Young Women Value Name Badges

I wanted to make name badges for each girl for our Back to Camp Night.  This is where the girls learn the theme and find out what their level is.  I purchased streamers in each of the value colors and ruffled them on the sewing machine.  YW camp name tag 9


Then I print out the center circles.  Hot glue the ruffles to the back and they are super cute!  Click Here to download the circles.YW camp name tag 8

To make the Diamonds sparkly I added a bead of glitter around the circle.  If I had time and an assortment of glitter I would have glittered all of them 🙂
YW camp name tag 7

YW camp name tag 6

YW camp name tag 5

For the gold, I spray painted the ruffle with gold spray paint so it shimmered.YW camp name tag 4

YW camp name tag 3

YW camp name tag 2I put a square of double sided super sticky tape and they worked great!