Through the Woods to Grandma’s House {Quilt Pattern}

through the woodscover-2Through the woods to Grandma’s House! This Little Red Riding-hood inspired quilt is perfect the perfect size to take to Grandma’s house or the perfect size to keep at Grandma’s house for special little visitors. With optional “Nana” version, it would also make a lovely gift. Try this pattern with your favorite woodland animal or nature prints. This whimsical quilt features traditional block piecing alternating with a theme print block. Finished block size: 10″ Finished quilt size: 50″ x 78″through the woods quilt

The fabrics are from Blend Fabrics’ “Riding Hood ” line.  Aren’t they the cutest!  You can purchase this quilt pattern PDF from my Craftsy shop or from Emily Ann’s Kloset.IMG_6198


through the woods quilt 3

The Harper Stocking Tutorial

christmas stocking quiltedWhen I was little, my mom made everyone in our family “quilted” stockings with appliqué motifs on them.  To me, all stockings must be quilted 🙂  I made my husband and children these quilted stockings many years ago.

The fabrics are a little dated but we still love them!  Here are a few more peeks at stockings I have made over the years with this same pattern.





There are so many wonderful fabrics out there to make stockings with.  I love this line from Blend called Treelicious.  I’ve made a few other projects with it, here and here.  Below is the pattern and instructions for making this “Harper” stocking which I made my friend’s baby’s first Christmas.  You can change the fabric piecing to be more intricate or you can use a plain piece of fabric and quilt it.  It’s fun to customize each stocking to your children’s personalities.


fat quarters of 3 fabrics for stocking and stocking tab

1/2 yard for the stocking lining

piece of lace

1/4 yard faux fur, fleece, or I used a type of cloud fleece with a diamond pattern…anything soft and white

Heat n Bond EZ print appliqué sheets or heat n bond appliqué transfer paper

quilt batting

Stocking Pattern, Click HERE

Note – the length of the cutting measurements are approximates, you just need enough to fit the stocking pattern on

Begin by cutting the pink trees 9″ x 12″

Gray deer 5″ x 12″

Pink 8″ x 20″

Piece together using 1/4″ seams, press

Try to place the pieces like this – it’s just rough background to quilt then cut the stocking from.


quilted christmas stocking 2


Using Spray n Bond spray basting (or pins) baste the fabric on a scrap of cotton batting – I love projects like this that use batting scraps!

quilted christmas stocking 4


Quilt as desired – I sewed loop de loos.

Print the pattern out (here).  It’s in 4 pieces.  Assemble them together like this.  I added some dotted lines to help with matching up each piece.  Don’t laugh at how rough my pattern is, it’s the middle of December and who has time for perfection!!  Cut out the pattern.


Next, pin the stocking pattern to the quilted piece and cut out.  If you want the stocking a little larger, cut out 1/4″ away from the pattern and the finished stocking will be the size of the pattern.  Just make sure to cut the same for the lining.quilted christmas stocking 5


You can add some lace embellishment if you want.  Choose a font you like and print it in reverse on the EZ print sheets, or print in reverse and draw onto the Heat n Bond appliqué paper.  Press the letters to the wrong side of the white fabric.  Cut out each letter.  Peel off the backing and press into place.  It’s always a trick to get the letters to fit – I like to make them as big as I possibly can.  Top stitch in gray thread.
quilted christmas stocking 6


Here is a close up of the letters.  You can see my white fabric has a little silver detail in it!quilted christmas stocking 18

Now do the same process with the back of the stocking.  Only remember the stocking will be opposite.

quilted christmas stocking 7


Instead of cutting the stocking out again and trying to match it, I pinned the appliquéd part to the newly quilted piece, matching the seams along the sides.  Sew using 1/4″ seams all the way around the stocking leaving the top open.  Cut around the seam.quilted christmas stocking 8


For the lining of the stocking, cut the same pattern out of a coordinating cotton (2).  Sew right sides together all the way around the stocking.quilted christmas stocking 9


