Christmas Deer Pillow Tutorial


christmas deer pillow

Sometimes fabric is so cute you just don’t want to cut it up!  I love deer and this fabric is one of the cutest deer prints I’ve seen.  I love that it is in a siver/grey color.  I keep my Living Room pretty neutral at Christmas: metallics, grey, cream, white, taupe, and a touch of aqua.  This fabric is perfect!


20″ pillow form

20″ square front fabric, I used Rudolph in Grey by Blend

20″ square for the back fabric

1.5 yards grey crochet lace

Spray n Bond Basting Spray

22″ or longer zipper

20″ pillows are my favorite – so I cut a 20″ square of the Rudolph fabric.  I added a strip of grey crochet lace to give it a little texture.  I always use Spray n Bond basting spray when sewing lace – it keeps it from moving when you sew.
christmas deer pillow 2

christmas deer pillow

Since the pillow is pretty plain, I added some white pom pom trim.

christmas deer pillow 3


For the back of the pillow, I cut a 20″ square of the back fabric.  Cut a strip 3″ to add the zipper.  Click HERE for a tutorial on putting a zipper in the back of a pillow.  I used the same lace as a zipper deer pillow 4


christmas deer pillow 6

I love it!  It has such a winter wonderland feel!!  And only took about 30 minutes to make!

christmas deer pillow 8

christmas deer pillow 9

Treelicious Christmas Pillow Tutorial


treelicious applique pillow tutorial

If the Christmas sewing doesn’t get done now, it will never get done!!!  I love this pillow and it is super fast and easy to make!  The fabrics are from Blend’s Treelicious line – which of course I am in LOVE with!  I am so hoping to get a tree skirt made before Christmas gets here.  The inspiration came from this print Tis The Season: also think this line goes great with last year’s Hip Holiday Line.  This pillow will be at home with last year’s pillow:


Here’s how you can make one:


fat quarter or
 yard cut of Garland Green Tree Fabric for side strips

1/2 yard solid white fabric

1/2 yard for backing fabric

Small cuts of fabric for the trees

Tree Pattern, click HERE

20″ or longer zipper

3 yards of decorative trim

Fiber fill

Heat n Bond Lite EZ Print Sheets or Heat n Bond Lite

Therm O Web Fabric Fuse

Accent trim for the trees

Begin by cutting (2) side strips of Garland Green Tree Fabric 15.5″ x 4.75″

Cut the white fabric 15.5″ x 18.5″

Sew the side strips to the sides of the white fabric using 1/4″ seams, press toward the dark.  I pressed this piece to Heat n Bond light weight fusible stabilizer to give it a little more strength – it will turn out fine without it.treelicious christmas pillow 3

Prepare the appliqué by printing the pattern on Heat n Bond Lite EZ print sheets or tracing the pattern on Heat n Bond Lite.

treelicious christmas pillowPress it to the wrong side of the tree fabrics and cut out along the pattern lines.  Peel off the appliqué backing.
treelicious christmas pillow 2

Position the trees as pictured and press to adhere.
treelicious christmas pillow 4

Using dark thread, outline stitch each of the trees at least twice.treelicious christmas pillow 5

treelicious christmas pillow 6


Using Fabric Fuse glue, adhere the trims on the trees.  You can also sew them if you want.  I was anxious to try out the Fabric Fuse and I really liked how it turned out – it holds great!

treelicious christmas pillow 7

I put a little of the Fabric Fuse on the ends of the Ric Rac to prevent from fraying.treelicious christmas pillow 8

Top stitch 1/4″ on both sides of the side seams for some added detail.

treelicious christmas pillow 9

Prepare the back.  Cut the back fabric 27″ x 15.5″.

treelicious christmas pillow 10

Then make a cut at the 3″ mark.treelicious christmas pillow 11

Sew the zipper in.treelicious christmas pillow 12

Trim off excess zipper.treelicious christmas pillow 13

Select the trim you want and baste it all the way around the pillow front.treelicious christmas pillow 14

Curve the corners so the trim lays nice:treelicious christmas pillow 15

Leaving the zipper open, place the pillow top and the pillow back right sides together and sew using a generous 1/4″ seam all the way around.  Turn right side out.  I know this is an odd size pillow form, but you can just stuff with fiberfill and zip it shut.treelicious christmas pillow 16

treelicious christmas pillow 18



spooky halloween pillow

Can you believe how fast October is flying by?????  It’s crazy!  Here is a quick Halloween project – with a black cat of course – that you can sew in about 30 minutes.   By using their Heat n Bond EZ print sheets, you can print the pattern pieces onto the appliqué paper in your own printer!



