Captain America Throw Pillow Tutorial

captain american pillow 8

What does your daughter give her Captain America loving friend for her birthday?  After realizing the friend owns everything Captain America we created this fun pillow with the Captain America shield appliqued on it.  I used Crossroads Denim so it’s super soft, Heat n Bond Lite and some fabric scraps.  Do you want to make one too?  Here’s how!!



(2) 20″ pieces of Crossroads Denim

2 fat quarters red prints

2 fat quarters white prints

1 fat quarter blue print

1 yard Heat n Bond Lite or Feather Lite

20″ pillow (I like down pillows)

22″ zipper

4″ x 20″ strip for zipper flap

captain america shield cutting

Begin by tracing the circles onto the Heat n Bond Lite.  We ran around the house measuring everything to find a 12″ circle and a 10″ circle because they are too large to print.  We found a cake plate and a dinner plate did the trick.

captain american pillow 3For the 8″, 6″, and star shape you can click HERE to download.  Cut around each circle about 1/4″ away from the pencil line.

captain american pillow 5

A little trick for layerd applique to prevent too much bulk:  Cut the inside of the circle about 1″ away.  It will look like this:

captain american pillow 6

You really only need the Heat n Bond to hold down the edges.  The circles will be layered on top of each other and it will keep everything secure.  Continue doing this with each of the circles.

captain american pillow 2

Position the circles as shown above.  Straight stitch around each circle and star 2 times.  I used red thread.  captain american pillow 4

Make sure your cat approves 🙂   To finish the pillow you can follow this tutorial for inserting a zipper and zipper flap to a pillow back.

captain american pillow 10Insert the pillow form and you’re done!  Ready to wrap and head to the party!!  captain american pillow 9

Sizzix Anchor Baby Quilt

anchor baby quilt cover

I’m super exited to be sharing my latest pattern for this adorable nautical baby quilt on the Sizzix blog !  I love giving quilts as gifts and this is the perfect pattern that you can sew up in a day.  The fabrics are from Dear Stella and I love that they are not traditional baby girl fabrics.  I know my ocean-loving Sister-In-Law will just love this!IMG_8957

Mufasa was very helpful on this project!



You can read the full tutorial here. It can totally be made start to finish in a day!  The best kind of project!!







This is such a great size baby quilt and you could easily change up the center die for a heart, flower, animal, or holiday die!!



Pretty Pincushion Sew Along {and catnip toy}


Pin Cushions are so much fun to sew because they are fast and a perfect stash buster!  I was so excited to try this new little pattern from Fat Quarter Shop.  You can watch this little video and whip one up in a snap!  I added dried lavender to the inside of mine 🙂


cat lady catnip pillow 3

I had to include Mufasa in my little project so I sewed on into a catnip pillow!IMG_8728

For the pin cushion I used Backyard Roses by Riley Blake Designs.  I followed the instructions for the piecing and used a piece of lace instead of twill tape.  I used Heat n Bond Fusible Fleece and I used Crossroads denim on the back.  I purchased the walnut shells at my local pet store – boy I will be making more of these to try an use up that big bag!  I thought it might be nice to add some dried lavender into the mix.  That way you put the pins in, it smells nice 🙂


Wouldn’t these be super cute for little hostess gifts, birthday gifts or swap extras?


For Mufasa’s catnip pillow I filled it with poly fill and dried catnip.  I also used cotton on the back so it would be light – I knew he would want to carry it around in his mouth!

cat lady catnip pillow 7

If you choose to make the catnip pillow, make sure you don’t use it as a pincushion.  You don’t want those pins anywhere near your kitty!cat lady catnip pillow 5

I love Cotton+Steel selvage – especially when it involves cats!  It’s the purrrrrrfect accent to this little pillow!  cat lady catnip pillow 6


You can read more about this little project on the Fat Quarter Shop Blog!  Be sure to check out these talented designers to see their renditions of “The Pretty Pincushion”.  Thanks for stopping by!