Prepare the fur cuff.  Cut the fur 18.5″ x 11″quilted christmas stocking 10


Fold it in half fat ways, right sides together and sew about 1/2″seam along the side:quilted christmas stocking 11


Turn the cuff right side out like this:
quilted christmas stocking 14


For the stocking holder, cut a strip of fabric 10″ x 3″.  Folding in half lengthwise with right sides together, sew 1/4″ seam and turn right side out.  Press the seam in the center like this:quilted christmas stocking 13


This is how it will look from the outside:quilted christmas stocking 12


Place the stocking lining inside the stocking, just how you want it to look, with the right side of the lining facing out.

Baste the stocking holder by bringing both raw edge ends together and pin it inside the stocking centering on the seam.  Sew about 1/8″ to keep it in place.quilted christmas stocking 16

Next, place the cuff inside the stocking & lining, aligning all raw edges:

quilted christmas stocking 17


Pin all the way around matching the seam in the cuff with the side seam in the stocking.  Sew 1/4″ to 1/2″ seam all the way around using a walking foot – it gets pretty thick by the seams but it will work.  Turn the cuff right side out and it’s done!  Kind of magical!!quilted christmas stocking 23

quilted christmas stocking 21

quilted christmas stocking 20

quilted christmas stocking 1

Monogram Peasant Top, a modified tutorial


I am still loving Geofabulous from Blend fabrics!  Here is outfit #3 for Sally!  I followed the peasant shirt pattern in this McCall’s pattern:Geofabulous_Peasant_Top_monogram_9

The front and back pieces are cut out of solid pink cotton and the sleeves are the Stained Glass Navy print.Geofabulous_Peasant_Top_monogram_4

I printed the letter “S” on my computer and traced it to Heat n Bond Lite in reverse.  Iron it to the wrong side of the monogram fabric.  Cut out the letter, peel the back off and press to the front of the peasant top piece.  Top stitch in matching thread.


Follow the instructions in the pattern to complete the top.  I added a ruffle to the bottom.  To do this, cut (2) 5″ x WOF pieces of coordinating fabric, I used Symmetry Pink.


Sew the (2) strips end to end, forming a big loop.  Sew a rolled hem by folding the bottom edge up 1/4″ and then another 1/4″ and stitch close to the fold.  Gather the top of the ruffle pieces by lengthening the stitch length to the maximum.  Pull up threads and gather by hand.  Match the seams on the ruffle with the side seams on the peasant top.  Pin into place, distributing the ruffles.  Sew along gathering stitching.  Press the seam and top stitch if desired.



Halloween Disappearing 9-Patch Quilt



Have you ever made a “Disappearing Nine-Patch Quilt”?  This is such a fun pattern and great for beginner quilters.  You can change the pattern of the quilt by changing the colors of the patches and the layout.  It is made by sewing a simple 9-Patch block and then cutting it in quarters and repositioning the new blocks.  I love the simple Halloween colors of Black, White and Orange.  I found this black, orange and white wavy boarder from Riley Blake Designs.  I think it totally makes the quilt!  Here’s how you can make one:

Finished quilt: 49″ x 62″


assorted orange and black fabric

1 yard solid white

3/4 yard solid black for inner boarder and binding

3/4 yard orange and black wavy stripe

Begin by cutting 5″ squares of orange, white and black.  For this quilt I pieced (12) nine-patch blocks.  Each block had the same color values: orange corners, white side centers and black center.  I used a variety of oranges and blacks.

cut (12) black 5″ squares

cut (48) orange 5″ squares

cut (48) white 5″ squares.disappearing_nine_patch_quilt_halloween_8

Using 1/4″ seams throughout, sew squares together in rows and then rows together to form the block.  Press toward the dark.  The block will look like this:


Cut in quarters.  Since the block at this point measures 14″ square, cut it at the 7″ point on both sides:


Next comes the fun part of playing with the layout.  I choose to lay mine out like this so the small black squares made a pattern.