20″ x WOF duck cloth or neutral light weight canvas
fat quarter or similar black fabric
Heat n Bond® Lite EZ print sheets
22″ or longer zipper
20″ pillow form


Begin by cutting (2) 20″ squares from the neutral fabric

Print the cat pattern (here) and SPOOKY pattern (here) then iron them to the wrong side of the black fabric.  Cut out on the pattern line and peel off backing.

spooky Halloween pillow

Position the pattern pieces as desired or as pictured below on the 20″ square and press into place.  Using black thread, stitch around each appliqué piece.
spooky Halloween pillow_2

To finish the pillow take the second 20″ square (pillow back) and cut 3″ off:
spooky Halloween pillow_4


Insert the zipper and press.  Trim off excess zipper.spooky Halloween pillow_5

With zipper pull positioned in the center of the pillow, pin the pillow front and the pillow back right sides together.  Sew all the way around the pillow using a 1/2″ seam.spooky Halloween pillow_6

Turn right side out and insert pillow.

spooky Halloween pillow_7

In my dining/living room I like to decorate only with black, white, neutrals, and metallics.  I love how the pillow looks on the neutral chair – a perfect compliment to the “31” pillow!!

spooky Halloween pillow_8

It also looks cute in the family room with some pops of orange!!spooky Halloween pillow_9


Halloween Pillow Tutorial


I can’t believe how fast October is flying by!!  I made this festive pillow for a friend for her October pillow.  Here’s how you can make one:



20″ x WOF background pillow fabric

1/4 yard orange fabric

1/4 yard black fabric

scrap of white fabric

Therm O Web Heat n Bond Lite

20″ pillow form

22″ or longer zipper

Pattern, Click HERE

Begin by cutting (2) 20″ squares of the background pillow fabric



Trace the chevron print on the Heat n Bond Lite.  You will need (2) 20″ sections of chevron


Roughly cut the chevron strips out and press them to the wrong side of the orange and the black fabric.  Then cut along the chevron pattern lines.Halloween_Pillow_3


Trace the BOO onto the Heat n Bond Lite or print on the Heat n Bond EZ Sheets.  Iron it to the back of the black fabric.  Do the same with the ghost pattern and iron it on the back of the white fabric.  Peel the paper back off the Heat n Bond and position as pictured below.  Press into place.  Outline stitch with black fabric.  Cut 3 small circles/ovals for the ghost eyes and nose out of the scraps of the black fabric with heat n bond on the back.  Add to the ghost.
halloween applique

For the pillow back, cut a 3″ strip off of the 20″ pillow back.  This is where the zipper will go.

Sew the zipper joining the 2 pieces of the pillow back.  Press.Halloween_Pillow_6

Trim the excess zipper off and position the zipper pull in the center of the pillow.  Place the pillow front and the pillow back right sides together, aligning the edges.  Pin.  Sew, using a 1/2″ seam all the way around the pillow.  Then turn right side out.  Insert pillow form.Halloween_Pillow_7



It’s so cute – I may need to keep it 🙂Halloween_Pillow_9


It looks so perfect with my Halloween Disappearing 9-Patch quilt!!Halloween_Pillow_10

Modern 31 Halloween Pillow


modern_halloween_pillow_tutorialIt’s September which means my house is decorated for Halloween and I’m gearing up for a super crazy fall family schedule!!  Don’t you feel like time just flies between now and Christmas?  We better get the Halloween sewing done!!


halloween house

I decorate my dining and living room for Halloween in Black and White and silver.  I like how this pillow is slightly understated for Halloween.  Here’s how you can make one…



16″ pillow form

1/2 yard black and white ticking

scraps of black fabric for numbers

Heat n Bond EZ print sheets or Heat n Bond Lite

Black metal zipper

31 pattern HERE


Begin by cutting (2) 17″ squares from the black and white ticking, set one aside for the pillow back.31_halloween_pillow_3


Cut a 3″ strip off the top:31_halloween_pillow_4


Lay out the pieces like this with the chunky zipper between:31_halloween_pillow_5


Place the small strip right sides together with the zipper and using a zipper foot sew along the length:31_halloween_pillow_6


Repeat with the other side:31_halloween_pillow_9


Once the zipper is sewn in, press the seams.  Prepare the appliqué by printing 31 on Heat n Bond EZ sheets or tracing on to Heat n Bond Lite.  Iron the numbers to the wrong side of the black fabric.  Cut out and press onto the pillow front.  Top stitch around the numbers in black thread.


Using scissors you are not fond of, cut off the excess zipper on both ends.