Kitty from Night Quilter

Amanda from Jedi Craft Girl

Nicole from Modern Handcraft

Jessica from Quilty Habit

Jessee from Art School Dropout

Tina from Emily Ann’s Kloset

Michele from Island Life Quilts

Angie from Gnome Angel

Sinta from Pink Pin Cushion

Melissa from Happy Quilting

Captain America Inspired Quilt {a patriotic quilt}

captain america cover

I couldn’t resist putting this quilt together.  My family is totally obsessed with the Avengers, especially  Captain America and Iron Man.  We were so excited for the movie to come out!!!  We went to the first showing at 9:30 pm last night!  I was so much fun.  I love going to movies when the theater is packed with fans who cheer and clap together!

captain america quilt 11

To celebrate this milestone in Marvel history, I created this quilt inspired by Captain America.  My 8 year old daughter is totally in love with him.  I guess we will be fighting over the quilt!

captain america quilt 15

I curated this selection of Fat Quarters from Fat Quarter Shop just for this project.  You can view it here.  I wanted a fun mix of red, white, and blue fabrics.  This quilt totally works for a summer patriotic quilt if you’re not into #teamCap.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 11.30.10 AM

Lets Get Started

Finished block 9″, Finished Quilt 54″x72″

All Seams 1/4″


18 Fat Quarters (I used each one pictured above)

1.5 yards solid white

3 yards Heat n Bond Feather Lite Fusible Applique

Pattern, click HERE

captain america quilt

Make the Stripe Block

Cut the red prints and white prints into 3.5″ strips.  (Since we are using Fat Quarters, they will be half the WOF long)

Sew in strip sets of red, white red.  Press toward the dark.

captain america quilt 3

Cut each strip set in increments of 9.5″.  Each block should measure 9.5″ square.

captain america quilt 4

For the applique block…

Cut 24 blue squares 9.5″

Draw the pattern onto the Heat n Bond Feather Lite.  You will need 24.  I like to used the Feather Lite because it doesn’t add any weight or stiffness to your quilt.  It holds it in place just long enough to cut and sew it.

captain america quilt 9

Press the heat n bond to the wrong side of the white solid fabric.

captain america quilt 2

Put on Captain America I and II and cut out all the circles and stars following the pattern line.

captain america quilt 5

Position the circle and star in the center of each blue block and heat set in place.

captain america quilt 8

Top stitch around each piece with white thread.

***Optional **  “Winter Solider” Block.  My teenage daughter is in love with Bucky the Winter Solider so she insisted we represent him in the quilt.  We switched out one of the blue blocks for a gray block with red star applique.

captain america quilt 13

Now it’s time to have some fun with all the blocks!  I hand them all to my daughter and she lays out the quilt for me.

captain america quilt 7

Sew the quilt together in rows, pressing after each and matching each seam intersection.

captain america quilt 20

This quilt is totally Mufassa approved!

captain america quilt 12

And approved by The Captain himself!  (Yes we have a giant cardboard cut out of Captain Rodgers!!!)

captain america quilt 18

OK, I am seriously in love with it!  It screams summer picnic!!!!

captain america quilt 19                  Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 11.29.54 AM

AT-AT Star Wars Mini Quilt

AT-AT Walker quiltI recently participated in a May The 4th Mini Quilt Swap on Instagram.  This is the quilt I made for my swap partner.  I really wanted to bring out the feel of this scene in The Empire Strikes back.  I am totally in love with it!

star wars at-at quilt 7

To make this quilt you need to gather every shade of gray fabric you own, beginning with white and ending with black.  This quilt is made up of 4 rows, 3 are pieced and one is machine appliqued.  Each row from the bottom moving up gets darker.

star wars at-at quilt 9

Since there were so many half square triangles (HST) in this quilt I pulled out my HST Sizzix Die.  This extra long die has 14 HST on the die AND you can cut up to 6 layers – that’s 84 at once!  And they all are totally perfect and it makes 2 1/2″ square when constructed.

star wars at-at quilt 10

This die is a little bit trickier when using it around cats.  I had to have one hand on the wheel and the other hand blocking his paw so it wouldn’t get hurt 🙂

star wars at-at quilt 11

It’s best to cut out more triangles than you need for this project so you have plenty to choose from.  For each row you need 16 light and 16 dark HST.

star wars at-at quilt 14

See how each triangle is perfect!  No measuring!  For each row, match up 16 pairs of light and dark triangles.  Sew using 1/4″ seam.  Press toward the dark side…..heehee!

