Choose Happy {quilt pattern}

choose happy cover

Meet my newest quilt pattern “Choose Happy”!!!!!  Its a free pattern available on the Therm O Web Blog.  The fabrics are from Pat Sloan’s newest Moda line called “The Sweet Life”.  They are so bright and cheerful and HAPPY!!!

choose happy quilt 25

Of course my #kittyquilter Mufasa had to get his paws on the project 🙂  The letters and flower are appliquéd using Heat n Bond Lite EZ print sheets.  You can print the patterns from the Therm O Web Blog.  I love pinwheels and I thought they were perfect to use with this fabric!  The center quilting is “pebbles” and the main part of the quilt is loop-de-loos.choose happy quilt 24

This would quilt would be darling on your sewing room wall or as a sweet gift for a friend.  I’m going to sew up another one soon!!!
choose happy quilt 26

Mini Kitty Quilt Pattern Now Available!


Meet Mini Kitty – my very first published quilt pattern!  This little mini quilt has brought me so much joy in my life!  I was inspired to make it as a gift for a friend.  Since then, it has been recreated over and over as gifts, and has even been the inspiration for our #kittyquilter group on Instagram!  I love connecting with friends who love quilting and their fur-babies!!!  My pattern is available to purchase on Etsy at Emily Ann’s Kloset and on Craftsy.  I hope you like it!!!kitty love mini quilt 18


I love all the combinations and variations you can make with this one pattern!!20150404_183528-1024x576


I really should make one for Baby Mufasa instead of always giving them away 🙂





Sew News Placemat & Napkin Set


I I have a hard time keeping secrets!  Especially since August 2014!  My quilted bunny placemats and reversible bunny napkins are in the April/May 2015 issue of Sew News!  I still giggle a little when I see my name in print.  I am very grateful to Sew News for liking my pattern ideas 🙂  The fabrics I choose are from the Grace line from Blend.  They scream Spring to me!!!IMG_4978


Mufasa thinks they make a nice new napping spot for him!DSC_1765

I love the texture the quilting gives the placemats.  The added lace and the pieced floral fabrics makes it seem a little vintage!bunny placemat

I love the addition of this ecru lace trim to the napkins.  I also love that they are reversible – no exposed seams!  If you like this project, pick up copy of Sew News and read all about it!

Ahoy! Nautical Composition Book Tutorial

nautical anchor composition book tutorial

I am having so much fun with my nautical projects – I hope you are enjoying them.  I ready to buy a sailboat!!! (haha)  I take a covered composition book with me everywhere I go.  I have one in my purse for daily notes, lists, etc.  I have one I take to church and keep inspirational thoughts in.  I have one as a gratitude journal.  I have one for my sewing journal where I write down everything I sew, measurements, etc.  I know it’s totally old school – but I love notebooks!!!  You can see my other composition book tutorials here, here, and here.  I change them up each time I make one.  This one has lace, an appliqué anchor and writing that I foiled with Deco Foil!

Here’s how you can make one:


1/3 yard fabric for outside cover

1/3 yard for lining

piece of cotton batting

scrap for applique

11″ piece of navy lace trim

Deco Foil in Red

Deco Foil Transfer Adhesive

Heat n Bond Lite EZ Print Sheets

Anchor pattern, click here

Hair Elastic


cutting instruct

cover batting

You can pin to hold in place, or add a little Spray n Bond basting spray.  (You can see my I cut my batting with scissors, I will square it up in a minute.)  Fold the cover in half and position the lace as pictured.  Use the basting spray or pin to secure.  Sew in matching thread along both sides of the lace.

nautical composition book applique 3

For the anchor, print it on the EZ print sheets, or trace to fusible appliqué paper.  Cut out the anchor and iron in place.

nautical composition book applique

Top stitch around the anchor.  Cut off any excess batting.  Find the center of the left side of the cover.  Mark and baste the hair elastic in place:

nautical composition book applique 4


Lay the flaps on the lining fabric, lining up raw edges.  The fold of the flaps should be toward the center.

nautical composition book applique 2

Place the cover on top of the lining/flap piece, right sides together.  Pin all the way around.  Sew, using 1/4″ seams all the way around.  Leave a 3″ opening at the bottom center.  Turn right side out and press.  Tuck the opening in, press, and top stitch to secure.

nautical composition book applique 5

Mark where the button should go and sew the button by hand, careful not to catch the flap.  Mufasa was trying his hardest to bite off the button!!

anchor composition book applique 2

Take the Deco Foil Transfer Adhesive and write Ahoy (or any word you want).  This totally brought back memories of cheerleading days in the 90’s – we rocked the puffy paint!!!  I was bad at writing with it then, and I’m still not that great at it!  Let the adhesive dry until completely clear.  I let mine sit for a few hours.

