I Heart Whales Throw Pillow

i love whales pillow tutorial


Isn’t this the cutest fabric?  It’s from the True Blue fabric line by Blend.  Everyeday this week I will be featuring a project using fabrics from this fabric line – all with a whale theme!!i love whales pillow tutorial_2

I totally LOVE whales and I have loved them since I was like 4 years old 🙂  I thought this pillow was super fun and I love the colors!  My tutorial is over at the Therm O Web blog – so hop over there if you want the instructions to make your own!!

i love whales pillow tutorial_18

i love whales pillow tutorial_17

i love whales pillow tutorial_16

I’m Back


When I came home from our Young Women’s Camp (which I was the director of) I literally hit a wall and wend into hiding.  I was completely exhausted spiritually and physically.  I turned 40 that next week.  My children were all away at my parents.  My good friend and her family moved away.  I think I had some kind of break down or something.  It was the hardest week of my life!!!!  I am writing to say I am getting back to my usual self – but it’s been hard.  Has anyone else freaked out when they turned 40?  I really didn’t see it coming!!


Here is a little recap….

My friend invited my husband and I to the Kenny Loggins concert on my birthday.  It was super fun and we got to meet Kenny afterwards.  It was a good place to turn 40 – I was the youngest person there!!!


My friend and her family moving away from Southern California to Utah – not a good day at all.


I finally made it up to my parents house to for a family reunion.  They surprised me with another birthday party.  40 – really?IMG_9181

We had fun at the beach:


Lots of swimming!IMG_9519

Peach PickingIMG_9483

and fun dinners!!

I hope everyone is having a great summer.  Summer is my favorite for sure!!  It’s good to be back 🙂

“Manly” Zipper Pouch, aka I LOVE Bacon


zipper pouch father's day


Do the men in your life LOVE bacon?  The ones in my life do 🙂  Bacon themed items are super popular and what I love most about the bacon trend is Jim Gaffigan’s comedy bit about bacon – if you haven’t heard it -click HERE … you will laugh so hard!!  This week at Jedi Craft Girl has been all about the fabric line Ribs & Bibs and Father’s Day
.  I love this zipper pouch because it is “manly”.  I used a light weight black denim on the outside, a chunky metal zipper, and the taupe utensil fabric on the inside.  I used white house paint to stencil the word “Bacon” on the bag.  Therm o Web fusible stabilizer gives the bag more stability.  This zipper pouch is my new FAVORITE!!!

Here’s how you can make one:


fat quarters of outer lightweight denim fabric

fat quarters of lining – I used taupe “grill master

fat quarter “open pit” for pig motif

Therm O Web Fusible interfacing, medium weight

Heat n Bond Lite fusible applique

White paint


Letter stencils or cutting machine


Cut (2) lining pieces (2) denim pieces and (4) interfacing pieces 8″ x 11″

Begin by preparing the stencil  I used some extra vinyl I had laying around (that’s why it’s pink) and ran it through my Cricut.  I used the font “Playbill”, weed the letters to leave the outline.
bacon zipper pouch father's day tutorial


Using a masking strip to adhere the stencil, place the Bacon word on the center of the denim piece.bacon zipper pouch father's day tutorial_4

Using a stencil brush, stencil with white paint.  I literally used the trim paint from my house.
bacon zipper pouch father's day tutorial_2Let it dry then peel off the stencil.  I love how it turned out!

bacon zipper pouch father's day tutorial_5

Here are the pieces you should have cut 8″ x 11″

bacon zipper pouch father's day tutorial_6

Iron the interfacing to the wrong side of both the lining pieces and both the outer bag pieces – 4 total.  Iron a piece of Heat n Bond to the wrong side of the pig fabric.  I liked the red pig the best.  Cut out around the pig leaving a little white boarder.  Stitch around the pig in white thread.  Press the front of the bag, heat setting the painted letters.bacon zipper pouch father's day tutorial_7

Now you are ready to construct the bag.  Follow this tutorial here.   A word of advice if you are using a chunky metal zipper…..It was my goal to not break my needle.  I was super careful to hand move the needle when near the zipper – that way the needle can find it’s way around the zipper teeth.  I thought I was in the clear and then resumed with the pedal and snap – the needle broke – darn!  I bet you can do it without breaking the needle 🙂

bacon zipper pouch father's day tutorial_8

I just love this project to pieces!  I might need one for myself – my kids all want one too!!

