Day # 5 – SMILE

Hello! It’s Ginger from Ginger Snap Crafts! I am so excited to be back here with Amanda & all of YOU participating in the 14 days of Christ series ~ service addition! I think it’s a wonderful thing to do with your family this Easter season! I’m so glad Amanda organizes this each year. 🙂 Speaking of family ~ I have a fun, wild & crazy one that’s for sure! ha! 😉 My husband & I have 5 beautiful & active children ages 17 to 5. They sure do keep it interesting around here. They also have really cheesy grins! ha! 🙂 Which brings me to our service idea that was centered all around smiling! 😉

I really love this quote! It helped inspire our whole activity. 🙂

Purpose: We have been struggling (I’m sure we are not alone!) with our kiddos saying mean things to each other & not being kind. So I decided to create an evening where we could learn how to say kind words to each other, give a smile to someone & make each other smile. When you make someone smile it really is beautiful thing!



If You’re Happy

Lesson: For the lesson we each took a turn going around the room & saying something kind about each person in our family. It turned out so well! Everyone took a turn, & they all really shared from the heart what they loved about each other. There were lots of smiles all around. I think it was the best (& longest!) lessons we ever had! 🙂
Activity: For the activity we wanted to do something that would help serve someone else, and we hoped to be able to put a big smile on their face, too! is a wonderful organization that donates toothbrushes all over the world to those that need them or can’t afford one. So we went to the store & stocked up on a bunch of different kinds of toothbrushes to send to them. The kiddos had fun picking them out! They might of even picked out one or two toothbrushes for themselves, too! ha! 😉

 When we got home we packed up the toothbrushes in a box!

Then we mailed our “smiley” package to so they can hand them out.
You can find our more, & see how to donate to Donate a Toothbrush right {HERE}.
Handouts: For the handout I wanted to give my kiddos something that would remind them to speak kind words to each other, to smile more &to make each other smile. I found these cute walking mouths at Hobby Lobby in the party section, & then I made some cute smile tags to hang on them.
You can print out your own set of smile tags right {HERE}.
Just cut them out, punch a hole & then tie them on with some twine or ribbon.
Treat: These Apple Smiles make the perfect treat!
Apple Smiles from She Saved
Other ideas & resources:

A Smile is Like Sunshine

I hope you try this activity out with your family. It really was a special evening for us! 🙂
Thanks for having me over, Amanda! I hope you all have wonderful Easter. 🙂

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