anchor composition book applique 6Once the adhesive is dry, rub the wrong side of the foil on the letters.  This part feels super magical!!  The foil sticks to the adhesive only!  This stuff is awesome!!!

anchor composition book applique 7Now I am left with shiny foil letters!!

nautical composition book applique 9

nautical composition book applique 10

Make more than one and give them to your friends!!  I will be giving one away on Instagram later in the week 🙂nautical composition book applique 11

Lucky Pillow – Version 2.0

lucky pillow tutorial

Since I was already in the St. Patrick’s Day sewing mode after sewing a banner, I thought I would whip up a throw pillow!  I’m sure you know by now that I love throw pillows!  Last year I also made a “Lucky” patchwork pillow, so I am calling this one version 2.0.

St-Patrick-s-Day-Pillow-Tutorial1Here’s how you can make one!


Scraps of green fabric – I used fabric from Blend: Tea Garden, Turkish Delight, and the Makers

blackish/grayish denim or other fabric for lettering

Heat n bond Lite

Heat n bond EZ print sheets

Sizzix Shamrock Die

Lucky words, click HERE – print in reverse

20″ square natural canvas

20″ square green print for back, I used Yuletide Greetings by Anna Griffin

22″ zipper

20″ pillow form

Begin by ironing the Heat n Bond Lite to the wrong side of the green fabrics and the “lucky” fabrics.  Run the green fabrics through the Sizzix Big Shot.  If you don’t have a Big Shot machine, you can hand cut the shamrocks.

lucky pillowPrint off the “lucky” letters and iron them to the wrong side of the fabric.  Cut with scissors.  This takes a little bit of patience 🙂 IMG_4173Peel off the backing paper and position the word and shamrocks as desired.  Outline stitch around each shamrock 2 times in black thread.  There was no way I was sewing around the cursive letters more than once!!

lucky pillow 2 3Prepare the back of the pillow by cutting a 20″ square.  Make a cut at the 2″ mark for the zipper.  You can put the zipper where ever you like, or you can insert an invisible zipper.

lucky pillow 2Sew the zipper in just like you were piecing a strip of fabric in between the two pieces – only use a zipper foot.lucky pillow 4Cut off the excess zipper ends.  Partially open the zipper and place the pillow top and the pillow back, right sides together. matching and pinning all edges.  Sew 1/4″ all the way around the pillow.

lucky pillow 5

Turn the pillow right side out and insert the pillow form.lucky pillow 9I put the zipper in the bottom portion of the pillow.  I like that you can see the zipper.

lucky pillow 10

You’re done!  Aren’t you LUCKY!!!!!lucky pillow 6

St. Patrick’s Day Banner

st. patricks day bannerI love sewing quick little banners!  This one can be made in 1 hour, or less if you’re speedy!  It’s the perfect size to hang in a window, on a frame, or a chalkboard.  I rummaged through my stash of fabrics and found these darling green prints from 3 different lines of Blend Fabric: Turkish DelightTea Garden, and The Makers.  I ironed Heat n Bond Lite to the back of the fabric and used my Sizzix Big Shot to cut out the shapes. Here’s how you can make one:


1/3 yard burlap

1.5 yards green lace

scraps of green fabric for shamrocks

scraps of lace & white/yellow fabric for flowers.

Heat n Bond Lite

Sizzix Shamrock Die , flower die, and Flower Layers Die
shamrock banner st. patricks day


Cut (5) burlap rectangles 8″ x 5.5″shamrock banner st. patricks day 5

Fold the rectangles in half lengthwise and cut a 1.5″ angle off the bottom. 

shamrock banner st. patricks day 6

Iron the Heat n Bond Lite to the back of the appliqué fabric.  Then have your cat run it through the Sizzix Big Shot.



Peel off the backing fabric of the shapes and press it to the burlap flags.
shamrock banner st. patricks day 9
Cut the lace out with the flower die cut.  Don’t put Heat n Bond on the lace.  Put the Heat n Bond on the center flower instead.  I was going to put buttons in the center of the flowers but totally forgot!

shamrock banner st. patricks day 8


Sew around each image using a straight stitch.  Then line them up and sew the lace to the tops.shamrock banner st. patricks day 14

shamrock banner st. patricks day 15
It’s done!  Go hang it somewhere fun!!!

shamrock banner st. patricks day 12


Mine is on my front porch 🙂shamrock banner st. patricks day 11


Soccer Zipper Pouch Tutorial

soccer team gift

It’s the day before my son’s school soccer party and I decided I should make each of the 12 boys a gift.  Now what to make?  I know – a zipper pouch of course!  Why do I do this to myself?  Really, 12 zipper pouches in 24 hours?  It’s a good thing I buy my zippers in bulk 🙂

I was so happy I decided to make these little pouches because the boys (age 11-13) LOVED them.  soccer zipper pouch

Each pouch has their initial appliquéd on it.  soccer zipper pouch 1
The back of the zipper pouch is soccer ball fabric.  This is a great size because it can be a pen/pencil pouch, or hold other items like phone, keys, or in my sons case an inhaler and kleenex 🙂soccer zipper pouch 3

The inside of the pouches are all different black and white prints.  I just used up what I zipper pouch 5

These are great for any type of party favor – just change up the fabric!
soccer zipper pouch 7

Heres how you can make one!