The Perfect Potholder {Father’s Day Tutorial}

the perfect potholder

I know the claim “The Perfect Potholder” is pretty bold!!  I am a bit of a potholder snob.  I can’t stand silicone ones, I don’t like them if they are too stiff or puffy, I also don’t like them if they are too thin.  I love the cute quilty ones, but I am always afraid to use them.  So I resort to my trusty terrycloth potholders…..behold:

hot pad tutorial

Aren’t they beautiful!  haha!!  They’ve been used and washed at least a million times and I can never give them up…..until TODAY when I came up with a homemade version that is just as functional yet much more stylish.  The trick is that I cut up a hand towel (or bath towel), layered with batting and quilted it.  Are you ready for the tutorial?  Here we go:


1 bath or hand towel (not kitchen) the thicker the better!

Fat Quarter Bibs and Ribs fabric – still loving it!!

Scraps of cotton batting

fabric for the binding

Therm O Web Spray n Bond

Begin by cutting the towel 8.5″ square

hot pad tutorial_3


also cut the batting and fabric the same size, 8.5″ square.

hot pad tutorial_4

Use the basting spray to baste all the lawyer together with the batting in the middle.

hot pad tutorial_2_5
Quilt as desired.  I made 4 of these and did vertical lines, diagonal lines and then criss cross.  Using a cup, draw a rounded corner on each of the corners and trim along the line.

hot pad tutorial_6


hot pad tutorial_7

Cut the binding on the bias 2.5″ x WOF, or enough to sew around the potholder.  Sew the binding to the back of the  potholder then pull the binding around and machine sew the top of the binding down.hot pad tutorial_8

Seriously, tears of joy were shed over this project.  I cannot contain my excitement!!  It actually feels just like my old trusty potholders – YIPPEE!!!hot pad tutorial_9

Now that I knew they were a success, I got a little creative.  Try rounding all the corners but the top left corner like this:

hot pad tutorial_10


Then sew the binding like this:hot pad tutorial_11


Take the little tail and give it a twirl to make a loop to hang or to just be decorative or to just finish the binding nicely.

hot pad tutorial_14

They are the perfect addition to my collection of Father’s Day Gifts!!
hot pad tutorial_12

New Home for Jedi Craft Girl!!!

I have moved my blog to www.jedicraftgirl.com.  You will be taken there momentarily.  If you are not able to redirect automatically, please click HERE.

See you after the jump!!!!

Harper Girl: Blogger’s Quilt Festival Entry

union jack quilt_2
Thanks for stopping by!! This is my second entry in the Spring Blogger’s Quilt Festival at Amy’s Creative Side. Here is my “Harper Girl” quilt. I created it for a dear friend’s new baby, Harper.

I was inspired by this Union Jack Panel from Riley Blake Designs as Harper’s mommy loves all thing British.

The quilt measures 30″x39″. The letters are machine appliquéd and the quilting is by machine as well. To read more about the quilt or instructions on how to make your own, click here.

union jack quilt_3



Thanks for stopping by!!


Bunny Bricks: Bloggers Quilt Festival Entry

Thanks for stopping by! I am entering this quilt in the Spring Bloggers Quilt Festival over at Amy’s Creative Side. I recently created this quilt called “Bunny Bricks” and it’s one of my favorite. I just can’t get enough of those appliqué bunnies!
bunny quilt 6
The quilt measures 38″ x 54″. The fabric I adore – It’s called Grace from Anna Griffin. I machine appliquéd the bunnies and machine quilted the quilt.


I have it hanging in my family room. I made it for Easter, but I can’t part with it just yet!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!!


Jesus is our Foundation, Day #3

       Little LDS Ideas

Hi! I’m Sheena Perron from Little LDS Ideas. I am so excited to be here today and to be a part of Amanda’s ’14 Day Walk with Christ.’  I am so grateful for this opportunity and hope that my lesson/activity can help you and your family remember Christ this Easter.  Thanks so much Amanda!
Let’s get on with the lesson.