Sew the blocks together in rows and the rows together and press.

For the boarder:

The black inner boarder is cut 1.5″ wide.  I didn’t measure the length, I sewed it to the sides of the quilt and trimmed the excess.

The wavy outer boarder is 5″ wide.  I matched the stripes when piecing the boarder together.  I added 5″ squares to the corners of the boarder.


I LOVE how it turned out!  I have it on my couch and it makes me happy to look at it.  Now, to just keep the cat off it 🙂


Modern 31 Halloween Pillow


modern_halloween_pillow_tutorialIt’s September which means my house is decorated for Halloween and I’m gearing up for a super crazy fall family schedule!!  Don’t you feel like time just flies between now and Christmas?  We better get the Halloween sewing done!!


halloween house

I decorate my dining and living room for Halloween in Black and White and silver.  I like how this pillow is slightly understated for Halloween.  Here’s how you can make one…



16″ pillow form

1/2 yard black and white ticking

scraps of black fabric for numbers

Heat n Bond EZ print sheets or Heat n Bond Lite

Black metal zipper

31 pattern HERE


Begin by cutting (2) 17″ squares from the black and white ticking, set one aside for the pillow back.31_halloween_pillow_3


Cut a 3″ strip off the top:31_halloween_pillow_4


Lay out the pieces like this with the chunky zipper between:31_halloween_pillow_5


Place the small strip right sides together with the zipper and using a zipper foot sew along the length:31_halloween_pillow_6


Repeat with the other side:31_halloween_pillow_9


Once the zipper is sewn in, press the seams.  Prepare the appliqué by printing 31 on Heat n Bond EZ sheets or tracing on to Heat n Bond Lite.  Iron the numbers to the wrong side of the black fabric.  Cut out and press onto the pillow front.  Top stitch around the numbers in black thread.


Using scissors you are not fond of, cut off the excess zipper on both ends.



Add a hand stitched detail by sewing a running stitch along both sides of the zipper with black embroidery floss.31_halloween_pillow_13


Place the pillow back and pillow front right sides together and pin around the entire pillow.  Make sure the zipper is open.  31_halloween_pillow_14


I cut 2 small strips of fabric and added them to both sides of the zipper where the seam would be to give it strength.  Otherwise the only thing holding the zipper is a seam of thread.  I also like to back stitch a few times over the zipper.  With the metal zipper it is best to slow down the sewing speed and even manually move the needle so it can find its way around the zipper teeth.  Sew around the entire pillow using 1/4″ seams31_halloween_pillow_15

Turn right side out and add the pillow, it’s done!



Click the button for or more Halloween Projects


Riley Blake Blog Tour {Baby Play Mat Tutorial with Matching Zipper Pouch}

riley blake quilted cotton baby mat tutorial

riley blake quilted cotton_2


I am so excited to be participating in the Riley Blake Designs Quilted Cotton Blog Hop.


6/10 – Nancy Zieman

6/12 – The Sassy Quilter

6/17 – Just Let Me Quilt

6/19 – Simple Simon & Co.

6/24 – Haberdashery Fun

6/26 – Sew We Quilt

7/1 – Jina Barney Designz

7/3 – Leigh Laurel Studios

7/8 – Riley Blake Designs

Today is my day for the blog hop so WELCOME and thanks for stopping by!  I can’t tell you how in love I am with Riley Blake’s new quilted cottons.  They come in a variety of  patterns and colors.  I choose the black chevron which has polka dots on the reverse side.  I love giving hand made baby gifts but sometimes it gets a little challenging to create a new quilt from scratch for every baby gift; as much as my heart wants to.  The quilted cottons are perfect for sewing for baby: I appliquéd some flowers, added extra wide binding and it’s an adorable play mat or changing mat or quilt for baby.

riley blake quilted cotton tutorial

I also used what was left of the quilted cotton to make a diaper change zipper pouch.  It holds all the essentials: diapers, wipes, sanitizer, etc.  Continue reading for the instructions….

riley blake quilted cotton_4


1 yard Riley Blake Quilted Cotton

6 fat quarters flower appliqué fabric

3/4 yard fabric for wide binding

Therm O Web Spray n Bond basting spray.