Fabric for outer bag and lining and scraps for appliqué square

12″ or longer zipper

Heat n Bond fusibile stabilizer

Heat n Bond EZ print sheets

Begin by printing the desired initial in reverse on the Heat n Bond EZ print sheets.  If you don’t have the printable sheets, print the letters in reverse on paper and then trace them to a fusible appliqué paper.

soccer zipper pouch 9

Iron the letters to the wrong side of the soccer ball fabric.  Cut out each letter.  Or, have your daughter cut them out for you while you sew the bags because the clock is ticking!!

Cut (2) outer bag pieces 8.75″ x 5″

cut (2) lining pieces 8.75″ x 5″

cut (2) fusible stabilizer pieces 8.75″ x 5″

soccer zipper pouch 11

Iron the stabilizer to the wrong side of the outer bag zipper pouch 10

Cut a 3.5″ or so square (it just needs to frame the letter) of grey denim fabric.  Layer it as pictured below.  Peel the backing paper off the letter and heat set it into place.

soccer zipper pouch 13


Stitch around the square and the zipper pouch 15

To insert the zipper…..lay the zipper face down on the front of the bag.  Then place a lining piece right side down on top of the zipper, like this: (note, position the front and the lining piece so they line up perfectly.  I moved the lining piece over for the picture so you can tell how they are layered.

soccer zipper pouch 14

Pin the pieces into place.  Notice the zipper ends are hanging out – totaly ok.  In my other zipper pouch tutorials I have made zipper tabs.  I skipped this step to save time.
soccer zipper pouch 16

Sew using a zipper foot along the edge like this:soccer zipper pouch 17


Now do the same thing to the other side.  This is how it is layered: the backing fabric (soccer balls) face up, the letter piece face down then add the second lining piece so the right sides are together.  Line everything up and zipper pouch 18

It should look like this before you sew:soccer zipper pouch 19

Once the zipper is in, press the sides like this:  
soccer zipper pouch 22

Top stitch next to the zipper pouch 23


Trim off the excess zipper making sure not to trim the zipper zipper pouch 24


I spy a kitty paw 🙂

soccer zipper pouch 30Making sure the zipper is open, place right sides of the outer bag together and right sides of the lining together and pin all the way zipper pouch 26

When you get to the zipper, match the seams and push the zipper toward the lining:soccer zipper pouch 25

Leave a 3″ opening at the bottom
soccer zipper pouch 27

Sew all the way around using a 1/4″ seam.  Turn right side out and top stitch the opining closed.  Use a turn stick or chopstick to push out the corners and the zipper pouch 28


Now make 32 cupcakes with cupcake toppers and dash to the soccer party!!!

Kitty Mini Quilt


My Mini Kitty Quilt Pattern is available to purchase from Emily Ann’s Kloset.  The inspiration from this quilt came when I heard from a friend that her 6 month old kitten was diagnosed with a fatal disease.  My heart broke in half.  Of course this was devastating to her and her children. I have lost 2 kitties in the last 2 years and it hurts really bad 🙁  I wanted to send her something to show I cared.  I came up with this Mini Kitty Quilt.  I was inspired by folk art paintings of flying cats.

Kitt Quilt 2

Of course my Kitty Muasa was very helpful in making this quilt!

kitty love mini quilt 15

Here are a few other versions of the Mini Kitty Quilt in different colors.  It is such a fun quilt to make and you can make it in about an hour!mini kitty quilt 5

mini kitty quilt 3

mini kitty quilt 2

mini kitty quilt

kitty quilt



The Harper Stocking Tutorial

christmas stocking quiltedWhen I was little, my mom made everyone in our family “quilted” stockings with appliqué motifs on them.  To me, all stockings must be quilted 🙂  I made my husband and children these quilted stockings many years ago.

The fabrics are a little dated but we still love them!  Here are a few more peeks at stockings I have made over the years with this same pattern.





