YW Camp Lanyards


I sewed each girl a lanyard.  Each level had the same fabric inspired from their gemstone.  I used THIS tutorial.  If you give yourself enough time you can handle making 100!!  Each year I will sew new lanyards.  I love keeping my lanyard with all the pins, keychains, itinerary and song book on it – it’s such a great keepsake!YW camp lanyard

I created a name badge with each level’s gemstone and printed each girls name.  Then lamented them.  Click on the gemstone to download the blank name badge:

Diamond, Sapphire, Emerald, Fire Opal, Gold, Amethyst

This was a lot of sewing!  YW camp lanyard 5

YW camp lanyard 4

YW camp lanyard 3

YW camp lanyard 2