Tip:  To get a nice ombre effect, begin with white and light gray.  For the next row, use the light gray from the first row as the background and add in a darker gray.  For the next row use that same darker gray for the background and add in black.

star wars at-at quilt 13

If you want to make this quilt but don’t have a Sizzix machine, you will just need to sew HSTs that measure 2.5″.

star wars at-at quilt 15

Cut out 16 background squares 2.5″ each.  Cut a(4) center 2.5″ squares the same color as the points on the star.  Lay out the block as pictured above.  Sew together like you would a 9-patch.  Make 4 for each row.   I pressed the seams open.

star wars at-at quilt 12

Continue this process so you have (4) star blocks for each of the 3 rows.

star wars at-at quilt 16

They are coming together!  I love how it looks – very subtle.  Just like the Hoth System!

star wars at-at quilt 18

For the applique strip, cut a light colored fabric 6 1/2″ x 24 1/2″.  Download the images by clicking HERE.  You can print them directly on to Heat n Bond Lite EZ Print sheets, or trace them onto Heat n Bond Lite.  Press the Heat n Bond to the wrong side of the black fabric.  Let cool.  Cut out along the pattern line.  Peel off the backing paper and position it on the applique strip.  Heat set into place.  Top stitch with matching wars at-at quilt 5

Sew the strips together, pinning at each intersection and watching out for each of the points.  Press seams open.  Baste, Quilt, wars at-at quilt

May the Force Be With You!star wars at-at quilt 6

Baby Clothes Memory Quilt


My friend and her daughter recently came to visit all the way from Washington, DC.  She brought with her a huge bag of baby clothes that she had saved from her 5 babies and I helped her make this keepsake quilt.  This is such a great idea!  How many of us have boxes of baby clothes we can’t stand to part with but lets face it no one will ever where again.  This quilt keeps the memory of those sweet clothes alive but is now functional and way more attractive then a pile of wrinkled and stained clothes 🙂


We used my Sizzix Bog Shot machine and even the kids could help on this project.


It was helpful to cut off snaps, arms and legs of the fabric.  We used the Sizzix 4 1/2″ square die.  This project would have been difficult to cut on the rotary mat.  To cut with the Sizzix simply lay the piece on the die, double or single layer, wrap the rest of the clothing around the back of the die and then crank it through!  Again, I love getting kids involved in the process and this is such a great tool to do so.



We used every type of clothing and it all worked great: knit, cotton, sweater, valuer, waffle, denim, polyester.  Just make sure that all fabrics can be ironed.IMG_6468

Since each fabric has a different degree of stretch, it is necessary to back each square that stretches with Heat n Bond fusible stabilizer, light or medium weight is fine.IMG_6469

I cut the staibilizer in 4 1/2″ squares.  Fuse each stabilizer square to the wrong side of the fabric squares.


Lay out the quilt as desired and then sew the squares together in rows and the rows together.  Make sure to press the top of the fabric and NOT the side where the stabilizer is.  I was still able to use 1/4″ seams because the stabilizer kept everything from shifting.

IMG_6546      I basted and quilted this just like a regular quilt.  I quilted a little slower just to account for the varying degrees of thickness.  I was able to put a sweatshirt piece next to a thin polyester pj fabric and it totally worked!IMG_6595

We cut a few pieces of trim and top stitched them onto the blocks.


My favorite is the ACDC t-shirt!


Best of all my friend loved how it turned out because each piece has such a special meaning!  IMG_6594

Ric Rac Zipper Pouch Tutorial

ric rac zipper pouch

I love coming up with different versions of my favorite zipper pouch.  I made this one for a friend and thought I would share the details with you!  They really make the perfect gift!  I hope to make one for myself to keep some day!!