There are so many wonderful fabrics out there to make stockings with.  I love this line from Blend called Treelicious.  I’ve made a few other projects with it, here and here.  Below is the pattern and instructions for making this “Harper” stocking which I made my friend’s baby’s first Christmas.  You can change the fabric piecing to be more intricate or you can use a plain piece of fabric and quilt it.  It’s fun to customize each stocking to your children’s personalities.


fat quarters of 3 fabrics for stocking and stocking tab

1/2 yard for the stocking lining

piece of lace

1/4 yard faux fur, fleece, or I used a type of cloud fleece with a diamond pattern…anything soft and white

Heat n Bond EZ print appliqué sheets or heat n bond appliqué transfer paper

quilt batting

Stocking Pattern, Click HERE

Note – the length of the cutting measurements are approximates, you just need enough to fit the stocking pattern on

Begin by cutting the pink trees 9″ x 12″

Gray deer 5″ x 12″

Pink 8″ x 20″

Piece together using 1/4″ seams, press

Try to place the pieces like this – it’s just rough background to quilt then cut the stocking from.


quilted christmas stocking 2


Using Spray n Bond spray basting (or pins) baste the fabric on a scrap of cotton batting – I love projects like this that use batting scraps!

quilted christmas stocking 4


Quilt as desired – I sewed loop de loos.

Print the pattern out (here).  It’s in 4 pieces.  Assemble them together like this.  I added some dotted lines to help with matching up each piece.  Don’t laugh at how rough my pattern is, it’s the middle of December and who has time for perfection!!  Cut out the pattern.


Next, pin the stocking pattern to the quilted piece and cut out.  If you want the stocking a little larger, cut out 1/4″ away from the pattern and the finished stocking will be the size of the pattern.  Just make sure to cut the same for the lining.quilted christmas stocking 5


You can add some lace embellishment if you want.  Choose a font you like and print it in reverse on the EZ print sheets, or print in reverse and draw onto the Heat n Bond appliqué paper.  Press the letters to the wrong side of the white fabric.  Cut out each letter.  Peel off the backing and press into place.  It’s always a trick to get the letters to fit – I like to make them as big as I possibly can.  Top stitch in gray thread.
quilted christmas stocking 6


Here is a close up of the letters.  You can see my white fabric has a little silver detail in it!quilted christmas stocking 18

Now do the same process with the back of the stocking.  Only remember the stocking will be opposite.

quilted christmas stocking 7


Instead of cutting the stocking out again and trying to match it, I pinned the appliquéd part to the newly quilted piece, matching the seams along the sides.  Sew using 1/4″ seams all the way around the stocking leaving the top open.  Cut around the seam.quilted christmas stocking 8


For the lining of the stocking, cut the same pattern out of a coordinating cotton (2).  Sew right sides together all the way around the stocking.quilted christmas stocking 9


Prepare the fur cuff.  Cut the fur 18.5″ x 11″quilted christmas stocking 10


Fold it in half fat ways, right sides together and sew about 1/2″seam along the side:quilted christmas stocking 11


Turn the cuff right side out like this:
quilted christmas stocking 14


For the stocking holder, cut a strip of fabric 10″ x 3″.  Folding in half lengthwise with right sides together, sew 1/4″ seam and turn right side out.  Press the seam in the center like this:quilted christmas stocking 13


This is how it will look from the outside:quilted christmas stocking 12


Place the stocking lining inside the stocking, just how you want it to look, with the right side of the lining facing out.

Baste the stocking holder by bringing both raw edge ends together and pin it inside the stocking centering on the seam.  Sew about 1/8″ to keep it in place.quilted christmas stocking 16

Next, place the cuff inside the stocking & lining, aligning all raw edges:

quilted christmas stocking 17


Pin all the way around matching the seam in the cuff with the side seam in the stocking.  Sew 1/4″ to 1/2″ seam all the way around using a walking foot – it gets pretty thick by the seams but it will work.  Turn the cuff right side out and it’s done!  Kind of magical!!quilted christmas stocking 23

quilted christmas stocking 21

quilted christmas stocking 20

quilted christmas stocking 1

Jar Lid Applique Christmas Ornaments

tree ornaments

I am sharing this tutorial for these festive jar lid appliqué ornaments over at the Therm O Web blog.  These make great little gifts and they can be personalized! Using the Therm o Web Iron-On Transfer sheets you can print any word you want and iron it onto the ornaments.  For the complete instructions and downoadable pattern click HERE.  There are three different tree patterns:christmas tree applique ornament 10

christmas tree applique ornament 9

christmas tree applique ornament 7

christmas tree applique ornament 8


On this one I added some clear glitter to the jar lid by painting it with Mod Podge and dusting it with glitter.  I LOVE clear glitter!  I could clear glitter my entire home!  It gives such a warm yet sparkly feel!IMG_2055_2



Of course I needed a pink one!IMG_2053_2