Fun with Richie our Elf on the Shelf Christmas 2014

Life was too hectic to write about our sweet Elf Richie everyday.  I thought you might like to see some highlights of his antics this year.  We will miss you so much, Richie!  We hate to say goodbye to you tonight.  Until next year….


Richie arrived at our home in a sealed Santa’s Workshop Lego set.  We were all so surprised and we didn’t know he was inside for quite a while!elf on the shelf 8

All the children had so much fun putting the Lego set together.  We used the tongs to put Richie on the little tree so he could watch.

elf on the shelf 9

We found Richie and his reindeer in a roll of TP

elf on the shelf 10

elf on the shelf 6

Richie is somewhat of a cardshark, sporting a full house in this game of Tripoley.

elf on the shelf 7



Richie gathered all the stuffed cats in the house an placed them on the stairs.  He was found reading my “Think Like A Cat” book.


Sugar Angles


Hanging in the bathroom


This one was a little questionable 🙂

elf on the shelf 2

Bows all over the kitchen and stuck to any solid surface!

elf on the shelf 19

Hot Hot cocoa date with Anna

elf on the shelf 15

A little mischief with Snowflake Sally’s non-magical girl elf

elf on the shelf 11

Helping out with St. Nicholas Day

elf on the shelf 12

Chillin’ in the freezer with some North Pole Fat Boys!

elf on the shelf 14

Setting the table and serving everyone gingerbread men for breakfast.

elf on the shelf 13

Peppermint cotton candy for breakfast




We are saying our goodbye’s to Richie today.  I love the photos.  I can’t believe we have to wait an entire year to see him again…..pass the Kleenex!!

elf on the shelf 5

elf on the shelf 4

elf on the shelf 3


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