Begin by cutting

(2) 2.5″ x 11″ accent strips

(2) 6″ x 11″ main strips

(2) 8″x11″ pieces for the lining

ric rac zipper pouch 1

Sew the accent strip to the main strip as pictured above.  Use 1/4″ seams and make 2 of these.  Press.

ric rac zipper pouch 2

I tried something new on this one which I really like.  Grab some old fabric and base the top, batting and the old fabric (backing) just like you would a quilt.  I ALWAYS use Spray n Bond.  It’s super fast!  I normally just quilt the outer bag piece and the batting.  By adding this extra piece of backing fabric (that won’t be seen) it makes the bag stiffer but still soft.  I will always do this from now on!!

ric rac zipper pouch 3

Once it is basted quilt the 2 pieces just like you would a quilt.

ric rac zipper pouch 4

Sew the ric rac on with matching thread.

Square up each side.  Measure the pieces again, they will shrink slightly with the quilting.  Make sure to adjust the lining measurements so they are the same.

Follow THIS tutorial to insert the zipper and to complete the bag.

ric rac zipper pouch

I love the big black and white gingham for the lining!

ric rac zipper pouch 7

Strawberry Festival Pillow Tutorial

pennant pillow

It feels like summer here in Southern California and that means fresh strawberries!  We always pick up a flat of juicy ripe berries on the way home from the beach.  This new fabric from Jennifer Jangles called Strawberry Festival totally reminds me of summer days eating strawberries and making strawberry jam!  This cheerful pillow is sure easy to make.  I used Heat n Bond® Feather Lite to applique the pennant shapes.  I love the Lite version of Heat n Bond® especially in quilting because it makes the fabric easy to cut and applique yet is super soft and you almost can’t tell it’s there.  The pennants are cut with the Sizzix Fabi which makes perfect cuts every time.  I’m sharing all the details and measurements over on the Therm O Web Blog!


This Sizzix die is called Rocking the House.  It’s actually a quilt block but one of the shapes makes a perfect pennant!




Anchor Pillow Tutorial

anchor pillow tutorial

It’s feeling like summer here in Southern California with temperatures reaching up to 90 degrees!  Let the fun begin!  I’m such a summer girl – I hate to be cold!  In celebration of the wonderful warm weather we’re having I thought I would share this fun nautical pillow with you.  The fabrics are from Blend’s True Blue line which is in reproduction since it was so popular!  Which is great news because it’s one of my favorites!!

anchor pillow 1

Let’s get started!


Fat Quarters or quarter yard cuts of a variety of the True Blue Fabrics

fat quarter or 1/2 yard white fabric for center

2/3 yard backing

2 yards ric rac

Heat n Bond Lite EZ Print Sheets

20″ pillow insert

2.5 yards pillow trim

Anchor Pattern, Click HERE


Cut the center white fabric 12.5″ x 12.5″.  Print out the anchor on the Heat n Bond Lite EZ print sheets or trace the anchor onto Heat n Bond Lite.  Press the Heat n Bond to the wrong side of the anchor fabric.  Cut the anchor out and peel off the backing paper.  Press the anchor in the center of the white fabric.  Top stitch around the anchor.


Position the ric rac as picture:


I used Spray n Bond to hold it in place while I sewed.  You can also use pins.  Sew the ric rac on with matching thread.

anchor pillow diagram

Refer to the above diagram for sewing the patchy boarder.  All squares are 2.5″ and all seams are 1/4″.


Once the pillow top is complete, spray baste it to the batting and then to a backing.  The backing fabric won’t be seen, it just gives the pillow added stability.  Quilt as desired.


I quilted mine with wavy lines and then “pebbles” in the center.  After quilting square up each side.  The final measurement should be pretty close to 20″.  You loose a little with the quilting.

