Throw a Star Wars Party {Beehive-Deacon Day}

star wars party 22We love Star Wars!  (In case you were wondering, hahahahah!!!)  I helped out with our Stake’s Beehive-Deacon Day and we choose a Star Wars Theme!  It was super fun!  Click HERE to download all the files pictured in this wars party

When the kids arrived, we had them fill out these name tags.  They wrote their “Earth Name” and then determined their “Jedi Name”

star wars name tags

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 7.34.57 PM

Then we asked them some silly questions involving numbers and pretended to do some hi-tech calculations to determine their Medi-Chlorian level.  This is how we divided the youth into 3 groups.

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 7.32.14 PMWe had 3 mini classes on friendship, social media, and etiquette.  At the end all the youth ended up in the gym where we had a Star Wars Buffet.  The main course was “Bantha Burgers” which was smoked pulled pork sandwiches.

star wars food labelsstar wars party 2

star wars party 3

star wars party 4

star wars party 5

star wars party 8

The Sarlacc Cake was a hit!  I made this Magic Swirl Bundt Cake recipe which is one of my favorite cake recipes.  I call it the Dark Side vs. the Light Side cake.  The chocolate and vanilla are battling it out!!  I covered the entire cake in chocolate ganache and put graham cracker crumbs over top for the sand.  I cut 2 graham crackers to look like a mouth and piped some white frosting for “teeth”.

star wars party 19

star wars party 12The Jawa Juice was a HIT!!!!  Teenagers + Dry Ice 🙂

1 container Blue Hawaiian Punch

(1)  2-litre bottle Lemonade

(1) 2-litre 7-up

Dry Ice

star wars party 15

They also loved the Yoda Soda

(1) 2-litre 7 Up

(1) half gallon Lime Sherbet

5 limes juiced

Lime slices star wars party 16Kids don’t really want water when  you have Jawa Juice and Yoda Soda!  But I still like the Anakin Sky-Water label 🙂

star wars party 14

star wars party 17

We had Star Wars music playing and the Party Rocker was blasting colored lights onto the ceiling.  The kids loved it! star wars party 20       star wars party


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