“Manly” Zipper Pouch, aka I LOVE Bacon


zipper pouch father's day


Do the men in your life LOVE bacon?  The ones in my life do 🙂  Bacon themed items are super popular and what I love most about the bacon trend is Jim Gaffigan’s comedy bit about bacon – if you haven’t heard it -click HERE … you will laugh so hard!!  This week at Jedi Craft Girl has been all about the fabric line Ribs & Bibs and Father’s Day
.  I love this zipper pouch because it is “manly”.  I used a light weight black denim on the outside, a chunky metal zipper, and the taupe utensil fabric on the inside.  I used white house paint to stencil the word “Bacon” on the bag.  Therm o Web fusible stabilizer gives the bag more stability.  This zipper pouch is my new FAVORITE!!!

Here’s how you can make one:


fat quarters of outer lightweight denim fabric

fat quarters of lining – I used taupe “grill master

fat quarter “open pit” for pig motif

Therm O Web Fusible interfacing, medium weight

Heat n Bond Lite fusible applique

White paint


Letter stencils or cutting machine


Cut (2) lining pieces (2) denim pieces and (4) interfacing pieces 8″ x 11″

Begin by preparing the stencil  I used some extra vinyl I had laying around (that’s why it’s pink) and ran it through my Cricut.  I used the font “Playbill”, weed the letters to leave the outline.
bacon zipper pouch father's day tutorial


Using a masking strip to adhere the stencil, place the Bacon word on the center of the denim piece.bacon zipper pouch father's day tutorial_4

Using a stencil brush, stencil with white paint.  I literally used the trim paint from my house.
bacon zipper pouch father's day tutorial_2Let it dry then peel off the stencil.  I love how it turned out!

bacon zipper pouch father's day tutorial_5

Here are the pieces you should have cut 8″ x 11″

bacon zipper pouch father's day tutorial_6

Iron the interfacing to the wrong side of both the lining pieces and both the outer bag pieces – 4 total.  Iron a piece of Heat n Bond to the wrong side of the pig fabric.  I liked the red pig the best.  Cut out around the pig leaving a little white boarder.  Stitch around the pig in white thread.  Press the front of the bag, heat setting the painted letters.bacon zipper pouch father's day tutorial_7

Now you are ready to construct the bag.  Follow this tutorial here.   A word of advice if you are using a chunky metal zipper…..It was my goal to not break my needle.  I was super careful to hand move the needle when near the zipper – that way the needle can find it’s way around the zipper teeth.  I thought I was in the clear and then resumed with the pedal and snap – the needle broke – darn!  I bet you can do it without breaking the needle 🙂

bacon zipper pouch father's day tutorial_8

I just love this project to pieces!  I might need one for myself – my kids all want one too!!


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