Baste the pillow trim onto the pillow top.  Finish the quilt as desired.  I always put a zipper in the back of my pillow and you can follow the instructions in this tutorial.

anchor pillow 4

I love how this pillow turned out and it goes great with all my other nautical sewing projects!  For more nautical projects, click HERE.

anchor pillow 9

anchor pillow 6

Mufasa was especially impressed with this project 🙂

anchor pillow 3

anchor pillow 5


Patchwork Tote Bag Tutorial

patchwork tote bag tutorial

I love sewing for Sally!  And I love that she loves everything I make for her!  I was thrilled to receive this bundle of fat quarters from Ft. Worth Fabric Studio.  Every Friday they feature a fun Friday bundle!  This is the perfect project to make with a handful of fat quarters and a few cuts of yardage. patchwork tote bag 3This is such a versatile size of bag!  And the fabrics are so perfect for a little girl 🙂

Let’s get started!


7 Fat Quarters assorted prints

1/2 yard lining

1/4 yard handles

quilt batting

patchwork tote bag 9

Press all your fat quarters so they are nice and smooth.

patchwork tote bag 12

And by “press” I don’t mean let your cat lay on the fabrics!

The bag is made up of 2 outer pieces and 2 lining pieces.  For the outer bag, cut 3.5″ blocks.  You will need 25 for the front and 25 for the back.  I added in 1 solid white square to applique a heart on.

patchwork tote bag 10

For the applique, draw a heart onto Heat n Bond Lite.  Cut the heart out 1/4″ larger than the drawn heart.  Iron it to the wrong side of the flaming fabric.  Press.  Then cut out on the heart line.  Peel off backing paper and press the heart onto the white fabric.

Top stitch around the heart a few times in an accent color.

patchwork tote bag 14

Once you have all the blocks cut and arranged, sew them together using 1/4″ seams, just like you would a quilt.  Press each row in opposite direction so the seams match up nicely.  Make 2 of these.  This should measure 15 1/2″ square.

patchwork tote bag 16

Next we will be making a quilt.  Baste each patchwork outer bag piece onto the quilt batting.  Then baste onto plain fabric for the backing.  This backing will NOT be seen.  I used some fabric I didn’t like very much 🙂  This extra layer will give the bag a bit more weight and stability.

patchwork tote bag 17

Basting spray is the greatest invention ever!!!

patchwork tote bag 19

Here you can see my “junky” fabric on the back.

Quilt as desired.  I quilted 1/4″ away from each of the seams.  The quilting will shrink the up the quilt a little bit.  Measure the size of the patchwork piece, mine measured about 15.25″

patchwork tote bag 21

Once each of the 2 pieces is quilted, trim off any excess batting.  Pin right sides together, matching at all side seams, leaving the top open.  Sew around the sides and the bottom using 1/4″ seam allowance.

Cut (2) lining pieces 15.25″.  This should be the exact measurement as the patchwork outer bag.  Place the two lining pieces right sides together, and sew around the sides and bottom, leaving the top open.  I like to take a slightly larger seam on the lining, so a generous 1/4″ seam allowance.

patchwork tote bag 23

Cut a 1 3/4″ notch out of the bottom of each corner.

patchwork tote bag 25

Open each notch, and match the seams, pinning.  Sew a 1/4″ seams across.  The picture below is slightly confusing because I used 2 different fabrics on my quilt back.

patchwork tote bag 27

Once each of the corners are sewn, it’s time to make the handles.

Cut (2) 4″ x 23″ strips.  Press in half lengthwise.  Then fold each side up to the center.  Then fold again, giving you a 1″ wide handle.

patchwork tote bag 31

Top stitch each handle 1/8″ from the edge.  Position the handle 4″ from the side seam.  Pin in place.  Baste in place.

patchwork tote bag 32

Place the outer bag and the lining right sides together, matching side seams, and pinning all the way around.  Sew all the way around the top of the bag using a 1/4″ seam.

patchwork tote bag 30

Unstitch a little section on the side of the lining and turn the bag right side out.

patchwork tote bag 34

Top stitch the opening closed.  Tuck the lining down inside and press the top edge of the bag.  Pin along the edge so the lining stays down.  Top stitch all the way around the bag using a 1/4″ seams allowance.

patchwork tote bag 33

It’s all done!!!  And it’s oh so sweet!!

patchwork tote bag 35

patchwork tote bag 8