Animal Taggie Baby Quilt

If you are joining me from the Blogger’s Quilt Festival – welcome!  My name is Amanda and I am the Jedi Craft Girl.  I love crafting, sewing, and of course quilting!!  Thanks for taking the time to view my quilt. 

Category: Baby Quilt Entry #625

What makes quilting so rewarding is being able to give the finished quilt to someone I care about.  Quilting takes a lot of time – from choosing the fabrics, deciding on a pattern, and then putting it all together.  When I am making a quilt for someone I am thinking about the recipient through the whole process.  I think giving a quilt is truly a gift that comes from the heart and a quilt is my favorite gift to give.

I was able to sew this quilt for a dear friend who just had her fifth baby boy.  I love the colors in this quilt – they are a nice change from the traditional baby blue.  What is also special about this quilt is there are little “tags” sewn into the seams.  This is fun for baby to play with or chew on.  You can also clip toys to the little loops or even use the loops to clip the quilt to a stroller so the quilt won’t fall on the ground.

The back of the quilt is grey flannel with a stripe of polka dots .

This quilt measures 40″ square.  It was machine quilted by me in a stippeling pattern.



  1. I love this quilt – the colors are so perfect together and I like the tags idea. Any mama would love to have this!

  2. Great quilt. Love the tag idea!
    And I always, always love giving baby quilts, they are always appreciated! Cute quilt!

  3. Love the tags. Your blog and motto are great.

  4. It’s like a watermelon safari! I love it!

  5. I just voted for your quilt, then I came here and saw that it was our quilt! I’m so honored! Calvin’s been using it just about every day. We are thrilled with it and want to let you know it is getting lots of love.

  6. I’ve made tag blankets before– with tags along the edges. It never occurred to me that the tags could be in the patchwork. Brilliant! This is a very happy quilt– the colors are just wonderful, and I have no doubt that baby (and mama!) love it! 🙂

  7. I need to make this quilt. Leslie’s having her 5th baby in early March. You gotta help me get all the fabric 🙂 You just gotta! Love it and voted for it too.

  8. Visiting you from BQF and want to say how much I like this baby quilt. The colours are awesome as is the design and I think the tags are a totally great tactile element for the baby to play with. Great job!

  9. Very cool! I love that you added the tags to the blocks! 🙂

  10. This really turned out great! Nicely done!

  11. This is a great quilt! I love your fabric choices. Great job and congratulations in making it to the top 5 of your category!

  12. what a great baby quilt– what a lucky child. THe tags are fab!

    Come see my Batik Tulips #46
    and my antique zigzag-a-licious quilt #23

  13. Congrats on making it into the finals! I love it!

  14. Do you have or sell a pattern for this quilt? I love it! Just had a grandbaby and want to make this

  15. Did you get the pattern I emailed you?

  16. If you have a pattern I would love to have it. My grandbaby is due September first. Thank You!

  17. Hi I would love the pattern also. What fabric did you use? Just love the animals and the colours. Thanks

  18. I would also like a copy of the pattern….

  19. Hi there, wondering if you can email me the pattern to this blanket as well??? Love all your quilts posted!!!
    heidirudy22 (at) gmail (dot) com

  20. Hi. Your quilts are fun and beautiful! Can you e-mail me the pattern for the taggie quilt? sandrajones63(at)comcast(dot)com

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