My topic is Jesus is Our Foundation. As I was looking for ideas I came across an old article from the New Era titled ‘Storm Warning’ from Elder Neil L. Andersen.
In Elder Andersen’s article he talked about spiritual tornadoes and shared an experience of an actual tornado (he just shared this same experience during this General Conference).
He talked about spiritual tornadoes and that we need to be built on a sure foundation if we are going to withstand these spiritual tornadoes. I knew my kiddos would love a lesson on ‘tornadoes’ so I got to work and this is what I came up with!
{I also used some ideas from this Lesson
Opening Story & Object Lesson
Begin by sharing this message from Elder Andersen {Storm Warning; Oct. 2001; New Era}
“A few years ago we were in Tampa, Florida, to spend some time with our family. During our time there, a powerful and potent tornado touched down. While hurricanes are common to Florida, tornadoes are not. This tornado came ripping through Haines City, about 50 miles away from where we were, leaving destruction in its path.
I read one experience of a woman in her mobile home. As she heard the winds approaching, she went into her bathroom and crouched down on the floor hoping to avoid injury. She felt her trailer shake, she was jostled around, and then everything was quiet. As she crouched motionless in her bathroom, she heard the voice of her neighbor who lived approximately 50 yards away from her. The voice said, “I am here in the front room.”
She thought somehow her neighbor had come into her trailer and was looking for her. She soon, however, was very surprised to find that was not the case at all, but that the winds had lifted, carried, and landed her trailer upright on the top of her neighbor’s trailer. She had not realized it, but her trailer had been flying through the air. Her neighbor was actually below her, in the neighbor’s own mobile home.”
Elder Andersen continues by saying: “When we built our house, it was interesting to see all the efforts made to securely hold the house in place. First a giant hole is dug, and the footers for the foundation are placed deep…into the ground. Steel rods run through the yards and yards of cement that form the foundation. With each adjoining part of the house, metal and steel is used to ensure that each part of the house is attached firmly to the other, and that all is tied securely into the foundation and footers. Every effort is made so that the house may remain stationary should winds or tornadoes come upon us.”
Elder Andersen talks about building a house on a strong foundation.
By digging and placing cement and rods that house will be built on a sure foundation. A sure foundation will support anything that rests upon it.
Why is it important to have a strong/sure foundation?
Do you know the song ‘The Wise Man and The Foolish Man’?
Where did the foolish man build his house? {on the sand}
And what happened to his house when the rains and floods came? {it washed away}
Where did the wise man build his house? {on the rock}
And what happened to his house when the rains and floods came?
Just like a house we must be sure to build our lives upon a sure foundation.
What do you think it means to build our lives upon a sure foundation?
Display a picture of Christ and read: Helaman 5:12
The prophet Helaman said, “It is upon the rock of our Redeemer, who is Christ, the Son of God, that ye must build your foundation; that when the devil shall send forth his mighty winds, … yea, when all his hail and his mighty storm shall beat upon you, it shall have no power over you … , because of the rock upon which ye are built, which is a sure foundation, a foundation whereon if men build they cannot fall”
Our Savior, Jesus Christ, is the only sure foundation upon whom we can build our lives.
Tonight we’re going to discuss some ways that we can build our lives upon the Sure Foundation, Jesus Christ.
For this activity you will need:
·  An empty plastic bottle {water bottle, 2 liter bottle, etc.}
·  Something to fill the bottle: beans, rice, water, etc.
·  6 small containers or bowls
·  Labels for each container with a way we can build upon a sure foundation. You could use scripture references, phrases, or pictures.
Before your lesson get your 6 containers and fill each one with beans, rice or water. Label each container with a scripture reference, phrase, or picture. Here are the 6 things I am using and discussing with our family:
·     Study the Scriptures
·     Pray Always
·     Attend Church
·     Keep the Commandments
·     Follow the Prophet
·     Love & Serve the Lord
As you talk about each way we can build upon a Sure Foundation, you will add a little bit to your empty bottle. After you have discussed all the ways your bottle will be full.
Get Started! Get your empty plastic bottle and place it on the table. Gently push it so that it knocks over. Tell your children that the bottle represents each of us. Right now the bottle isn’t filled with anything, it’s not ‘built’ on a firm foundation. Just like the home in the story that wasn’t built on a firm foundation and was tossed around in the tornado. If we are not build upon a firm foundation we may be knocked over and give in to temptation.
We are going to discuss 6 things that will ‘fill’ us up and help us be built on a firm foundation.
Have a member in your family pick one of the containers. If you have chosen to place a scripture on the container then have them read it aloud and then discuss why that is important. Then add the contents of that container to your bottle.
Move on to the next container.
At the end of the lesson, try to gently push the bottle over again.
As we build our lives upon the Sure Foundation, Jesus Christ, we will be able to withstand the storms of life. As we live our lives righteously it will be easier to make correct choices…we will be able to stand tall and not ‘fall over’.
Bottle Bowling
 Fun Activity: I thought it would be fun to do some ‘Bottle Bowling’ with the family. Use 10 empty bottles as the pins and take turns trying to get a strike!
You could even make a competition out of it.
Split the family into 2 teams. Have one person bowl. Then ask them a question that has to do with the lesson. If they get it correct they are awarded the number of pins they knocked down as points. If they answer incorrectly they receive no points.
At the end of the game the team with the most points WINS!