Download the flower patterns HERE (for large flower, you will have to enlarge on your computer – it measures about 10.5″ across)


Cut the quilted cotton 35″ x WOF (Of course you can cut whatever size you want)

Cut the 3 sizes of flower and flower centers out to make the pattern.

riley blake quilted applique quilt_tutorial

Pin the pattern pieces to the fabric and cut out.

riley blake quilted applique quilt_tutorial_2


Spray the Spray n Bond to the wrong side of the fabric appliqué pieces and place on the quilt.  It is a bit of a challenge to appliqué on such a large piece of fabric – there was some pushing and pulling involved.  I found it easier to spray baste the flowers after finishing sewing the one before.riley blake quilted applique quilt_tutorial_5

Stitch around each flower and flower center 2 times using black thread.
riley blake quilted applique quilt

riley blake quilted cotton_10

To make the extra wide binding…. cut 4 strips 5″ x WOF.  Sew together and press in half.  Continue as you would with regular binding, only line up the raw edge of the binding  1″ from the edge of the quilt like this:

I machine sewed the binding so it would hold up nice in the wash.  I am hoping this will be used more as a changing mat or crawling mat so it will be getting laundered often!  I love how it turned out!  This could easily be changed up for a boy – the navy and white chevron would be cute with anchors or fish!!

riley blake quilted cotton-15
Of course I needed to sew a matching zipper pouch.  I like the idea of having all the diaper change stuff in one handy pouch.  I used one of my favorite tutorials from my good friend Jennifer.  I changed the measurements from 9″x11″ to 8″x11″.  The rest of the tutorial is exactly the same.

Cut (2) quilted cotton pieces 8″ x 11″

Cut (2) lining fabric pieces 8″ x 11″

riley blake quilted cotton_12

Applique the smallest flower from the quilt pattern above to the side of one of the quilted cotton pieces.  Then follow the rest of the tutorial.

riley blake quilted cotton+11

I need one of these for myself!!
riley blake quilted cotton_5

They make such a darling set!  I can’t wait to give this to my friend who is expecting her very first baby!!
riley blake quilted cotton_8
Thanks for stopping by!  I can’t wait to see all the projects on this fun Blog Tour!!

riley blake quilted cotton_3

How to Make a Birthday Hat for your Pet

Marbles the crazy Bengal Cat turned 1 and he needed his own party hat!

To make a Birthday hat for your pet you will need:

  • Patterned paper (at least medium weight)
  • Decorative trim (ric rac, pom poms, ribbon, etc)
  • A pom pom for the top
  • 1/4 inch elastic
  • Hot glue

Print the template for the hat. You may need to adjust it to fit the size of your pet’s head.
Trace it onto your patterned paper and cut it out.
Cut the slit as shown on the template. I fastened mine then secured with a touch of hot glue.
Then hot glue your decorative elements on and hot glue the elastic to fit the pets chin. Now you are now ready to sing happy birthday!

Off to eat cupcakes! (He really did eat the cupcakes!)

How to Make a Birthday Hat for your Pet

Marbles the crazy Bengal Cat turned 1 and he needed his own party hat!

To make a Birthday hat for your pet you will need:

  • Patterned paper (at least medium weight)
  • Decorative trim (ric rac, pom poms, ribbon, etc)
  • A pom pom for the top
  • 1/4 inch elastic
  • Hot glue

Print the template for the hat. You may need to adjust it to fit the size of your pet’s head.
Trace it onto your patterned paper and cut it out.
Cut the slit as shown on the template. I fastened mine then secured with a touch of hot glue.
Then hot glue your decorative elements on and hot glue the elastic to fit the pets chin. Now you are now ready to sing happy birthday!

Off to eat cupcakes! (He really did eat the cupcakes!)