Taylor Swift 1989 Launch Party

taylor swift 1989 party ideas

October 27th 2014 could not come fast enough in our house!  We are big time Taylor Swift Fans!!!  To celebrate the much anticipated day, we threw a 1989 Launch Party with all our friends.  It was fun to come together and celebrate our favorite artist Taylor Swift!

We had everyone come dressed in 1989 inspired outfits.  When the girls arrived, we put fluffy bows in their hair.  We watched a special message from Taylor Swift then put on the Shake It Off video and danced around.

1989 taylor swift_6
1989 taylor swift_2 1989 taylor swift_3 1989 taylor swift_4


Then we went outside where and had a scavenger hunt.  I had printed off a paper that listed each track on the 1989 album and we had previously hid an items representing the track.  The girls had to figure out which item went with which track.  Here is the list:

Track #1  Welcome to New York – I Heart NY T-Shirt

Track #2  Blank Space – White piece of paper

Track #3  Style – Make Up

Track #4  Out of the Woods – Large Stuffed Deer

Track #5  All You Had To Do Was Stay – Stuffed “sitting” dog

Track #6  Shake It Off – Salt & Pepper Shakers

Track #7  I Wish You Would – Birthday Candles

Track #8  Bad Blood – Syringe from toy doctor set

Track #9  Wildest Dreams – Tiger in a baby bed

Track #10  How You Get the Girl – a small doll in a net

Track #11  This Love – Heart Doily

Track #12  I Know Places – Road Map

Track #13  Clean – glass cleaner

We put all the papers in a basket and drew a winner and she got a prize.

After the scavenger hunt, we had Welcome To New York refreshments, Out of the Woods cookie decorating, and Shake it Off shirt painting.

1989 taylor swift_24

1989 taylor swift_7



NY Pizza Dip, recipe HERE – my husband declared this his new favorite food, served with bagel ships and baguettes

NY Cheesecake

Jewish Rye Deli Sandshiches

York Peppermint Patties

Yankee Stadium Popcorn Balls

Black and White Cookies, recipe HERE

The Big Apple apple dip, recipe HERE


1989 taylor swift_8

1989 taylor swift_9
1989 taylor swift_11

1989 taylor swift_12

1989 taylor swift_13




1989 taylor swift_25

We made sugar cookies inspired by the woods: acorns and leaves.  The girls decorated them.1989 taylor swift_19

1989 taylor swift_14


I cut stencils on the Cricut that said “Shake It Off” and the girls painted shirts.  They turned out super cute.  We just used acrylic paint and a stencil brush.

Shake it Off


1989 taylor swift_16



We had to get Taylor’s kitties involved in the party, so each girl was given a sharpie and a paper plate.  They were to draw a picture of Taylor’s cats by holding the plate on their head and not looking at it.  3 of the moms were the judges and the winner got a prize.
1989 taylor swift_17


Throughout the night we stopped the music and had 3 girls come up for a Lyric Challenge.  I read a line from one of Taylor’s newest 3 singles and they had to correctly say the line that followed.  This was super fun and the girls totally know all the words to the songs!

For the prizes I got the latest InStyle magazine with Taylor on the cover, some cute infinity scarves, knee socks, and a few other items.

1989 taylor swift_21


No party is complete with out a photo booth.  We used Taylor’s Subway app to “Take a Selfie with Taylor”:1989 taylor swift_22


We also used the #1989 Photo Booth to create these fun photos inspired by the 1989 Album Artwork.

1989 taylor swift

1989 taylor swift_5

Taylor, we LOVE you and your 1989 Album is so AMAZING!  THANK YOU!!!!!


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