Add a hand stitched detail by sewing a running stitch along both sides of the zipper with black embroidery floss.31_halloween_pillow_13


Place the pillow back and pillow front right sides together and pin around the entire pillow.  Make sure the zipper is open.  31_halloween_pillow_14


I cut 2 small strips of fabric and added them to both sides of the zipper where the seam would be to give it strength.  Otherwise the only thing holding the zipper is a seam of thread.  I also like to back stitch a few times over the zipper.  With the metal zipper it is best to slow down the sewing speed and even manually move the needle so it can find its way around the zipper teeth.  Sew around the entire pillow using 1/4″ seams31_halloween_pillow_15

Turn right side out and add the pillow, it’s done!



Click the button for or more Halloween Projects


Apple Appliqué Pillow Tutorial

apple applique

We are getting ready to start school next week.  I thought this pillow would be a fun back to school decoration or even a thoughtful gift for a teacher.  My tutorial is over on the Therm O Web Blog!  I used Heat n Bond Lite which made the appliqué a snap!  apple_pillow_tutorial


I think I could add pom poms to ever project I make 🙂apple_pillow_tutorial_1

Summer Nautical Pillows

summer throw pillow tutorialI know most of the stores have their fall and even Christmas decorations out on the shelves,  but we still have one more week of summer vacation left and I am embracing every minute of it!  Summer is my favorite!  I love being with my children all day and just being FREE!!!!!  I had to get in one more summer sewing project.  I decorated my family room with a few nautical pops here and there and my couch was begging for some nautical pillows!  These sew up in a snap!


Sea Critters Pillow (20″):

Don’t you just love this fabric from Dear Stella?  We love sea critters at our house!

Cut the sea critters fabric 13.5″ x 20″

Seersucker Twist Red from Blend fabric 7″ x 20″

cotton batting 21″ or larger

20″ navy blue lace trim

2 yards navy fringe trim

20″ square Denim for the back

20″ or longer Zipper

accent fabric 4.5″ x 20″

20″ pillow form

Spray n Bond for basting
nautical pillow tutorial


Sew them together using 1/4″ seams.  Using Spray n Bond basting spray, baste the pillow top to the batting.nautical_pillow_tutorial_1

With the two pieces basted you can quilt as desired.  Straight lines would be cute, I was impatient and free motion is faster for me 🙂nautical_pillow_tutorial_2


Trim off the excess batting


Add the navy blue lace trimnautical_pillow_tutorial_4

Sew the navy blue fringe to the right side of the pillow.  I found it easier to use my walking foot.  Curve the corners.

Prepare the back of the pillow.  I have found this is the fastest way to finish a pillow.  For the tutorial on how to do this, click HERE.  I cut the back 20″ and then cut 3″ from the top for the zipper placement.  The chevron piece is cut 4.5″ and then folded in half.


Now that the back is ready, place the right sided together, with the zipper open, and sew all the way round the pillow using 1/4″ seams.  Turn and insert the pillow form.

I Heart Whales Pillow (20″)

This is very similar to my pink I Heart Whales pillow found HERE.  Follow those directions for the Heat n Bond Applique.


Cut the solid white 10.5″ x 20″

Cut (2) Seersucker Twist Blue from Blend fabric 5.25″ x 20″

“I Heart” pattern click HERE

Whales from Blend’s True Blue fabric line

Prepare the appliqué pieces (directions HERE).  Iron the pieces to the solid white fabric.  Sew the blue fabrics to the white fabric using 1/4″ seams.

Using Spray n Bond, baste the pillow top to the cotton batting and quilt.  Instead of appliquéing the images on before quilting, I sewed around each image in navy thread during the quilting process to give the pieces a little pop.



I finished this pillow the same way as the Sea Critters pillow with the same navy trim.

I love the backs of the pillows!nautical_pillow_tutorial_12



I Heart Whales Throw Pillow

i love whales pillow tutorial


Isn’t this the cutest fabric?  It’s from the True Blue fabric line by Blend.  Everyeday this week I will be featuring a project using fabrics from this fabric line – all with a whale theme!!i love whales pillow tutorial_2

I totally LOVE whales and I have loved them since I was like 4 years old 🙂  I thought this pillow was super fun and I love the colors!  My tutorial is over at the Therm O Web blog – so hop over there if you want the instructions to make your own!!

i love whales pillow tutorial_18

i love whales pillow tutorial_17

i love whales pillow tutorial_16

Bunny Love Pillow

I guess there is no stopping the bunny projects!  Meet my newest bunny creation – Bunny Love pillow! This is a fast and easy project that will add a Folk Art Easter feel to your home.

