are cut with Sizzix dies.  Do you want to make one?  Here’s how!!

sizzix bunny blend natural wonder mini quilt 21/4″ seams used throughout 

Begin by making (6) Sawtooth Star blocks.  

For each block cut the following measurements:
sawtooth instructionsDraw a diagonal line on the back of each of the 2″ x 2″ star points squares.  Position the 2″ x 2″ square a 2″ x 3.5″ background rectangle right sides together.  Sew along the diagonal line as pictured below:

sizzix bunny blend natural wonder mini quilt 5

Trim leaving 1/4″ seam allowance and press toward the dark.  Repeat the process on the other side of the background rectangle including trimming and pressing.
sizzix bunny blend natural wonder mini quilt 4

Lay the star block out like this:

sizzix bunny blend natural wonder mini quilt 3

Sew the pieces together in rows, and then the rows together.  Press seams open.  The finished sawtooth block is 6.5″

star instructions

Sew the sashing strips creating (2) Star Sets.  Press the seams toward the sashing.

Cut the strips for the quilt following the cutting guide:

blend bunny quilt layout

Bunny Applique

Iron Heat n Bond Lite to the back of the floral print fabric (Deco Park Gray).  Using the Sizzix Fabi and the Bunny Die, cut out two bunnies that face each other.  Using the hearts die, cut the larger heart out of coordinating fabric.

sizzix bunny blend natural wonder mini quilt Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 11.43.43 AMScreen Shot 2015-07-27 at 11.46.12 AM
Peel off the backing paper and press the bunnies and heart onto the white fabric, centering.  Outline stitch two times in dark gray or taupe thread.  Sew the strips together as shown in the picture.  Press seams and quilt as desired.

sizzix bunny blend natural wonder mini quilt 12

I quilted loop de loos and 4-petal clover flowers in an all-over design.

sizzix bunny blend natural wonder mini quilt 10
sizzix bunny blend natural wonder mini quilt 9

sizzix bunny blend natural wonder mini quilt 8

Make sure your #kittyquilter #kittyhelper approves of the finished quilt before you wrap it up!sizzix bunny blend natural wonder mini quilt 11
sizzix bunny blend natural wonder mini quilt 7


Sizzix Fabi

Sizzix Bunny Die

Sizzix Heart Die

Heat n Bond Lite or Featherweight fusible applique

1/4 yard each of the patterned fabrics from Blend Natural Wonder line

1/3 yard white solid fabric

1 yard backing

1/3 yard binding

cotton batting

Fun With Sizzix Dresses

Today we are playing with the Sizzix Fabi and having lots of summer fun!  I used this dress die to create a nautical inspired quilt block.

sizzix dress 3

To create this block, I used the pennant die to cut the banner.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 10.41.15 AMI trimmed it down slightly to make them smaller.  The dress is cut from navy dots and the sash from red and white stripe.  I used Heat n Bond Lite on the back of the dress and the pennants to adhere to the white 8.5″ square.  I drew an anchor on the Heat n Bond Lite and appliquéd it to the dress, adding small ric rac accents.  I stitched around all the pieces. Seriously, can I get this dress in my size!!!!!

sizzix dress


I am sending the dress block to Sizzix and they are sewing an entire quilt with dress blocks that designers create!  I can’t wait to see everyone’s block!!sizzix dress nautical anchor

Sizzix also makes a little girl dress die.  I let Sally, my 7 year old, have at it with a box of paper, this Dress Die, and the Fabi.  She had hours and hours of fun designing her own fashions.  sizzix dress 2


sizzix dress 6We used miniature clothespins to display all of her creations!
sizzix dress 5
I love that the Sizzix machines are simple to use.  My children and I love creating together 🙂

Birthday Cat-Cake Towel Tutorial

cat cakes

It’s my birthday today!  To celebrate I made this fun appliqué towel with cat cupcakes – or Cat Cakes as I call them!  I bought this toweling by the yard.  It comes in lots of colors and styles.

birthday cat cupcake applique day sail 16

To make this towel you need:

1 towel or 1 yard toweling

6 charm squares for cats and cakes, I used Day Sail by Moda

3 scraps for candles

Heat n Bond Lite cut into 5″ squares

birthday cat cupcake applique day sail 6I used the Sizzix cat head and the Sizzix cupcake bottom to create the Cat-Cakes.Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 7.51.52 AMScreen Shot 2015-07-03 at 7.51.21 AMIron the Heat n Bond Lite to the wrong side of the charm squares and run it through the Sizzix Fabi.  Make sure to position the fabric over the desired shape.  I cut out all 3 at once!

birthday cat cupcake applique day sail 9

birthday cat cupcake applique day sail 10


Peel off the backing paper and position the Cat Cakes on the bottom of the towel.  Press to set in place.  Sew around each shape 2 times with navy thread.birthday cat cupcake applique day sail 11

birthday cat cupcake applique day sail 15


Make sure your cat approves 🙂birthday cat cupcake applique day sail 21


If you don’t have a July birthday, make this to celebrate our Nation’s Birthday!!!birthday cat cupcake applique day sail 14


Or make one for your cat’s birthday 🙂birthday cat cupcake applique day sail 2
birthday cat cupcake applique day sail 5

birthday cat cupcake applique day sail 23

Mufasa loves the Sizzix Fabi.  He hears me getting it out and comes running!!!birthday cat cupcake applique day sail 24