Wonderland Bunny Pillow

wonderland bunny pillow tutorial

I’m pretty sure every spring I make a new bunny pillow!  Throw pillows are such a fun way to get your fabric fix!  I can’t get enough of these adorable bunny faces!  This new fabric line designed by Melissa Mortensen of the Polka Dot Chair is called Wonderland from Riley Blake Designs.


I kept the pillow design simple so the bunnies would be the focal point!  If you have about 30 minutes, you can make one too!


1/2 yard Bunny Main Print

1/8 yard accent strip

1/4 yard second accent strip

20″ x 20″ piece of fabric for the back

20″ pillow form

accent trim, optional

cotton batting

22″ zipper


First get out your fabrics and have your cat roll all over them 🙂

bunny pillow measurements

Next, cut the fabrics according to the above measurements.  Using 1/4″ seams, sew the pieces together and press seams in one direction.


Baste the pillow top to a piece of batting and quilt straight lines every 3/4″.  After it is quilted, trim the pillow front so it measures 20″x20″.  The reason we made it 21″ to begin with is because it can shrink a little when quilting.  This way we get an exact 20″ square.  From this point you can finish the pillow how ever you want.  I basted some neutral color trim onto the pillow front.


I always finish my pillows by inserting a zipper in the back of the pillow.  You can choose the invisible zipper method (here)  or the exposed yet covered up zipper method (here).  I added a piece of lace to cover the zipper.  I love the pink hounds-tooth on the back.


Guess who also loves this pillow?

wonderland bunny pillow 5


wonderland bunny pillow 2

The back of the pillow is almost cute enough to stand on its own!     IMG_5011

I love the texture the straight line quilting gives the pillow!wonderland bunny pillow 6

I love bunnies and I love spring!!!   IMG_5003


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