Journal Time: If your children write in a journal have them think about what they can do to build on a sure foundation. Encourage them to make a goal and write it down. Maybe they would like to read their scriptures every night this month, or attend church every week for 3 months and think about Jesus during the sacrament. If they’d like have them share their goals with the family during the next Family Home Evening. Then have them report how they do. 

To help you and your family remember what they can do to build upon the sure foundation of Jesus Christ, I have created these great little bookmark handouts.
I have listed the 6 ways shared in my lesson as well as a scripture at the bottom. Place the bookmark in your scriptures, your journal, or place it in your room somewhere you will see it often. 
Well, that’s all! I hope you enjoy my lesson, and I hope you and your family enjoy their 14 Day Walk with Christ.
I would love for you to come and visit me sometime over at my blog, Little LDS Ideas. Be sure to say Hi! 🙂
Thanks again Amanda for thinking of me. 
Have a wonderful day!

Riley Blake Union Jack Blog Tour

This is such a fun blog tour that starts this month!  My project will be up on April 22.  Somehow I am hearing One Direction playing 🙂

Tuesday 4/1 – Paula at The Sassy Quilter

Thursday 4/3 – Jina at Jina Barney Designz

Tuesday 4/8 – Karin at Leigh Laurel Studios

Thursday 4/10 – Marni at Haberdashery Fun

Tuesday 4/15 – Julia at My Fabric Obession

Thursday 4/17 – Molly at Rose and Odin

Tuesday 4/22 – Amanda at Jedi Craft Girl

Thursday 4/24 – Madame Samm at Sew We Quilt

Tuesday 4/29 – Julia at Riley Blake Designs

Thursday 5/1 – Ginny at Darling Adventures


CHA 2014

I got invited to go to the Cha Conference and Trade Show in Anaheim and hang with with my Therm O Web friends!  It was so much fun!  (Cha=Craft & Hobby Association)  The entire convention center was filled with beautiful paper crafting products, samples, displays, and inspiration!
I was most excited about meeting my friend, Julia from Therm O Web, in person.  We have known each other online for quite some time – so this was a real treat!  She is such a sweetie!  I love Therm O Web!  I couldn’t live with out their products!!

This is the Therm O Web display.  I came away with some fun goodies – can’t wait to use the Glitter Dust spray on some Valentine projects!!

I was also thrilled to meet Lori Whitlock who designs for Echo Park Paper Company and whose designs are part of Riley Blake Fabrics!  

I was hoping to meet up with Carina Gardner who I met at Sewing Summit, but she had already flown home.  Here papers are beautiful – also from Echo Park and also a Riley Blake Fabric Designer.

I was totally thrilled to meet the Duck Tape people and make my own Duck Tape bracelet!  I think my kids helped pay for their display 🙂

I loved the Pebbles display (Pebbles in my Pocket).  They had such cute, inspiring projects on display.  I love this Valentine banner with photos – I gotta make one of these!

More cute Valentine crafts!

I love this cluster of paper daisies with doily accents.

Love this banner with the sheet music layered with doilies and patterned paper!

I can’t remember whose display this is, but it’s an entire wall shelf unit made with wood crates – genius!

I thought this was s cute take on a display board only its a door!

I loved the Basic Grey display – they have super cute papers!

I was so excited to meet Rachel Brenchley who is the creative gal behind their designs!  Of course I love Basic Grey because there designes can be found in fabric too!!

I ran into these gals who are part of The Documented Life Project.  It is such a great idea – check out there link to learn what it’s all about!