Guest Bathroom Finished!

 Welcome to my new guest bathroom!!  Finished moments before my whole family arrived for Thanksgiving!!!  It’s a small bathroom & hard to photograph 🙂

 The new vanity is Hickory.  We got rid of the 1989 banjo style vanity & counter top!  There was much celebration when that thing went in the garbage can!!

 I love the 1″ tile backspalsh.  There are different textures in the tile & every few often there is a stainless steel square!

 Of course I got to go shopping & get new towels!  That is the reward for all the hard work!

 I wanted something Christmas-y in the bathroom but I wanted to stay true to my new color pallet.  So I made this Elf saying picture – cute!

 The towel rack has been in the bathroom for years.  But I finally got smart and numbered them.  I hated not knowing whose towel was whose.  Now I know Ryan is #1 Sally choose #5 and guests are #3 and #4!!

 I purchased 5 different items to hang above the toilet.  A funky wire basket, a different shelf with doors, a big basket towel holder thing and this.  After holding them all up – I choose this mirrored cabinet from Lowe’s.

 I feel so happy every time I walk in there!!!



  1. I’ve been checking your blog every day to see the finished product. It’s AMAZING!!! I love it!!! I bet every time you walk by the bathroom you peek inside…that’s how I am. I LOVE it!!!!!!

  2. Can you tell me about your shower curtain?

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