Backing fabric, 3/4 yard
Scraps of fabric for appliqué – I used Anna Griffin’s Grace line
Pom Pom trim
22″ zipper
Pillow form or fiber fill
Heat n Bond lite

Begin by cutting the pillow front 20″ x 12″
Iron the Heat n Bond lite to the back of your appliqué fabric.  I used the Sizzix bunny die for the bunnies.  The folk art tulip pattern can be downloaded here.

Once you have cut out your appliqué pieces, center them on the pillow front.  Iron to set in place and stitch around each piece twice with black thread.

Cut the pom poms the width of the pillow and baste them into place.

For the pillow back…..
There are a few options to finish the pillow:
1.  You can cut the back piece the same size as the front, sew it, turn it, stuff with fiber fill and hand stitch the opening closed.
2.  I used a pillow form and put an invisible zipper in the bottom portion of the back.  I cut 2 pieces for the back:  20″ x 2″ and 20″ x 2.  Set the invisible zipper joining the two pieces.  For invisible zipper tutorial, click HERE.
Pin the back to the front with right sides together, making sure zipper is open.  My back was a touch larger then the front, so I just trimmed off the excess.  Make sure to tuck those pom pons in so they don’t get caught in the seam.
Sew all the way around the pillow using 1/2″ seam.  Turn and insert pillow form.
OK, now this is my favorite thing in my house 🙂


LUCKY St. Patrick’s Day Pillow Tutorial

I can’t believe it’s almost St. Patrick’s Day!  Of course a St. Patrick’s Day pillow is in order.  I hope you get a chance to make one – you will be so LUCKY!!!
19″ pillow 
Assortment of green fabrics
1/8 yard white fabric
Scrap of Gray fabric for letters
3/4 yard backing fabric
zipper – 20″ or longer
Heat n Bond EZ Print appliqué sheets
Heat n Bond Fusible Fleece
Dig out all your green fabrics and toss it into a pile!!

Cut into 2.5″ strips – it doesn’t matter how long they are, just get a nice assortment.

Cut the strips into random lengths – using your scissors, gasp!!  You can use a rotary cutter – I am all about speed when I sew and the scissors seemed faster!

Put all the pieces in a basket.  Pull out 2 pieces and sew them together (1/4″ seams) end to end, continue doing this by grabbing 2 pieces at a time.  I dare you to not even look at the fabrics and just be totally random!!!
Here is the chain piecing.  Once you have a fair amount of pairs sewn, pair up the pairs, then pair up those strips.  The goal is to have 7 strips that are 19″ long.

I went pretty random and did not pay attention to the pattern – I like how it’s scrappy.

Once you have laid out the strips, sew them together using 1/4 inch seams.  There are 5 strips on the bottom and 2 strips on the top.  Don’t worry about the fact they don’t line up.  Sew them together, then square them up to 19″ long.

Cut a piece of white fabric 5″ x 19″.  This is for the appliqué.  Sew all pieces together like this:
Prepare the appliqué by downloading the pattern HERE.  I used these EZ print sheets from Therm o Web.  You put them in your printer and then you don’t have to draw the pattern by hand!  They are great!  Make sure to print it in reverse.
Once the pattern is printed, cut around the words and shamrock.  Iron to the WRONG side of your fabric.   I choose to use a gray dot for the letters.  Then cut out the letters and shamrock.  The letters are a little bit tedious, I was almost tempted to try the Cricut, but me and the Cricut don’t get along very well!

Sew using a straight stitch in black thread twice around the letters and the shamrock.

Cut a piece of fusible fleece 19″ square and iron it to the wrong side of the lucky pillow top.

Sew straight lines 1/8″ from each seam.

Prepare the pillow back….
From your backing fabric cut (1) 4.5″ x 19″ and (1)16″ x 19″
Cut a 4.5″x 19″ strip from a green fabric
Lay the pieces out like this with the zipper.  Press the green piece in half lengthwise.

Turn the zipper over, align with the top of the large back piece and sew using a zipper foot along the edge:

Sew the opposite side of the zipper adding the green strip, layer like this:

My backing fabric was a heavy woven fabric, I choose to zigzag my seams because they were already starting to fray.  Press the seams away from the zipper.  Put the zipper pull in the center of the pillow and cut the excess zipper off both edges.

Place the pillow front on the pillow back with right sides together.  Pin all the way around.  Make sure the zipper is open so you can turn it after it’s sewn.  Sew all the way around the pillow using a generous 1/4″ seam.

Notice there is about an inch of extra backing hanging out – don’t freak out!!!!  I added a little extra in the measurement to account for variances in zippers.  Just cut it to size, making sure you line up the tops.  Turn and place the pillow inside!!!  Aren’t you LUCKY!!!!